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Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling known to man. Sports betting involves the activity of predicting the outcome of sports results and placing wagers on the outcome. The activity is one of the most prominent forms of legalized gambling across the world, with sports betting is legal in major countries such as association football in the UK, American football in the United States, auto racing in parts of the European Union and certain states in the US, cycling in France, cricket around the globe, and professional boxing in various parts of the world. Sports betting is one of the major sources of income for major sporting associations and leagues across the world. AIS Technolabs has garnered a reputation as a major developer in the burgeoning field of sports betting web application and mobile application development.

What are Sports Betting Apps?

The most common form of sports-betting is the kiosk, a machine which handles all the aspects of the betting from the beginning to the payout. Kiosks are common in sports bars, pubs and casinos where people can indulge in the game. Sports betting apps are web and mobile applications which provide consumers an easy way to place wagers for the sport in question. The sports betting app, be it at a kiosk, a desktop computer or a smartphone, essentially consists of three key segments:

Bets and Wagers
This section allows consumers to place bets for their favorite team or players, depending on nature of the sport involved. This is where the odds for the bets are calculated.
Live Updates
The television has made it possible to broadcast live feeds of the most popular sporting events across the world. The live updates section displays the live events happening in the game, and changes accordingly to help determine the outcome of the wager.
Final Result
The final result is calculated based on the output of the sporting action, and the resultant winner is declared. Since all of the functionality is performed by computers, there is no scope for subversion and manipulation, allowing for fair results of the wager.
AIS Technology has a team of sports specialists and game developers who develop customized sports betting apps for their esteemed clientele all across the globe.
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The Sport Betting App Trend

Initially, sports betting was confined only through select gambling houses and specialized casinos which offered such services for the masses. However, the ubiquity of the internet has allowed such systems to be deployed through a user’s smartphone or computer. This has opened up the market for legalized sports betting to a large percentage of the population who were once unable to avail such services.

One of the key benefits of legalized sports betting is the destruction of the ‘bookie’ network; a network of underground sports betting systems, where agents try to persuade players to change the outcome of an athletic event to suit their own goals. Legalized sports betting has diminished the importance of bookies, since sporting organizations have a negative effect with match-fixing and spot-fixing.


Coming only after state-sponsored lotteries; sports-betting is the second-highest form of legalized gambling in terms of total revenue, and far out-stripping non-athletic events such as equestrian racing as the preferred mode of legal gambling across the world. The opening up of the sports gambling market has provided sporting organizations as well as third-party organizations to have the very best in sports gambling platforms. AIS Technolabs provides organizations with tailor-made applications for sports betting in a wide variety of sports.

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