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Hire Java developers from AIS Technolabs and leverage the power of a technology trusted by millions. According to Statista, 30% of developers choose Java, making it a strong foundation for your web applications. Our experts bring deep Java knowledge and mastery of frameworks like Spring and development tools like Docker to empower your web presence.

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Hire Dedicated Java Developers Within 24 Hours

shivani j

Shivani J

Java Developer

Shivani J has 5 years of experience in Java development. She has excellent knowledge of Java 8, its collection, Lambda Expressions, concurrency, etc. She develops and deploys Java projects with quality and extraordinary technological advancements.

star Expert in
  • Java 8
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5

Also Worked With

  • JEE |
  • Spring |
  • Hibernate |
  • Docker
5 Years


Java Developer

Atul has 6 years of experience and a proven track record of delivering Java-based projects on time. He understands Java microservices, Java architecture, design concepts, API development, etc. He develops Java websites and apps with advanced tools and technologies.

star Expert in
  • J2EE
  • SQL
  • CSS3

Also Worked With

  • Kubernetes |
  • MongoDB |
  • Azure |
  • Selenium
6 Years
saurabh m

Saurabh M

Java Developer

Saurabh M is a senior Java developer with a total of 8 years of experience. He is proficient in Java development using ORM, DevOps tools, SQL, database concepts, design principles, etc. He works on complex Java projects and design, test, and deploys Java-based apps.

star Expert in
  • C
  • Java 8
  • C++

Also Worked With

  • Spring Boot |
  • J2EE |
  • SQL |
  • JSF
8 Years

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Empower Your Business With Meticulous Java Development Services

Hire dedicated Java developers from AIS Technolabs to craft feature-rich web applications, software, IoT apps, eCommerce websites, and server-side solutions. Over 48% of developers have utilized Java in the past year, attesting to its enduring relevance. Our programmers adeptly leverage the latest tools, frameworks, and libraries to ensure your projects excel in functionality and performance.

  • Java Web Application Development

    Our developers design web application architecture comprising database schema, server-side and client-side components. They write codes and choose the framework while following best practices and maintaining coding standards.

  • Custom Java App Development

    Our Java developers design architecture, define components and app modules and establish interaction between them. They develop the custom app, write codes, implement features, and build the app with the required functionalities.

  • Java Software Development

    Onboard programmers from our Java software development company to create software for enterprise servers, mobile devices, desktops, web browsers, etc. We use a wide range of tools and frameworks to develop cutting-edge software.

  • J2EE Framework Development

    We create server-side applications using J2EE framework technologies. Our experts also use an advanced development ecosystem of IDE tools, Eclipse, and NetBeans to extend functionalities

  • Enterprise Apps Development With Java

    Hire remote Java developers to build enterprise apps, web portals, and systems like ERP, ECM, POS, EAM, EHR, CRM, etc. Our programmers work on complex Java projects and simplify them to enhance user experience.

  • Data Analytics With Java

    We collect data from multiple sources such as databases, web scraping, and APIs. We clean, pre-process, and analyze data using Java libraries like Apache Spark and Weka. Our team deploys the final product after performing data visualization.

  • IoT With Java

    For IoT development, our programmers identify the use case, and sensors while collecting and analyzing data. They develop the IoT app on popular platforms like Azure IoT, IBM Watson IoT, and AWS IoT.

  • Cloud Computing With Java

    We develop Java projects with cloud computing on platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our developers use a Java-based framework for interacting with cloud services.

  • Java Database Management System Development

    We choose compatible DBMS with Java from MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Our experts design database schema, write codes, develop access layers, and test the system to attain smooth performance.

  • E-commerce Development With Java

    Our experts develop eCommerce websites while leveraging technologies of popular Java frameworks and content management systems. They work with advanced frameworks, including Hybris, Broadleaf, Apache OFBiz, and CMS like Magnolia, Alfresco, Bloomreach, etc.

  • Java Microservices Development

    We develop individual microservices, write codes, implement features, and conduct testing processes to ensure error-free output. Our developers configure servers and databases for deployment and set up infrastructure for microservices.

  • Java API Development & Integration

    Our programmers develop APIs using the Java development environment, including Spring, JAX-RS, and RESTEasy. They design API endpoints, data models, and response formats, develop API code and integrate it into the app.

  • Java App Testing

    Our team performs unit, integration, system, acceptance, regression, automated, and load testing to ensure the proper functionality of Java projects. They prepare the app to catch bugs and check for errors without impacting performance and speed.

  • Java Migration Services

    We test the application in a staging environment to ensure a successful migration. Our experts migrate codes, data, and app infrastructure and test the app again in a new environment to ensure its smooth functionality.

  • Java Upgradation Services

    Our developers deploy new codes, update databases, and data stores, and configure new software while upgrading the app version. You can also hire Java developers to monitor app performance and security issues.

  • Java Technical Support & Maintenance Services

    Our experts stay active 24/7 to resolve bugs, feature requests, and technical, server, troubleshooting, and user errors. Our team looks for the root cause and fixes the issue to avoid future troubles.

Why Hire Java Developers From AIS Technolabs?

AIS Technolabs has an expert team to develop secure, innovative, and interactive web apps, applications, and software. Our team meets the given deadline while leveraging Java technologies to facilitate high-end Java development services.

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Deployment Process
External services
AI Tools
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Frequently Asked Questions

In our 15-day risk-free trial, you can hire Java developers and collect insights about our technical advancements, expertise, and tools. You can work with us for 15 days to make a better decision. It is a no-commitment work period.

We prefer using advanced tools such as NetBeans, Pinpoint, JUnit, SonarQube, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, SpotBugs, Spring, etc. However, the final tool selection depends on your project technology, deadline, and budget.

Object-oriented programming, platform-independent bytecode, and multi-threading are some of the main features of Java development. Apart from it, tamper-free systems, architectural neutrality, and portability are other beneficial features of the programming language.

We prefer using the latest communication tools like Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Wrike, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, etc. Along with it, our developers submit daily, weekly, and monthly reports to provide timely updates about the project development.

We have an expert Quality Analyst team to test and analyze Java projects on all quality parameters. Our team follows best practices for the testing process and deploys an error-free project after ensuring smooth performance.

AIS Technolabs facilitates offshore hiring to help its clients grow their businesses. You can connect with our executive team to hire Java developers from India to work on your project remotely. They will send you portfolios of potential candidates and take care of the rest of the hiring process.

We have flexible engagement models, and you can choose one among them to clear the payment. You can hire Java programmers on an hourly, monthly, part-time, and full-time basis and pay accordingly. You can select a payment cycle according to budget and convenience.

No, we do not claim any right to source code and intellectual property. We hand over the entire project, including details, source code, intellectual property rights, documents, and IP rights. You become the sole owner of the project after clearing payments.

We offer dedicated support to resolve technical issues, troubleshoot errors, and fix bugs. Our experts upgrade and maintain your project to help it run smoothly and perform optimally. You can also seek guidance from our consultants in case of a crash or other technical issues.

AIS Technolabs has a strict policy to protect your IP, NDA, source codes, personal information, and project data from external threats and third-party sharing. We do not reuse your data for any other purpose. Our company and developers do not share your project details with any third party.

We draft an easy contract exit policy and reveal it while signing the NDA. However, the contract exit policy varies according to project type, technology, budget, deadline, etc. You can end the contract amid the ongoing project after following the terms and conditions mentioned in your NDA.

Our Latest Blogs

Table of Content

Useful Tips To Hire Dedicated Java Developers: Filter The Talent And Onboard Skilled Professionals

Java is an advanced programming language that helps develop complex coding projects. It is user-friendly, scalable, and easy to use and implement. Java is an all-rounder technology and supports everything, be it numerical, desktop, or mobile computing. Apart from it, Java provides great modularity and libraries, development tools, and frameworks to speed up the process.

However, you need to stay careful while choosing Java developers for hire . You should interview candidates carefully and onboard the best industry talent. In this blog, we have suggested best practices to help you hire skilled Java developers. These tips will handhold you throughout the process.

Java Tools, Frameworks, and Scripting Languages

As one of the most popular and widely-used programming languages, Java has built up an incredibly rich ecosystem of tools and frameworks over the decades. These tools aim to automate tedious tasks and improve productivity.

Java Tools


A build automation and dependency management tool. Maven allows you to easily manage project dependencies, build lifecycles, and more. It has become the de facto standard for Java projects.


An integrated development environment (IDE) that offers a wide range of plugins and supports various programming languages.

IntelliJ IDEA

A powerful and feature-rich IDE known for its intelligent code completion, refactoring, and debugging tools.


A well-known open-source IDE with a modular architecture that supports multiple programming languages.

Java Frameworks

Spring Framework

A comprehensive, open-source framework that offers support for dependency injection, data access, and web application development.


A widely-used object-relational mapping (ORM) framework that simplifies database connectivity and management.

Apache Struts

A flexible and extendable framework that promotes a clean separation of concerns and provides a powerful, centralized configuration.

Java Scripting Languages


The most popular scripting language that can be used within Java applications, particularly in web development contexts.


A dynamic, object-oriented scripting language that is statically compiled and fully integrated with the Java ecosystem.


A high-performance, stable implementation of the Ruby programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Other JVM languages like Kotlin, Scala, and Clojure have also gained traction in recent years, each with their own strengths and use cases. The cross-pollination of ideas between these languages and Java has been incredibly fruitful for the ecosystem.

There are also whole platforms and distributions built on top of Java's solid foundations - like Grails for web applications, Apache Spark for big data processing, and Android for mobile development.

Important Aspects To Consider Before For Hiring Top Java Developers

Determine Project Requirements

Assess your project requirements and decide what you want to achieve through the project. Demonstrate project technology, functionality, third-party integrations, and other specific needs. Before starting the project, you must have an idea of market demand and user behavior. You should know what problems you are trying to solve and how the project will work in the future.

Plan Project Development Strategies

Plan the development process and create a detailed document outlining project technology, features, design specifications, length, milestones, deadline, budget, and other information. Estimate resource requirements and break down the tasks into small parts to decide the delivery date. Use this document to communicate with your developer or concerned organization.

Estimate Budget & Identify Potential Risks

Conduct market research to demonstrate the project's value. Consult multiple organizations, ask for budget estimation, and compare their prices to decide on the project budget. Apart from this, determine the involved risks in the project that may impact delivery, budget, technical requirements, and timeline. Draft a plan to mitigate these risks to avoid last-moment glitches.

Connect With A Reliable Organization

In project outsourcing, the organization plays a key role and handles many tasks like candidate sourcing, screening, NDA signing, etc. Contact multiple organizations, check their reviews and ratings online, and speak to their executive team to know more about their work strategies. Once you choose the organization, ask them to send portfolios of developers and move ahead with the rest process.

Screen Portfolios & Interview Candidates Thoroughly

Start the process with candidate pre-screening, evaluate each profile carefully, and filter potential candidates among them. Connect with developers over a call or video conference. Ask about their skills, knowledge, work experience, and previous projects. These questions will help you understand their expertise better.

  • Contact AIS Technolabs to hire Java developers to build cross-platform and grade-level applications & software.

Give A Technical Test

Propose a coding assignment or give a technical task to assess developers' skills and knowledge about the project technology. Ask behavioral questions to know more about their work ethics, communication, and project management skills. These questions will help you understand more about their nature and how they will take the project forward.

Take Trial & Negotiate Contract Policies

Take a 15-day risk-free trial and analyze your developers' capabilities and their take on the project technology. Ensure everything before signing the contract. You can also change your team or exit the contract if you want to. After clearing the phase, negotiate contract policies, budget, and deadline, and discuss each term. Make it official to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Technical Skills To Ensure Before Choosing Java Developers For Hire

Knowledge Of Java Programming

Be it full-time or freelance Java developers , they should have an understanding of Java programming language, its development environment, control structures, data types, syntax, etc. AIS Technolabs Java developers have extensive experience working with Java technologies, tools, libraries, frameworks, and exception handling.

Understanding Of Object-Oriented Programming

Hire Java programmers who are familiar with object-oriented programming and its concepts, including Polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, and abstraction. Developers must know how to maintain, edit and debug Java codes using object-oriented programming concepts.

Ability To Use Java Development Kit

Hire full-stack Java developers who can work using Java Development Kit (JDK). Your developers must know about Java compiler, Java APIs, runtime environment, and other technologies to develop the project with JDK.

Proficiency In Using Integrated Development Environment

Java developers should be knowledgeable enough to use Integrated Development Environment to write, edit, debug, and test Java codes. AIS Technolabs Java developers have extensive expertise using its technologies, including NetBeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, etc.

Experienced In Implementing Java Frameworks

Java developers must have experience to implement Java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, and Struts. Apart from it, they should know database concepts such as SQL, normalization, and indexing. Analyze their skills and ability to implement frameworks and work with databases.

Knowledge Of Testing Frameworks

Hire remote Java developers familiar with testing frameworks such as JUnit, Mockito, and continuous integrations, including Jenkins and Travis CI. Java developers should also understand web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, APIs, and RESTful services.

Skilled In Using DevOps Tools

Hire Java programmers who can use DevOps tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and Maven for project development. Concepts like Jenkins Involvement, CI (Continous Integration), and CD (Continous Development) are essential for Java development. So your developer must know about them.

What is a Java Developer’s Salary and Hourly Rate?

Java developers have competitive salaries and hourly rates in today's job market. However, compensation can vary significantly based on factors like location, experience level, industry, and specific roles.

Full-Time Java Developer Salaries

For salaried full-time positions, average salaries for Java developers tend to fall into the following ranges:

  • Entry-level: $60,000 - $80,000
  • Mid-career: $85,000 - $115,000
  • Experienced: $100,000 - $150,000+

Hourly Rates for Java Developers

Freelance for Java Developer or contract Java developers, hourly rates show wide variance based on skills and experience:

  • Junior/Entry-level: $30 - $60/hour
  • Mid-level: $60 - $100/hour
  • Senior/Expert: $100 - $180/hour

Where to Find Java Developers?

Online Job Boards

Posting job openings on popular job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn can help you reach a vast pool of Java developers. Be sure to include relevant keywords, job requirements, and company information in your listing to attract suitable candidates.

Freelancing Platforms

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru are excellent resources for finding talented Java developers. You can browse through profiles, check reviews and ratings, and collaborate with freelance java developers on a project basis or long-term.

Social Media Platforms

Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are great for networking and connecting with Java developers. Join relevant groups and engage in discussions to build connections and scout potential candidates.

Developer Communities and Forums

Participate in Java-specific communities and forums like Stack Overflow, GitHub, and Reddit to find skilled full-time or freelance Java developers. Engage in conversations, answer questions, and showcase your company's culture to attract potential candidates.

Referrals and Recommendations

Leverage your professional network and ask for referrals from colleagues, friends, and industry peers. Personal recommendations can help you find reliable and trustworthy full-time or freelance Java developers.

Important Questions To Ask While Interviewing Java Developers

  • 1 What are constructors in Java?

    Constructors in Java help create a class instance. These constructors are somewhat similar to methods. This concept is important for Java development. So you must onboard candidates who have experience working with constructors.

  • 2 What is a JIT compiler in Java?

    JIT in Java refers to the Just-In-Time compiler, which is a program that supports converting Java Bytecodes into instructions. JIT compiler is a significant part of Java development. Choose Java developers for hire who are well aware of its usage.

  • 3Can you name the main concepts of Object Oriented Programming in Java?

    There are four main concepts of Object Oriented Programming, including Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, and Polymorphism. Hire dedicated Java developers who have experience working with Object Oriented Programming concepts.

  • 4Can you name four access modifiers in Java?

    Java has four access modifiers, including Default, Private, Protected, and Public. These access modifiers are special keywords. They restrict access to a class, data member, constructor, and method in the other class. Use this question to test your developer's knowledge of Java and its functionalities.

  • 5Explain the role of loops in Java.

    Loops in Java help with executing specific parts of the program repeatedly. There are three types of Loops in Java- For Loop, While Loop, and Do-While Loop. Include this question in the interview to test your developer's knowledge about Loops.

Additional Interview Questions To Verify Developer’s Technical Expertise

Put forward these interview questions to cross-check the technical expertise of Java developers.

  • What is Java Class?
  • Define Platform Independence.
  • Explain the process of multithreading in Java.
  • What is Context-Switching in Java?
  • Define the Final Keyword in Java.

Foremost Benefits Of Choosing Java For Project Development


Java is an object-oriented programming language that encourages developers to write modular and reusable codes. Java developers can maintain and update the code over time and use default design patterns to build cutting-edge applications. It offers modularity for resolving troubleshooting errors and supports code reusing through inheritance.

Easy To Scale

Java applications are easy to scale and handle large amounts of traffic and data. It is a good choice for building applications expected to grow and manage heavy traffic. Apart from it, Java apps run on JVM, which is a layer lying between Java code and CPU. It also enhances Java apps' performance and helps them manage data better.

Advanced Security

Java has in-built security features to protect the app against common security threats. It prevents security attacks from memory leaks, buffer overflows, unauthorized access, hacking, etc. It has a superior ability to handle errors and exceptions gracefully. Developers can use it to build large-scale and mission-critical applications.

Platform Independent

Java is a platform-independent language that enables developers to write codes on any platform without requiring changes. Java is an excellent choice for building cross-platform applications for different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, etc. It is less subjected to malicious attacks, and this virtue makes it a preferable choice for project development.

Libraries & Development Tools

Java offers extensive libraries, frameworks, and tools for project development. Libraries like Apache Commons, Maven, Jackson, JUnit, Mockito, and Java Standard libraries help with development greatly. Java development tools, including NetBeans, Pinpoint, SonarQube, Android Studio, and Gradle, ease the development difficulties.

Automated Memory Management

Java supports automated memory management, and developers don't need to compose codes manually. Java applications naturally manage memory, its deallocation, and distribution. Java applications are easy to maintain and help overcome coding complexities. It doesn't complicate programming for developers.


Java is an interoperable programming language and can interact with other languages to leverage their technologies. Java's interoperability extends project functionalities without compromising performance and speed. Moreover, Java Native Interface enables the writing of Kotlin, C, and C++ methods.

AIS Technolabs is a leading provider of Java development services . Our experts have an in-depth understanding of Java programming language, its associated frameworks, features, and functionalities. We develop high-end web apps for desktop, mobile, cloud, and IoT platforms. Collaborate with us and build your project with the best practices.

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