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As an attorney you probably have heard a thing or two about online marketing and how well it improves business. You might be thinking just where do you start and what is required to do to cash in big time on this trend. Our company has the answers for you.

AIS Technolabs is a leading IT firm in India that provides comprehensive IT solutions which includes, web designing, software development and marketing as well as digital marketing, with an impressive statistics of contented lawyer clients within and outside India. We develop and maintain unrivaling, high-quality websites for attorneys and work tirelessly at marketing such websites till they become household names.

Like traditional advertising, online marketing is focused on spreading your brand persona so that the target audience who are looking for your services can find you. However, as the name implies online marketing or advertising is wholly based on the internet as the marketplace. There are innumerable advantages that comes with advertising your law firm on the internet considering the popularity of the internet which translates into better reachability, and invariably low cost as compared to traditional advertising to name a few. Online advertising involves two phases 1. The building phase 2. The marketing phase.

Building Phase

Attorney web marketing starts with a website, not just any standard looking website but a custom-made website fit for a law firm. Below are some things to consider:


Your website represents you as a law practitioner and speaks for what you stand for. The little things like the design, the images you use, the font types, theme, icons, logo etc. all contribute to the overall appearance of your website, a bad choice by an attorney’s standard, will make you look cheap and incompetent, a good one however, will win your visitors admiration which is good for first impression.


if your website has a platinum appearance but is not easy to navigate through, it won’t keep your visitors in for long. Making sure your visitors can easily find what they are looking for should be your touchstone. Have a well-defined site map, properly labeled links that actually works, a noticeable menu and navigation pane etc.


Contents keeps your clients busy, they read, look up, browse through, take down information etc. it holds them down to your website longer and will keep them coming back for more, your website will also be recommended by your users to others if they find exactly what they are looking for in it. So, keeping it stocked with meaningful content in form of blogs, forums etc is the norm.

Other things that count are feedbacks and ratings or reviews, the website load up speed, mapping directory, front-desk help chat, being mobile and SEO friendly. Like ingredients mixed together to produce a fine brew, these elements blend in to give your website a sizable advantage in the competition. We help you with each step.

Some of our marketing procedures are listed below.

Marketing Phase

The web marketing for attorney phase follows the building phase. With the right strategy and tools, online marketing puts your website on a path of discovery by seekers and explorers, knowingly or by accident. Below are some attorney website marketing tools that our team implements to capture the audience’s attention :

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is the compound name given to the process of propelling your website on the list of results returned by a search engine, to maximize the number of visitors that look it up. SEO for attorneys is a competitive, laborious and time-consuming task. Our SEO team understands the technical know-how to traverse such slopes.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Like SEO, SEM is a term for search engine optimization that results into ‘inorganic’ or paid results. In other words, it is buying visits to your site. One common model of SEM is pay-per-click (PPC), in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

Content Marketing

Is a professional name for blog writing. We create blogs with keywords and backlinks to your website in them and share them on social networking sites and online forums. Content marketing is currently the best form of online marketing not just because it gives freedom of choice to your visitors but it also gives them value. They feel as being part of a team and would always recommend and share your website to friends and loved ones on social networking sites forums and apps.

Off-page or Local marketing

This refers to operations made outside your website but has the same objective as SEO and SEM to make your website a natural hit for the right audience. Off-page marketing could be online or offline.We start off with Google My Business (GMB), where we submit your information to Google, for your business to be listed in a local directory that comes with many cool features to improve your overall business growth. Secondly, we provide you an address and a unique phone number to go with your websites domain name. Thirdly we hunt for as many online directories as we can reach for, including free aggregator sites and register your law firm in them. Last but not the least we get your customers rate and write positive reviews about their experience with your law firm. This will rate you higher than your average competitors.

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