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WordPress – Tops Tips To Optimise Your Website For Speed And Security

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Wordpress is one of the best open source blogging tool and content management system and furthermore it is a free download from their website. wordpress has a good content management system too and many features built in. In addition to which the plug-in feature allows even more functionality to be added to your wordpress website development. You can still go a step forward and customize your wordpress website by making your own plug-in. However this will require some PHP programming skills and some knowledge of the wordpress structure.

Top tips to optimize your website

  • Several free wordpress templates area available to download and install on your website. However these too can slow down your website. At times all that needs to be done is to configure them in the correct manner.
  • Too many plugins can slow down your wordpress website and make it slow to respond to any actions. Hence although it is convenient to use plugins in wordpress, it is a good idea not to go overboard but to stay within limits.
  • Hosting your wordpress website on the correct web server is also very important. In general most wordpress websites can be installed on a shared hosting server however if your wordpress website has any special plugins that demand added functionality or if you are expecting a large user base and website traffic, then it is a good idea to opt for a special server with higher specifications.
  • It is recommended that you perform database optimization regularly. In fact there are several tools (plug-ins) available that make this easy to do.
  • wordpress websites have recently been the target of many hackers and hence a high level of security for your wordpress website is essential.
  • In addition to which it is also possible to add HTTP authentication for admin section to further secure it.
  • A good way to secure the wordpress admin section is by relocating the configuration file.

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Sunny Chawla
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