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What is Unity 3D Development Company?

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Are you looking for a Unity 3D game Developer? AIS Technolabs is an experienced Unity 3D Development company. Our vision is to assist our clients in building a game. Our developers have experience in creating exceptional Unity 3D games for different devices like Consoles, Mobiles, AR/VR Devices, and more. We do create different 3D learning experiences for devices like mobiles and desktops. If you want to get more information about Unity 3D game development services, you can consult our experts.

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How to find the best Unity 3D development services in 3 simple steps?

1. Inquire about unity 3D development at AIS

You can inquire about the unity 3D development services at AIS Technolabs. You can contact us on +1(917)746 0700, emails and 24/7 available chatbots on our websites.

2. Get your unity 3D development services done

You can get in touch with the Unity 3D developers at AIS Technolabs. You can hire an expert from us to get all your work done related to unity 3D development.

3. Evaluate your success of Unity 3D development services

After giving us an opportunity to serve you, you can evaluate the success of the Unity 3D services provided by us. You will get faster ROI and more business inquiries in terms of success.

What We Excel At?

At AIS Technolabs, we have hired certified Unity Developers that hold expertise in Unity3D Development. Our team of Unity developers have worked on a large number of 3d games, AR/VR experiences, cross platform racing and sports games, simulation applications, and many more. Our developers work on different projects in Unity 2d development like testing, animation, editing, and many more. We ensure that your game passes all different test cases and ensures an enhanced user experience. Our developers build all the essential features and different requirements that will serve you with the best quality game. We excel at custom Unity 3D development services for our clients and help them get profit-generating games.

Why Unity For Game App Development?

Unity3D comes with a lot of different advantages such as virtual reality and augmented reality integrations. Unity3D offers a wide range of assets and plugins that allows developers to create a user-friendly game and it is a development friendly tool as it comes with a large number of features such as scalable APIs, rendering and third party integrations to build feature-rich games with great visuals and functionality. It is a fast and agile game development engine that offers great portability. As Unity allows you to create your own tools, it renders stuff in its own way, helping you build awesome games that keep the users glued to their seats for hours together.


Unity3D comes with an easy to use interface that assists developers to create games easily. Unity3D uses C# language, hence any developer with prior knowledge of C# can build games using the Unity3D game Development Platform.


Unity3D is a popular game development engine that comes with a large number of articles, tutorials, tips that assist developers to create the best design for your unity3D game or application. Several libraries assist to create an attractive design interface.


Unity3D comes with two different licensing packages, personal editions, and a professional edition. Based on the clients’ requirements, developers can buy licenses. It is quite affordable as it costs around $75 and comes with a large number of features like unlimited access to Cloud Build Pro and Unity Analytics Pro.


Unity3D allows developers to create cross-platform games as it is a cross-platform game engine. All the games have almost the same APIs and project structure. In many cases, the same project can be rebuilt for different platforms.


Unity comes with a Unity Asset store that offers a wide range of assets for games. Developers can make use of different assets like tutorials, animations, models, textures, and much more.


Unity comes with a Unity User interface toolkit that assists developers to create easy to use user interfaces for different applications and games. It comes with different tutorials that assist developers to learn more about User-Friendly user Interface.


Unity3D comes with a facility that allows you to deploy your games for different platforms. With a click, you can deploy your games for platforms like PC, Android, IOS, Linux, or Mac.


Unity is the most famous tool to develop game applications. Unity has its own community where different developers can discuss with each other about games and learn more about the Unity Ecosystem for support and insights.

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Our Services for Unity 3D Development

AIS Technolabs has a large group of game developers who have the right skills in delivering unique solutions and gaming experience using their knowledge and experience in Unity 2D development platform. Our Unity 3D developers work relentlessly to build the best game applications on the Unity3D platform. Our services include application development using different libraries like ARCore, Vuforia, native graphics API and others. AIS Technolabs offers a wide range of unity 2d app development services that assist us to create attractive gaming applications for different platforms. We use Gitlab CI/CD for ensuring speedy game development services.


Our Unity3D game developers have vast experience on the Unity platform to build custom games. We are known for delivering feature-rich games for our clients worldwide.


AIS Technolabs is a leading game development company that makes use of different cross-platform game development tools to create engaging games with the best user experience on multiple platforms.


Our developers have huge expertise in developing the best 2D and 3D games in different genres. We provide comprehensive game development services and design in 3D and 2D.


At AIS Technolabs, our developers hold vast experience in designing the best User Interface design for games. Our designers do build new skins for different assets in game development.


Our talented team of Unity3D game developers builds VR games. Our developers build games that offer an immersive virtual reality experience to the users.


Our AR/VR developers are skilled in creating unique designs and developing games using augmented reality using a wide range of tools such as Wikitude, ARtoolkit, Vuforia, ARkit, ARCore, and others.


As a leading game development company, our experienced game developers would assist you to create games on different backend platforms like Amazon Web services, GameSparks, Heroku Microsoft Azure, or serverless.


Our developers work on building the best games and optimize it according to clients’ requirements. We ensure that your game runs efficiently on all the major platforms and devices without any effect in performance.


Our developers integrate different social backends like Game Center using an API called Social API. Our developers use different tools to integrate social features into the games.

Why Choose Us for Unity 3D Development?

AIS Technolabs is a leading Unity3D game development agency having a large team of certified Unity Game developers. All developers hold a good experience and have worked on different projects for different devices. Our Unity 3D game development services are available in different countries like the USA, UK, Canada, India, and the Middle East. We extend our Unity application development services from consultation to the successful launch of games. We hold expertise in building virtual reality and augmented reality applications that are fluffy, functional and efficient. We will ensure that your game looks and feels the best among all the games available in your genre. Using Docker, we make sure that we build games in a safe and secure environment over the cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot give a fixed duration for a project without understanding the project scope. The timeline of Unity 3D game development depends on how big your project is and the features needed in your Unity3D game.

Our developers have experience in working on games that run on different platforms. Our developers hold expertise in multiplatform games.

Yes. We offer different plans if you are looking to hire Unity 3D developers. Our clients can hire Unity3D developers on a contractual basis.

For every project, we assign a project manager who communicates with the clients and gives all updates regarding the project.