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The advent of the internet has changed the course of how people learn and interact with each other. The internet has made the world closer and has allowed for the development of various types of solutions that can be provided to people irrespective of their time zone or geographic location. This has enabled swift delivery of learning resources which were once region-specific and expensive for a broad section of the populace.

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One of the most popular online learning websites is Udemy. Udemy is an online marketplace for courses, allowing teachers and instructors to disseminate their experience and knowledge to a wide audience. On Udemy, courses range from programming to sales, from marketing to guitar tutorials, and from cooking to Photoshop tutorials. AIS Technolabs lets organizations deliver their own e-learning marketplace with all of the features that websites like Udemy possess.

Features of Udemy Clone Script

The Udemy clone from AIS Technolabs contains a wide variety of features and functionalities.

  • Udemy Clone Wordpress Integration

    The Udemy clone with WordPress content management system backend is compatible with thousands of WordPress plugins. In addition, custom-plugins can be created by using the PHP programming language.

  • Instructor Administration Panel

    The teacher administration panel lets course instructors create their custom courses. Each course can have multiple resources including videos, PDFs, training files etc. The instructor administration panel also allows for the pricing of the courses.

  • Course Gradation

    The Udemy clone script allows viewers to grade and rate the courses using a complex 5-star rating system. The rating system allows for higher quality courses to feature on the top of the search page as well.

  • Student Forums

    A student forum is available with the Udemy clone script which allows students to engage in discourse and interact with each other to enable superior networking for various topics and courses.

  • Social Media Sharing

    The script has in-built social media sharing functionalities which instructors can use to promote their courses on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and others.

  • Top-of-the-line Search Functionality

    The Udemy clone script comes with a top-of-the-line search functionality which allows for fast and easy searching of online courses. The search functionality can be accessed from the home page, as well as various other pages, as required.

  • Inbuilt Video Uploader And Player

    The Udemy clone script from AIS Technolabs features an inbuilt video uploader and player which uses the latest webm video encoding technology to ensure superior playback quality for a wide range of video dimensions to enable viewers across various devices to see the videos with utmost clarity.

Benefits of the Udemy Clone Script

The Udemy clone script allows organizations to deploy their own customized online marketplace for learning material. Such a system is the perfect business opportunity for organizations looking to venture into the exciting field of e-learning.

AIS Technolabs provides complete customization to the script to allow organizations feature their own branding, color schemes, typefaces and other front-end objects.

AIS Technolabs has developed the Udemy clone in WordPress, which gives it the power of modularity of WordPress with additional features that can be implemented using thousands of WordPress plugins.

The Udemy clone is open source in nature, allowing for anyone to modify the script to their own requirements. In addition the Udemy source code is provided, giving organizations the benefit to customize and tweak modules and functions inside the script to their own requirement.


The internet has changed the way people are learning new things, and collaborative learning systems have increased the amount of knowledge that is available to the masses in a simple and hassle free manner. AIS Technolabs has created a unique content marketplace solution which provides the functionality of advanced web e-learning applications such as Udemy clone php script at your fingertips.

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