Website Design And Development Checklist & Questionnaires That Work

Designing and developing websites are a time-consuming and complicated process. It usually divided into a number of sub-tasks such as communicating with clients, creating prototypes, coding, programming, and testing – and there a lot of things a web development company need to take care.

A well-defined checklist can make life easier for clients, designers, and developers. The website design and development checklists not just help complete the project within deadlines, it also helps you confirm multiple areas of work to make the website user-friendly and accessible to all wanting to view the contents.

However, in case you are unaware of how to design a checklist, the content given below will guide you to prepare the best lists possible.

Pre-project Launch Checklist

This website development project checklist focuses on everything you need to do before getting started with the task request to perform by your client.

  • Setting up a meeting with the client to know that he is a real person.
  • Asking the client about his or her long-term goals to fit in designs related to the same.
  • Researching the client’s company to understand the way they communicate with target customers.
  • Examining the client’s business to understand their brand and demographics.
  • Getting quotations for a development of the project, photographs and videos.
  • Get quotations for estimated design work from your own planners and designers.
  • Getting approval from your client for proposals and ideas.

Initial Stage Checklist

The preliminary stage of designing a website is the most crucial stage. A web design and development checklist should be maintained to help you avoid mistakes and redo designs already created.

  • Send emails to stakeholders, designers, and developers to keep them updated about your workings.
  • Search for a good template to be bought and used as a base for the design.
  • Allocate time to designers and content creators for the creation of various materials, copies and write-ups.
  • Specify terms and conditions, privacy policy and other legal texts necessary for the website.
  • Bring designers to work and rework to make significant changes in designs.
  • Send special notifications to the client to keep them updated about each work taking place.

Intermediate Stage Checklist

The second stage of website designing deals with finalized designs and contents. A website development process checklist will help you understand where you stand in your work.

  • Remember to send final designs to the developers and the client.
  • Talk to content creators to know how far they have progressed with their target.
  • Set up a hosting account and create hosting space for the website.
  • Collect materials from all content writers you had initially outsourced your work to.
  • Specify a Contact Us page with correct details of the client and a map beside it.
  • Link website with relevant social networking sites to create traffic.
  • Send updates to your client and change everything requested by him or her.
Final design and development checklist

At this stage, your web development quality checklist will keep reminding you that your duty involves delivering quality work to the client, without fail.

  • Validate HTML with the help of your favorite Browser extension.
  • Validate CSS using HTML validator, Validity for Chrome or CSS validator.
  • Check for the website to be ready for international use and access.
  • Check for generic contents and remove and replace them before launching the website.
  • Confirm that all videos and audio files have been placed in correct pages.
  • Check all internal link of the website to check whether they are working properly before.

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A Final Call

In the final stage, your web developer checklist should involve points that will help you check and recheck the fact that all necessary changes were made to the website before launching it. Along with this, ensure yourself of the fact that you have given access to your client for all accounts created and used on his behalf while designing and developing the online site.

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