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Experience The Best Mobile Commerce Apps Design With AIS Technolabs

Tech-savvy customers have created quite a few challenges for present-day enterprises. Agencies and companies are striving hard towards ensuring optimum satisfaction for these clients. While the latest tech innovations are the prime reasons behind changing customer preferences, it is the desire to experience optimum functionality that keeps clients yearn for more.

Introducing The Pioneers

An efficient and competent team of experts along with profound experience is what underlines the expertise of AIS Technolabs. With extensive mCommerce knowledge and service experience, we have what it takes to be the Numero Uno. Our unique and exceptional service approaches are the prime reasons for unprecedented popularity. If you are planning to create highly scalable mCommerce apps, we will emerge as your true partners.

Check out the following reasons that compel you to build associations with us.

Profound Expertise

Conceptualizing, designing, and developing mcommerce applications are not easy tasks. The entire process requires professional expertise, hence creating the need for highly efficient assistance. At AIS Technolabs, we pride on our industry-oriented expertise and unmatched services.

Minimal Downtime

Conceptualizing, designing, and developing mcommerce applications are not easy tasks. The entire process requires professional expertise, hence creating the need for highly efficient assistance. At AIS Technolabs, we pride on our industry-oriented expertise and unmatched services.


Cost-effectiveness or affordability is what every entrepreneur wishes to achieve. Especially, if it’s a small-scale business venture, cost-effectiveness will always remain the prime concern. We possess a clear comprehension of this aspect, thus offering highly affordable services.

High-Quality Services

Unlike the other service providers in the market, we never compromise quality for affordability. We provide affordable solutions while keeping the quality standards intact.

Defining MCommerce

The ever-evolving business trends and constantly changing customer requirements create the need for highly scalable apps. From shopping for apparels to paying utility bills, there’s hardly any task you can’t perform with these applications. It is this widespread adoption of mobile devices that has initiated the growth and development of mobile apps.

Going by the popular definition, WP7 mCommerce refers to the process of conducting business operations through wireless and portable devices. As ingenious and efficient business owners, you will inevitably wish to offer numerous products and services. With feature-rich WP7 Mobile Commerce Applications, you will have the opportunity to do so.

However, it will be highly essential to associate with proficient mCommerce app developers, for a highly successful project. And you will only find the best developers working with leading application development companies.

Get introduced to our services

From latest business updates to the entertainment news, every individual wishes to stay updated on current affairs. MCommerce applications will grant you the opportunity of offering the following services to clients:

  • Financial records management
  • News updates
  • Stock quotes
  • Sports score
  • Content delivery and purchase

Mobile company owners and network providers will have greatest opportunities for meaningful collaboration. With MCommerce Apps, they can send ringtones, games, and wallpapers to various mobile devices.

As pioneers in the app development arena, we have appropriate resources to offer diverse Mobile Commerce Application Development services. Some of our exclusive service offerings include

Banking assistance for WP7

Leading financial institutions leverage mobile platforms, thus allowing customers perform operations on the go. At AIS Technolabs, we will make every possible effort to design scalable banking applications.

Brokerage services

Those operating in the stock market can now participate in business proceedings right from their devices. They will also enjoy uninhibited access to latest market news updates.

Coupons and vouchers

AIS Technolabs will also render useful aid in leveraging the mobile ticketing, thus creating vouchers, loyalty cards, and coupons. Your customers will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of these coupon cards, thus building loyalty towards your brands.

Mobile ticketing

We offer mobile ticketing assistance to our esteemed clientele. They can utilize these tickets by presenting code numbers or phones. Being the leaders, we also extend ticket cancellation services.

Location-based applications

Of late, there has been a dramatic surge in the demand for location-based applications. MCommerce apps will help you offer unique services such as weather updates, local news, and discount offers to you target customers.

MCommerce for mobile purchases

Acceptance and delivery of orders via electronic platforms will ensure smooth purchases. Our qualified experts will make sure you enjoy unsurpassed shopping experiences on your mobile devices.

Feature-rich mobile applications

It is here that highly functional, scalable, and feature-rich mobile applications prove to be beneficial. By bridging the gap between potential clients and prospective service providers, mobile apps revolutionize enterprise functioning alongside ensuring optimum satisfaction for new-age clients.

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