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AIS Technolabs, has a profound understanding of SEO for solicitors and legal firms about how to develop their ranking in search engines. We recognize the exclusive and particular needs of the legal sector. Whether you operate locally or nationally, we can help you with a programme that targets your particular stream and speaks directly to your target market.

As part of a wider digital marketing strategy, our work creates new leads for solicitors through SEO, Pay per Click advertisement and conversion rate optimization. This leads to fabulous success and provides high return on investment.

Here we have mentioned a few results of our research that have attracted numerous solicitors towards us:

  • Over 70% more leads
  • More focused, higher target traffic that converted better into leads
  • Top organic rankings and more organic traffic

How SEO works for Solicitors?

The first most important step is to understand the type of customers, the solicitors want to attract and the budget that they have to achieve it.
Once we understand the goals of the client, our SEO Specialists will research the market and assess the present rankings and technical optimization of client site. From there we’ll create a modified SEO strategy for our client and set some pragmatic targets we expect to get extra traffic.

Our SEO Strategy for Solicitors

All of our SEO Strategies are modified to your requirements; here is a list of numerous strategies:

  • SEO usually forms marketing strategy for legal firms, which may include press advertising, digital advertising and social media.
  • Determine your business and legal specialism through meetings. We study about your company, its history and business goals. We gain a detailed understanding of your legal specialism and where SEO fits into your present online marketing activities.
  • The main aim for SEO is typically to generate form-fills or phone calls which can be converted by the legal firm.
  • Legal firms require the most precise and professional language to be used whilst at the same time presenting a sociable and approachable tone of voice.
  • Optimization of the development of your website to make sure Google understands evidently that what is important on your site
  • Optimization of pages, videos, links and images to rank for your target search terms
  • Optimization of your social media profiles
  • Optimization of your entries in business directories to ensure your reliability
  • A structured, strategic content plan to communicate your expertise to your audience and increase the authority of your site
  • Standard monitoring and reporting of progress and SEO project plans
  • Once the keyword list is decided by you, we will begin the optimization process, which include optimizing the existing copy, developing new pages, page structure, technical SEO, articles or sections on your website.

Solicitors Online Marketing

Today, the most successful form of legal marketing is internet-based. Nowadays, people have changed the way they purchase their goods and services, whether it is electrical, jewellery, food, clothes or holidays, legal services are no different. Like any other industry, now the legal sector does not depend on its existing client. It also requires online marketing and print media. A legal practitioner can be highly skilled, well-informed and experienced, but without marketing , he cannot drive clients to his door and fulfil his utmost potential.

We have come up with a few ideas that will help solicitors’ online marketing drive.

  • Create separate advertisement groups for particular area of the practice like one for divorce, another for personal injury, and employment disputes.
  • Each advertisement group should contain keywords directly associated to the topic it covers. To avoid triggering common searches and paying for unrelated clicks, use broad match modifier as keyword matching type.
  • Keyword match types help control which searches can generate your advertisement. You could use broad match to show your advertisement to a audience or you could use precise match to perfect in on a specific group.
  • Block irrelevant traffic by adding negative keywords that don’t relate to your services.
  • Display Advertising: It differs from search as it includes image, banners, videos, texts with the added advantage that your advertisement will come into view on relevant websites.
  • Focus on Mobile: Mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches. It is important to target mobiles accurately, and advertising on mobiles is immensely relevant for law firms.
  • Social Media: Solicitors are trained communicators so you should not avoid social media, a great and inexpensive way to engage clients. Posting updates is very easy when your accounts have been set up.
  • Location-Based Marketing: Location is significant for solicitors, as would-be clients are not likely to drive hundreds of miles for legal advice.

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