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With the advent of the internet, the world has gotten closer. More and more people are using the internet to interact with people and learn new things. The accessibility and overall reach of the internet has allowed individuals and organizations to enable people to engage in both commerce and learning in an easy manner. The advent of e-commerce and e-learning has given individuals the power to disseminate knowledge at a rate faster than ever in the history of human evolution. AIS Technolabs creates unique teaching software solutions that allows individuals and organizations to spread knowledge across the world.
What is Teaching Software?
Teaching software, as the name suggests, is software that is used for teaching. Teaching software solutions have been implemented since the advent of computers to help novices understand the fundamentals using complex and difficult computing machines of yesteryears. With the blazing speed of modern computers and smartphones, teaching software can be used for a variety of purposes.
There are three basic distinctions of teaching software: desktop-based software, web-based software and mobile applications.
Desktop-Based Software
This is the classic implementation of teaching software, where all the teaching modules are pre-installed on a desktop or laptop computer. This form of software is largely obsolete nowadays.
Web-Based Software
Online education software uses the connectivity and the power of the internet to allow organizations to implement various learning modules for students. Online training software is used by universities, schools, colleges, and corporations to students and employees learn new things with ease. AIS Technolabs has garnered a reputation in the market as one of very best in customized online education software providers, creating customized learning solutions for educational institutions as well as corporations.
Mobile-Based Applications
The mobile-based teaching software takes the approach of both desktop-based and web-based modules, but are created for use in smartphones and tablet computers. Most mobile-based solutions pre-install the core modules and operating files on the smartphone and download additional learning resources from the internet as and when required. The expansive growth of the smartphone has created a high demand for quality learning solutions on mobile devices and AIS Technolabs creates some of the finest custom mobile learning solutions for organizations across the world.

Why Should Online Education Software Be Used?

For most organizations, online education software solutions provide an easy and hassle-free way of delivering learning content across the globe. Especially for multi-national companies with staff operating across the world, classroom-based teaching methods are expensive and impractical. Online education software serves the particular purpose of connecting teachers, consultants and subject matter experts with employees; providing them with training and support at the fraction of the cost with higher returns. For a large number of educational institutions, it is imperative to gain more students, and an online education software enables educators to gain pupils from across the world. Customized teaching software solutions lets these organizations to deploy teaching services irrespective of location or geography.

AIS Technolabs has created a niche in the market for deploying high-quality teaching solutions for both organizations and educational institutions across a wide range of industries and subjects. Some of the benefits of using a customized teaching solution are as follows:
Ease of Installation
AIS Technolabs creates education software solutions which are easy to deploy on a wide variety of web servers running on Linux, BSD, AIX and Windows platforms.
Modular Codebase
The codebase developed by AIS Technolabs is highly modular in nature, allowing for parts of the teaching system to be enabled or disabled with a few simple steps, allowing organizations to modify the solution according to their exacting requirements.
Full Administrator Control
The teaching software solutions from AIS Technolabs feature an easy-to-use administrator panel, giving website administrators full control of not only the content of the program, but also the look-and-feel of the online education software.
Mobile Applications
AIS Technolabs can also develop customized mobile applications for online education systems, which can be deployed on both Android and iOS platforms.

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