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The real estate market is a very competitive market with many independent real estate brokers and firms competing against one another to attract more customers.So if you want your real estate business to stay on top and build a solid customer base, getting a SEO friendly real estate website is the solution.

SEO For Real Estate Agents

Our company AIS Technolabs, specializes in providing seo for real estate agents and companies. We have years of experience in this field and our customers can vouch for that. We emphasis on creating sites which ranks high in the google search pages and makes the site popular among real estate shoppers; a site that they can depend on to get all the information related to real estate listings and others.

So how is a real estate SEO different from other types of SEO?

A realtor SEO differs from other type of SEO in following ways:

  • High Level Of Competition Locally and Nationally
  • Domination of Major Realty Based Search Portals for SEO
  • Keywords Almost Identical For Every Market
  • Duplicate Content of IDX Listings

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization is much more than ranking on a page. Today, in addition to standard SEO best practices, a good real estate SEO expert should be fluent in:

  • Branding of a brokerage or agent
  • Website design or redesign
  • IDX implementation and maximization
  • Usability
  • Social media targeted marketing
  • Capturing buyer and seller leads
  • Lead incubation which turns into lead conversion
  • Unique places to get high-quality realty related backlinks
  • Quality and unique real estate content

How does AIS help you in Real estate SEO?

We are an established company in website and software development. We apply the following strategies to bring in traffic to a real estate website:

  • Target Local Keyword Phrases
    It was found that most home shoppers begin their search with a local keyword phrase. Commonly, most real estate services have their offices in multiple cities. When we build your website, we always focus on the main city, where the head office is located and then target other cities where the branch offices are located. This kind of targeted search brings the focus on local traffic and improves the SEO ranking of the site.
  • Make the site more informative
    Realtors and brokers use IDX(Internal Data exchange) for their real estate rankings. But that hardly influence the rankings on search engines. A better way is to include more info to the listings e.g extra facts and features of a property, excerpts from the testimonials page, photos, videos etc.
  • Write Blog Posts
    Blogging about properties, that the real estate agent might be keen to sell, is a good way to invite traffic to the real estate site. Each blog post should target a specific property’s address, which perspective home buyers will be searching for using Google. Our SEO team will use the address as a keyword and use it at a number of places in the website pages to increase the site’s visibility. It’s also beneficial to write unique content for the blogs which always plays a supporting role.
  • Make Your Site Mobile friendly
    Today more and more people depend on their mobile phones to perform any search, and so making a real estate site mobile friendly is a must.The best way to do so is to opt for responsive design, meaning the site will appear the same if the user searches for it either through a computer or a mobile device. There will no missing links or info and the transition will be seamless.
  • Incorporate Social Media
    When it comes to client relations, social media is a great way to start relationships or strengthen existing ones. That’s why we focus on the image of the realtor. A realtor with an active social media presence is able to interact with clients where they are every day: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and/or Instagram. We do research on our part to find out which places the target clients of the realtor are most active socially.

Thus we are committed to deliver the best SEO services for your real estate site. Please contact us for your requirements.

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