A Definitive Guide on Zoom like Video-Conferencing App[Features, Functionalities & Cost]

A Definitive Guide on Zoom like Video-Conferencing App

With the indefinite demand created due to the impact of COVID-19, several apps which were introduced a long ago but were overlooked by users, are many. One such app we are talking about here is, Zoom, one of the best and widely-used video conferencing apps that gained huge traffic in these pandemic days.

If you look at the statistics of the installation and usage of Zoom, it reached heights up to 73,000,000 new installations and increased the usage of the app up to 730%. When compared to its previous data, this is the highest traffic rate and users that Zoom has gained. Moreover, in a single day, there were 200,000,000 meetings in Zoom in March 2020, as a matter of concern. Today, we will see how to go with a Zoom Clone App and attain a superfast video conferencing app like Zoom, in simple methods. Let us dig into detail in the rest of the sections.

What Is a Zoom Clone App and Zoom App Script?

A Zoom Clone app and Zoom Clone script are no different from each other. A Zoom app clone is more of a cloud-based software package that enables you to connect to online meetings, video and web conferencing with friends, employees and anyone in the world you wish to communicate. Zoom meetings clone app caters numerous functionalities to offer a great feast to your users. It is the best video conferencing solution that allows you to connect remotely and chat with other Zoom/non-zoom users seamlessly and perform their business activities effortlessly.

Why Should You Invest In A Zoom Clone Application?

The way that COVID-19 has changed our communication pattern, it is necessary that you develop a web conferencing app like Zoom. Businesses may need a Zoom clone app to connect remotely with their employees, for meetings and making several important announcements, conduct teleconferences, webinars and more. Its effective performance enhances your team’s productivity and functional efficiency of your business.

Who Can Benefit From Zoom Clone App?

Organizations that do lack in communicating effectively across definitely require a Zoom Clone App and avail unbelievable benefits out of the Zoom clone app development. To name a few, you have grocery delivery apps, on-demand entertainment apps, telemedicine apps and communication apps. For reference, you can think of any existing real-time apps that fall under any of these categories.

Functionalities of a Zoom Clone App – A Complete Teleconferencing Solution

Functionalities of a Zoom Clone App – A Complete Teleconferencing Solution

Look at these unique functionalities offered by a Zoom clone app for your business benefit:

1. Online meetings
It allows users to interact with each other by enabling HD video conferencing with splendid options.

2. Conference rooms
Users can effortlessly view, screen data, visuals or any sort of information from the place they are, with the Zoom clone script.

3. Webinars
Universities, businesses and more can effectively conduct seminars through this enhanced platform through remotely.

4. Instant messaging
Instant messaging is a must-have Zone clone script solution that allows users, franchise groups and employees to stay in touch with each other anytime they wish to.

5. Global phone services
This functionality acts as a boost to enterprises enhancing instant user interaction from anywhere anytime in the world.

6. Screen sharing
You can share any number of screens that contain PowerPoint presentation, data fields, or instructional videos with the Zoom clone app’s screen sharing functionality.

How Zoom Clone App Works

Some of the Highlighted Zoom Clone App

Some of the Highlighted Zoom Clone App Features

Here are the lists of features that attract more target audience to make use of the video conferencing app Zoom.

1. Public/Private Conferences
You can set up numerous business meetings with a single invite link shared via your favorite social media network, without registration.

2. Seamless connection
Connect with your friends, colleagues, employees, or anyone with the cloud video meeting app like Zoom clone and make your moments more viable in real-time, from any smart devices.

3. Scheduled meetings
If you have any scheduled meetings, you can pre-organize it through the Zoom clone app feature by setting alerts to remind your meeting attendees to join the meeting.

4. YouTube video sharing
You can directly play your favorite YouTube videos instead of downloading and playing it and make your session more interactive and lively.

5. Document sharing
You can share documents while in a video conferencing session, which makes it easy for all to share their views on documentation, then and there.

6. Mute anyone
You can mute or unmute anyone while in a video conferencing session according to priorities and needs.

7. Audio/video recording
If you want to keep your current audio/video session for future references, you can record it very well using the Zoom clone app and can be shared with those who could not attend.

8. Hand rising
Users can convey their opinions while in a video conferencing session through messages instantly.

9. Shade your background
Developing a Zoom like a clone app facilitates you to blur your background and give a professional appeal in front of others without creating a mess if any.

10. Direct live streaming
You can quickly enable your meetings on YouTube, Facebook, or other social media platforms with the direct broadcast option available.

User App Features – Zoom Clone App

Enter Meeting ID

  • Enter Meeting ID : You can identify whether the invited users have joined the meeting with the unique meeting ID provided to them, which can be customized as well.
  • Host Video Meeting : Users can share the meeting invite either through the web or the app.
  • Joint Meeting : By directly clicking the invite link shared, users can easily join the meeting.
  • Schedule Meeting : You can schedule meetings prior and set alerts to remind about the meeting to attendees.
  • Real-time Messaging : Get instant feedback or reply from your franchise or business partners, employees in a streamlined manner.
  • HD Video Quality : Experience a high definition of video quality with the Zone clone app during your meetings and webinars.
  • Record Meetings : Record and save your meetings and webinars for future references while being in the calls.
  • Share Screens : You can share your screen with other users to view when meetings are hosted.
  • Voice/Video calls : You can connect to multiple users through voice/video calls anytime.
  • Create Subdomains : Users can easily create subdomains with their organization name and other details required on this platform.
  • Restricted Access : Users can block/allow any user before/mid of the video call with the restricted access feature.
  • Host Notifications : Users those who host meetings get notifications as in when a registered user joins the meeting.
  • Enable/Disable Microphones: You can turn on/off microphones as per your convenience.

Admin App Features- Zoom Clone App

  • Intuitive Dashboard : With the powerful, intuitive dashboard, the admin can view and manage activities performed in the browser/app.
  • Advanced Analytics : You can view the end-to-end details of users and their usage of the Zoom clone app.
  • Control Features : The admin gets the privilege to add, delete or manage the features introduced in the application.
  • Multi-payment Integration : The app allows multiple payment gateways into the app for users to make payment through their comfortable manner.
  • Subdomain creation : Like how user app features allow subdomain creation, even admin can do the same.
  • Create sub-admins : Admins are allowed to create sub-admins with restricted access to manage a specific module.

Advanced Features of Video Conferencing – Zoom Clone App

Take a look over the advanced features which you can implement on your video conferencing app similar to the Zoom. By doing so, your app can gain a competitive advantage in the Video conferencing app development market.

  • End-to-end encryption : The app ensures a high level of security with providing end-to-end encryption when accessed from any device anywhere. Moreover, business people are seeking an encrypted video conference app for conducting hassle-free video conferencing among their workers.
  • Easily scalable : You can engage up to 1,000 video participants and close to 10,000 view-only attendees all at a time.
  • Note-taking: Users can take notes even if they are in a live video meeting.
  • Set virtual backgrounds : Anytime, users can change their background while attending a video call.
  • Fine-tuning : The app has options that enable users to make them look very appealing and presentable in the video call.
  • Report Generation: Hosts can generate reports they need, at the end of any voice/video call.
  • Attention Indicator : Hosts can easily get to know who is paying attention to meetings/webinars and who is not. It can be identified by the number of tabs that a user opens and views as per the time they spend on it.

The Zoom clone app development cost varies upon various factors such as features, in-depth of UI design and experience and development as well. You can get in touch with our team of experts to guide you through the entire process and cost of Zoom clone app development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it easy to use a Zoom Clone app?
Since our Zoom clone app provides you with the best UI design and experience, you can easily adapt to its functions and system.

2. How much time will it take to develop a Zoom like a clone app?
Depending on features, along with the ideology of the application, the timeline for app development may vary.

3. Can we customize the Zoom Clone script?
Of course, Yes! You can very well design the app as per your ideas since it is highly customizable.

4. What is a Zoom Clone app used for?
If you are aware of the Zoom video conferencing app and have used it, then Zoom clone app is more or less the same with customizable features for your business.


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