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Are you looking for a taxi booking app clone? With the inception of Uber, the transport industry was changed forever. Taxi booking became easy and simple, and traveling within the boundaries of the city became an extremely easy affair. It is now the most popular on demand taxi booking app having operations in almost every developed and developing economy. The successful business model and lucrative profit percentages attracted many budding entrepreneurs to start their own Uber clone app for taxi business booking service. We can help you create a taxi app, to perfectly suit your business type and expand it. No matter what type of Uber taxi clone app you may require, we are there to help you.

Taxi Clone App

A Complete Uber Taxi Clone from AIS Technolabs

The demand for taxi booking app clone has increased significantly as more and more entrepreneurs stepped in to start their own on-demand booking taxi booking application. At AIS Technolabs, we are committed to designing the best taxi booking app clone and creating a taxi booking app to meet the requirements of every budding entrepreneur looking forward to establishing their business in the on-demand taxi industry. Being a leading taxi booking app clone development agency, we offer end to end services to help your business grow.

If you are a young entrepreneur willing to become the entrepreneur of one of the renowned taxi booking companies, then we at AIS Technolabs can create a taxi app that will definitely help you achieve this dream of yours! The only motive of our developers is to incorporate the power of next-generation technology in your application so that your users don’t face any sort of trouble while availing of your services. We are here to provide you with an Uber clone app for taxi business with a taxi app clone script.

We can vouch for the fact that our Android, as well as, iOS developers are some of the best in the industry and always caters to the requirements of the clients. They always make sure to work in accordance with your team,develop the best, most innovative, and user-friendly Uber clone taxi app with the latest features, and also create a new taxi app clone script. In simple words, we always try our level best to help you establish your brand not only in the domestic market but also in the international market by using the Uber clone taxi app. With our Uber clone app for taxi business, you will feel completely secure.

Why Use

The Taxi Booking App Clone
From AIS Technolabs?

The clone architecture used in the Uber script is not that difficult to decipher and can easily be coded as per your business needs. Our dedicated team of taxi booking app clone creators, designers, and developers is skilled enough to design and develop a highly responsive and scalable taxi booking app clone and create a taxi app that is sure to shoot your taxi booking business to the next level.

The best thing about our innovative taxi app clone script created by our developers is that it is open-source and is entirely designed keeping in mind your business goals. The disciplined structure of our customized Uber taxi clone script is what makes our product different from others.Uber clone taxi app can be easily incorporated with customizable features as per the goals and demands of your business needs, and you will have no problem in altering it as per the future demands of the industry.

The idea of on-demand taxi booking has made life really simple and has also turned out to be a successful business model. Hence if you are looking forward to starting your own taxi booking business, then we, at AIS Technolabs can definitely help you out by providing you with the best Uber taxi clone App! We create taxi booking app to make your taxi service easily manageable. Some of the core features of our unique Uber clone taxi app designed and developed by our developers are as follows –

Book On-Demand Or Future Rides

Book On-Demand or Future Rides

With our taxi app clone, your users will be able to ride now or later, depending on their choice. The system of Uber clone app for taxi business will automatically process the ride request in case of a book option, or dispatch the ride later requests to the available drivers in case of future bookings recorded on the Uber clone app for taxi business.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Our official taxi app clone script created and developed by our team of developers is integrated with social media websites, such as Facebook. The users of the Uber taxi clone will face no issues while registering, logging in, and sharing the ride details of each trip with friends and relatives.

InApp navigation

In-App navigation

We created a taxi booking app, which will help users, as well as drivers, to track the rider status by means of turn by turn navigation powered by Google or Waze. In this way, your users will face no problem in tracking the cab. With the help of our Uber taxi clone app, the drivers too will be able to locate the rider without much difficulty.

Surge Pricing

Surge Pricing

Our experts create a taxi booking app, which is specially designed to suit your needs. The backend of the app is designed in such a way that the admin will face no issues in setting up a different price for specific hours, for example, office hours, late-night hours, etc. And the best thing is, your users will be notified about the surge pricing as soon as they log in.

Secure Payment Systems

Secure Payment Systems

There is a special vault in our payment gateways, where the bank, debit, and credit card details of your users remain completely safe and secured. All the other details related to payment are stored in encrypted form in the database for securing the payment process.

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If you are wondering, “why should I trust AIS Technolabs for developing my taxi booking app, and create a taxi app ”, then let us assure that we have a team of highly experienced developers having expertise in developing Android, as well as, iOS taxi booking app. Our team of motivated developers always put their best possible effort and get the work done way before the agreed-upon time limit.

The USP of our team lies in the fact that we always keep ourselves updated with the latest proceedings in the industry, and try to implement the same while working on a project. We can assure you that none can beat us in terms of the quality of the service and delivery schedule. Contact us today to develop your own taxi booking app!