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The Rise And Rise Of PHP As A Web Development Programming Language

The Rise And Rise Of PHP As A Web Development Programming Language

PHP is one of the few languages that has been specially developed for the Internet. It is essentially server scripting language that can be used to make dynamic websites. However PHP has come a long way. A new version of PHP, PHP 7 is due to be released soon. There is a lot of hype about PHP 7 since it packs quite a punch. It is expected to include many new features some of which are already published. These are some highly advanced features that will open many doors and remove a lot of limitations, making PHP a web development language that can be used for many different kinds of websites.

The current version:

The current version of PHP is PHP 5.6.10 which is yet another point release with a few feature changes. Here are a few tips on how to use the current version of PHP to you advantage and make more advanced websites:

OOPs concepts: Object oriented programming has been implemented in PHP since version 4. Hence it is advisable to implement OOPs in your programs. Hire a dedicated PHP developer too supports the basic principles of OOPs which are code reuse, module programming. This encourages better coding practices as well.

The requirements: For any project it is necessary to have a full understanding of the project prior to starting it. This applies to PHP projects as well. No matter how small the project is, it is necessary to have a set of requirements. In addition to which it is also necessary to sign off on the requirement with your client to make sure there is no ambiguity in the future. Small tasks like these can save a lot of time in the future. However when it comes to the larger projects it is essential to maintain the complete documentation and also have the complete list of requirements.

PHP functions: PHP has a very large number of in built functions that capable of making life a lot easier that you may have imagined. Hence it pays to go through the extensive list of functions to be fully aware of which ones to implement when the need be.

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