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Security Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The advent of the smartphone has made connectivity much easier, and it has been a boon to organizations which look towards leveraging the latest technology to mobilize its workforce. Mobility solutions have a much larger role to play than just enhancing communication, since smartphones allow for portable computing at a reasonable price point. This, coupled with the improved employee benefits have made mobility solutions the go-to enterprise requirement of the decade. With faster access to information, employees are more productive, have greater freedom to choose their point-of-work and even allow remote location-based hiring, with the benefit of enlarging the footprint of the enterprise in emerging markets.

However, even for the best of companies, security is a massive threat online, since not only internal organizational strategic documents are being exchanged through the medium, important corporate financial transactions are also made using the system; which makes it vulnerable to hackers. Furthermore, the loss of information in this day and age means a huge financial cost since it can be used to manipulate a large variety of factors. AIS Technolabs offers top-notch security solutions for enterprise mobility applications to organizations, both large and small across the globe.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

With enterprise mobility solutions becoming increasingly popular, it is fundamental for companies to understand its importance, benefits and flaws. At present, the backbone of enterprise mobility solutions is the cloud infrastructure, with client-side applications being the second-most important aspect.

Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud infrastructure is where the bulk of the data is stored, processed and retrieved by client applications. The cloud infrastructure allows organizations to deploy rapidly in emerging markets where traditional models of deployment would be expensive and time-consuming. The cloud infrastructure is again made up of 2 crucial parts: the data server and the API.

  • The data server is like a large bank of data storing all of the vital information about an organization, including emails, financial documents, legal documents, and records of financial transactions.
  • The API is the connection between the client module and the data server, allowing the client to retrieve only the necessary information at any particular time.
Client-Side Applications

The client-side applications are like regular mobile applications that can perform a variety of tasks depending on the requirement of the organization. Most organizations have a variety of client-side applications, one for email, the other for documentation, another for sales tracking, and so on. The client-side application lets employees access data without being physically present in the organizations’ premises: a huge boon for sales, logistics and operations teams.

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Threats to Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility solutions, by their very nature are susceptible to a large variety of threats from other entities online which want to access and often steal confidential organizational data.

Script Hacks

Script hacks are hacking systems which tend to use scripts to extract information about the organization. Most of these scripts are simple in design and are unable to penetrate into databases and other secure systems. The most common scripts tend to look for Wi-Fi access points around the organization’s premises, so that hackers can have access to free and fast internet connectivity.

API Hacks

API hacks are slightly more sophisticated than script hacks, and exploit loopholes in the client application to get data using APIs. Most modern REST APIs have encryption and pass-phrase locking to allow only the requisite user to access the requisite data. However, with the use of powerful GPUs and FPGAs, decrypting information from encrypted APIs are slowly becoming a reality.

DDoS Attacks

DDoS or Distributed Denial or Service Attacks are attacks on the enterprise computer network, often made on a massive scale. DDoS attackers use other infected computers, called ‘zombies’ to constantly send ping requests to the enterprise server. Such overloading of data breaks down the entire enterprise network, with network devices busy responding to the fake ping requests.

Server Hacks

The most notorious of attacks, hackers target the enterprise servers to steal information from the database, often with remote access to the system. Even though most enterprise-grade software solutions are toughened against vulnerable exploits, there are various security vulnerabilities in hardware systems such as processors, co-processors and network cards. Hackers use these vulnerabilities into tricking server operating systems to grant them access to the system, often with root or sysadmin access.

How to Protect Enterprise Security Mobility Solutions

Since enterprise solutions are distributed in nature, protection is comparatively more difficult than in-house systems. However, AIS Technolabs has tailor-made security solutions for organizations as well as small and medium businesses to protect important information from security breaches. AIS Technolabs uses state-of-the-art encryption solutions to ensure that any information that leaves the server is completely encrypted and can only be decrypted by the authorized user. In addition, the company optimizes the server infrastructure so that all information passes through a toughened firewall and complies with military specifications to ensure complete data protection in all scenarios. In addition, the company also helps to set up CDN solutions which distribute data securely across the globe in various geographic locations so that DDoS attacks can be mitigated.

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