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Web Appointment Scheduling System

Appointment Reservation software

An online scheduling software provides all the essential features you need to manage your appointments. The appointment software, provided by AIS Technolabs is flexible and can be used for any type of business, like spa salon, coaching classes or small, medium and large enterprises. With our software, you can hang the phone, take the reservation online and make reservations anytime, anywhere. You can accept bookings from your website and Facebook page from any device.
How an appointment software can help your business?
Maximize Profit
You can grow your business with cutting edge marketing tools like promotions, gift vouchers.
Save Money And Time
The appointment scheduling software will save time as there will be no more double bookings and scribbled notes. It also reduces your time and effort for reserving any place.
Advanced Scheduling
You can also conduct advanced scheduling with different duration and prices. You can also combine the services and workplaces in order to save your time.

Online Scheduling and Appointment Booking Software

Our philosophy is to give you space. With our web scheduler that works for you round the clock, you can keep the phone on the hook and focus to grow your business. You can also try our appointment Manager to check your day to day availability. With our software you can prove that you are the best service provider in front of your clients.

There is a certain amount of unnecessary anxiety when the scheduling software you use informs you that it can offer you only upto 50 to 100 appointments a month. With our online scheduling and online appointment software, you don’t need to worry about such barriers. You will get unlimited appointments and every month you don’t have to worry that you are running out of appointments which is affecting the success of your business.

Features of Web appointment scheduling system offered by AIS
Schedule 1 on 1 or group appointments
With our web appointment software, you can book either one on one meetings or class or group sessions from the same application. You can also keep track of which clients show up and which clients do not. You can also get instant attendance reports from the software.
Track the growth of your business
With our web appointment software, you can always aim to do more each month. You can grow your bottom line by beating your booking rates month over month. The software is simple to set up and even easier to maintain as you don’t need any special training for it.
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A complete appointment management tool

You can wake up every morning with your schedule already prepared. All you need is to just manage your schedule through online appointment booking. The paper based scheduling is a disjoint process. There you pick up your client’s phone call and write down on a calendar when they are coming in. Then you need to carry the calendar around with you so that you can refer it any time and then you have to pull it out each night to send out email reminders.

We have combined all these tasks for you in our web appointment software which presents a complete appointment management tool. You can feel the joy of booking with flexibility and ease just after few days of using it, and not stress about that you are not doing enough to be available for your clients.

We offer comfort to your clients
Just like you, your clients are also busy. They have kids to drop off at practice and work to finish before a deadline and nosey co-workers whom they don’t want to eavesdrop on their phone calls. With our web appointment tool, you are easing their burden.
We show your clients that you care
You and your clients both desire to meet each other, but it seems that you both don’t want to spend 30 minutes setting the appointment time. Our software offers an easy to book meetings which do not require your and your client’s previous time to schedule meetings.
Simple client management tool
Our software captures all the information that you need from your clients and nothing more. The more the clients, it means more business and more profit. But it will become extremely difficult for you to maintain that personalized relationship with each client. With our online scheduling and appointment booking software you can easily remember your clients and their preferences.