MVC Vs Webforms – Which Is A Better ASP.NET CMS Development Model

MVC Vs Webforms – Which Is A Better ASP.NET CMS Development Model

As an open source application development structure that have opened new avenues for web developers to create and build dynamic websites using multitude of technologies including JavaScript, HTML and CSS, this framework has gained widespread popularity and it is not for nothing. Managing, publishing and editing contents have become easier and simpler due to the availability of the tools and technologies from a single interface.

When you consider the benefits of ASP.NET model for developing constructive websites, there are two models on which the CMS web development is based, namely MVC and Web Forms. However, there are typical differences in the approaches of these models and this is what web developers have to keep in mind as far as Content management system is concerned. What exactly are the differences between MVC and Web Forms and which is the better one? It may be hard to decide but a web developer must be conversant with the tenets of both these CMS development models.

Web Forms and Using it for Web Development

  • With intense competition for making websites more manageable and cherishing for the online visitors, the demand for dynamic websites has gone up rapidly.
  • Therefore, a comparison of MVC and Web Forms might just help people understand which one is a more profitable option and can enhance the revenue of a business.

Know About Web Forms

This is a conventional model brought about by Microsoft for allowing the web developers to become familiar with the idea of developing websites with the help of a visual RAD interface. With a tight architecture in place wherein application functionality and interface are intertwined with each other, making changes in the website content may not be easy for the users. Not only does this ASP.NET MVC development framework takes up a lot of time, things might turn out to be messy in the end for creating customized websites and maintenance becomes primal while creating websites using this framework.

MVC is a Convenient Option

  • While websites have to user-friendly in the true sense of the term, the CMS solutions for enterprises must be handy as well.
  • MVC is an efficient system for building websites and the structural pattern of this technology is entirely different than that of its counterpart of Web Forms. With a different application format, it is easy for reuse or making changes.
  • In short, editing and managing website content becomes easy enough with Model View Controller or MVC. Hence, when you develop a CMS model by incorporating MVC, website developers find it manageable and make changes in the front-end or back-end with minimum effort when compared with Web Forms.
  • It is true that MVC development model can help web developers in more ways than one for creating websites that have multiple features and options when compared with Web Forms.
Website Development With MVC

Why is MVC a better option for building dynamic web applications and more people are counting on this option?

  • Being an ASP.NET development framework that partners well with different platforms, creating multiple interfaces that are effective becomes easy whereas development of such interfaces takes more time with Web Forms.
  • With Web Forms, each interface has to be created individually along the code and sending content to external applications is not possible in Web Forms and the app shave to be constructed directly based on the CMS.
  • Thus, the very idea of creating a responsive websites becomes challenging with Web Forms whereas MVC makes things more productive and functional eventually due to its components and features.
  • By this time, you have probably become aware of the differences that exist between development and architectural models that define MVC and Web Forms. Users will no longer have doubts over the usability and features of both these CMS models for
    web development Ca and which one stands in the forefront when it comes to building responsive websites.


Sunny Chawla
Sunny Chawla
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