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Uber for Doctors

Ease of transportation has linkages with almost every walk of life. From the delivery of our goods to the movement of our daily essentials, we need to rely on good means of transportation. Uber a popular name in the domain of cab service has handled the need of a reliable means of transportation in terms of personal movement of the customers.
The smooth UI, connect and tracking facility that Uber provides as a part of its cab booking app has made it popular among the users. Taking this Uber model into consideration the health industry is also advancing towards the adoption of an Uber-like system for wooing the customers. Wide customer reach and ease of operation for customers is what has been the idea behind the adoption of such a system in the healthcare industry.
Doctors and medical practitioners are moving into the app based system ecosystem for interacting and connecting with the patients. Uber for doctors is a concept that calls for Uber-like app whereby patients are free to book an appointment with the doctor of their choice (similar to the way they choose cab on Uber) and doctors can track and view the patient’s location and their appointment timings.
IT and development firms provide customized Uber for doctors apps to their clients as and when the demand arises. Since expertise is the need of the hour when we are talking about such a complex app, hence coding efficiency and programming skills on the part of developers becomes a must.
AIS Technolabs has been delivering to such complex coding needs of its clients from quite sometime. Having developed apps based on clone script and formal customization, we have developed an extensive experience of tendering software and IT solutions. Quality and efficiency are our strengths and can be expected from us for processing of your IT solutions.

Need for such app

Well, the need for Uber for doctors’ kind of an app can be best understood when we think of the time when apps like Uber where not in operation. It was unimaginable for someone to get a cab at any place and that too at any time. Now, coming back to the healthcare industry, there is more need for such a on the go set-up. Apart from regular appointments, there are some cases where the emergency visit of a doctor is required and patients look for doctors on the go. In such cases, Uber kind of an app for doctors come in handy.
Some other benefits of having such an app would include:

  • On the go healthcare through chat with doctors
  • Ease of prescription
  • Integration with e-pharmacy providing quick delivery of medicines
  • Ease of sharing of medical reports
  • Doctors can track the patient’s profile easily
  • Integration of transportation service whereby doctors can book rides for their patients up to the clinic
  • E-documentation of patients health record
  • Patients have the freedom to book and cancel the appointment as per their need
  • Facility for making fee payment online
  • Specialization wise categorization of doctors on the app
  • Ease of sharing feedbacks and reviews about the doctor

AIS offers its clients the option to get Uber for doctors kind of an app developed on popular clone script or as per their needs in a quick and effective manner.

AIS Technolabs

AIS Technolabs is a name that is synonymous with efficiency and ability when it comes to the domain of mobile app development. We have been delivering to the needs of customized and sophisticated app development that comes to us from our globally spread network of clients. At AIS we commit you to deliver solutions in a need-based and comprehensive manner.
Professional capabilities in terms of service delivery, make AIS the right choice for tendering to your software and development needs.

We at AIS offer you following benefits as a part of our service delivery:

  • Point to point adoption of crucial features of popular apps
  • The user interface to be in sync as per the need of the client
  • Service rendered at market competitive rates
  • A defined process of architecture framing for app development
  • Developers that have worked on popular and successful apps
  • Clone scripts based app development solutions
  • Check for lag and bug removal
  • Copyright and IP issues are dealt with in a professional manner
  • App for all platforms
  • Apps are updated to be in sync with the latest OS
  • Timely assistance and guidance
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Necessary updates for feature enhancement
  • Device friendly apps for the users
  • Ease of integration with GPS
  • Option for integration of multiple services in the parent app

If you’re looking for Uber kind of an app for doctors to be developed then you can register your inquiry at our official website www.aistechnolabs.com. It would be great to connect with you and serve to your needs.

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