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The dividing line between a good and a lousy build is the astute use of the development tools which are available for it. Founded long back in 2001, X-Cart was the first PHP/MySQL shopping cart that was downloadable. It was designed to contribute to the ongoing e-commerce revolution that is changing the buying and selling habits the world over. This platform has undergone considerable changes since its inception to make possible state-of-the-art shopping cart solutions.

AIS Technolabs keeps highly proficient X-Cart developers whose insightful designs will keep your business miles ahead of your competitors. We not only build shopping sites but also design it in such a way that makes it marketable to your valued customers.


xCart Development Services

to Raise Your Ecommerce Business

We are one of the very few x-Cart development companies which specialize in putting this PHP based open-source application development tool to best use, designing shopping carts that offer a high level of data security, and boost the performance of your online store. Our customized services, having done with the significant task of building apps, carry through the excellent work with smooth installation right up to the gateway payment stage. We do not rest satisfied with anything less than the end-to-end implementation of entire X-Cart development process and, after that, round-the-clock support and maintenance services. If you come to us you need to be assured of the following in a blindfolded manner:

  • The ready-to-use infrastructure that is capable of immediate response to client needs
  • Getting services from experienced x-cart developers
  • Flexible hiring model
  • Teams can be scaled up and down as per your requirement
  • Functional application design
  • Authorized source code
  • Protection of IP
  • Total confidentiality of information
  • As per the changes in the market or the status of your business, we scale our apps up or down
  • We test our product once it is developed
  • We deliver a video recording of the in-house testing
  • Generation and presentation of reports encompassing all features
  • Round the clock support services and
  • Customer satisfaction

As an

xCart Development Company

Software Design By Us Provide Several Benefits

Modifiable Easily

Being based on the PHP framework, the matter on x-cart can be easily modified. This framework is extremely flexible, facilitating editing and updating tasks in a hassle-free manner.

Full Monitoring Power

Being provided with complete source code, you can modify it as per your requirements. You can easily add or remove features according to your needs.

Easy to Start Off

Internet-Based, the installation process of X-Cart development is rendered easy with a wizard that step by step guides you through it and gets you running in no time.

Identifiable by Search Engines

SEO-friendly so that search engines can easily identify and rank your site high in search results.

xCart Designers at AIS Technolabs

Our X-Cart developers are quite experienced and capable of delivering the most useful consultation over any issue you are faced with. Whether you are a startup or an industry leader, you will have the right solution from us.

Our programmers make a team of dedicated X-Cart designers who have the aptitude for taking down all the details and prepare a blueprint of the entire framework. The next stage shows them through the task of producing the pages that perfectly achieve the standard you set up for it.

Who Can Benefit From the
xCart Software

The following people or businesses can benefit from development using this software:

  • Internet service providers
  • Distributors and wholesalers
  • Store owners
  • Software developers seeking a reliable shopping cart framework
  • Any business wanting to start business operations online
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