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AIS Technolabs is a name to reckon with in providing top notch cost-effective sports prediction software solution. Our betting prediction software and platform sets operators free from dealing with multiple sports suppliers while permitting fast access to all the necessary tools in one place.

How does AIS help you?

To allow the operators focus their efforts on bringing player traffic, driving user acquisition and retention campaigns at reduced costs, we provide an experienced Trading Team and 24/7 support to assist operators with a part of their day to day operations. Our software can be integrated into existing gambling operators’ sports betting platforms and or can be offered as a standalone product, where clients can choose to operate on their own licence or get a white label solution.

Why choose AIS?

  • Our software provides for more than 18.000 Live events from 18 different sports and 500+ unique markets per month.
  • Fully managed sports platform: we take care of everything for you, from event creation and odds compiling to risk management and bet settlement.
  • Cost-effective solution: the client needs to focus on players and marketing and we take care of everything else; there’s no need to invest in expensive data feeds or traders.
  • Real-time front-end, using True Push technology.
  • Responsive front-end compatible with all browsers.
  • API Support with the option to fully customize your website design. Create your own front-end with ease, purely with the use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and with no web servers required.

Advanced content management system

Our CMS give you advantage of Front-End high level customization to manage your gaming website in a different manner for each targeted market. Our options will allow you to go into detail by customizing your page at sports, events and betting markets level, offer a bespoke experience for each of your markets and take advantage of our odds banner to boost the creativity of your promotional offers.

Responsive Front-end that puts you in control

Controlling the Front-End user experience is an important element for every operator who looks for the freedom to make changes without asking the platform provider. We offer a fully responsive WEB API-based Front-End that can be used to build pages using only JavaScript and HTML.

Additionally, we can assist operators throughout the development process by using our widget samples or create a set of customized widgets. Use your creativity to give a unique look and feel to your website and tailor it per the needs of your target market. Take advantage of our real-time popularity coefficient that indicates the most visited events and shape the Front-End accordingly. Through our WEB API operators can select the content to be displayed via geo-location and segment the customer base according to the business needs.

Real time settlement

Earn the loyalty of your customers with our fast settlement module. Faster settlement leads to happier clients and to a higher chance of players’ winnings getting reinvested.

Smart odds module

Change your payout or choose to follow in real time your competitors’ payout in order to always be competitive. Use our advanced DIY capabilities by creating new betting markets or take control over existing ones. Tweak your odds and change the probability of a participant to win while keeping the same payout for the rest of the markets part of that event.

Industry leading profit margins

Our software offers proven profit margins with an average of 10%, made possible through our in house odds feeds and advanced algorithms.

Tailored offering

We assist clients in implementing new sports and betting types, while our betting module can be adjusted per the target market. One of the key advantages in our platform stands in the reduced time to market for requested features.

Modern Integration Options

At the core of our software lies a dynamic technical structure which supports various possible integration options. For instance, for operators employing their own player management platform, we can integrate with their wallet or use our seamless wallet.

Live streaming and sports center

Choose to offer an immersive experience to your clients with live streaming and take advantage of our live sports widgets for one engaging and compulsive feel.

Agent Management System

Our Agent Management System has been built from the ground up, it’s integrated with our software and comes with a complete package of features including complex reports and highly detailed agent management structure.

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