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Nowadays, the traditional paper lottery does not have any transparency. The credibility and a large percentage of tickets are believed to be counterfeit. Online lottery software overcomes these problems. Seeing great opportunity in lottery business, clients collaborate with us to introduce online lotteries in various countries. The online lottery software was established to provide the following benefits to the clients.
  • Revenue generation
  • Control of revenue
  • Good return on investment
  • Full transparency
AIS Technolabs team helps customers to launch their online lotteries with proper data integrity, in-built checks and balances, easy to audit features and live draws on the Internet or Television. With the help of online lottery software developer like us, you can own the largest online lottery business.The lottery games are the mix of lotto type and digit type games. We have a nationwide presence and we also operate lottery promotion across the country. The players can play the best lottery software through their mobile phones and Internet.

Features of our Lottery System Software

Users and permission
You can provide your users permissions to access the lottery games. You can also login to check users’ actions for audit.
Advanced Analytics
We offer online analytical tools to analyze your sales, players, channels, reports and system reconciliation tools.
Overall performance monitor
We integrate a dashboard which helps you to control the real time system load and to monitor useful tools.
Product management
We offer full game logic lifecycle and management. We also provide parameterization, pool management, winner selection, payouts, automation and liability control and many other features.
Merchant management
This feature is useful for retailer ad POS management with automatic invoicing and real time supervision. It also includes retailer structures, payout limits, support of chains, permissions, order and other features.
Automatic notifications
We offer customized system notification and alerts which gets triggered according to predefined roles. The notification can also be customized on the level of risks or urgency.
Real time sales with geolocation data
We provide geolocation of sales transactions and real time sales data which are presented on a map. This feature is essential for understanding both player habits and mobile or Internet traffic.
System reports
Our lottery software offers customized and complete reporting structure with access control. The users can generate their reports on demand as well as automatically.
Why should you select AIS Technolabs ?

We at AIS Technolabs, deliver robust and most sophisticated lottery system software. We provide customized online lottery packages with an user-friendly interface along with highly secure and seamless payment gateway integration. We develop highly interactive gaming applications for your users. We implement random number generator logic into lottery products for creating highly interactive gaming applications. Our products are compatible with all kinds of devices and operating systems.

We have extensive experience in the field of online lottery development and understand every bit of the online gaming industry. Our gaming professionals are able to create custom rules and game methods in online lottery game products.You can turn your dream into reality by owning our lottery system software.

We always stand by your side and create your lottery product with an unmatched level of creativity. Our highly polished lottery software packages cater to your business needs of starting up a well established enterprise level solution ,which can run across all the platforms.

Our lottery system is designed with a modular architecture so that the mobile components will be delivered separately. It offers responsiveness to the new operators.Small and medium lotteries can be delivered in a cloud service.
Our software has been built on an optimal technology that guarantees quick integration and installation. It has a real time synchronization mechanism which is cost efficient for a large selection of lottery and digital games.
Our system is designed by keeping performance and scalability in mind. It can support significant loads of transactions which can be increased by scaling up the processing power.
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