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Many times, it may be difficult to pinpoint an app that fits your individual or business needs. You may find some application that works on the whole, however, if you are exhausted looking for an app that can match your specific excel needs then this is the right time to convert excel to web application.

With our team of developers at AIS Technolabs, we can not only convert excel spreadsheet to web application but also make it personalized for you.

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Extension Of Powerful Features

Within our list, we have compiled the features that apply to most businesses. However, if you need additional customization, then we are here to extend a range of powerful features such as charts, reports, GPS and workflows in order to build the app tailor-made for you. While additional customization we provide services such as turning excel spreadsheet into software application.

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One can only imagine the complexity of maintaining multiple excel spreadsheets for calculating BMI, calorie consumption, cholesterol, Blood pressure, nutritional value etc and maintaining a bulk of spreadsheets on a daily basis. Even after building tools, it may not be feasible to carry out all the operations across all devices. Therefore, we can provide great value by converting excel to web application and customize it as closely as possible.

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Banking And Financial Services

From home equity, debt reduction to personal finance, different kinds of tax and many more, the complexity of handling these operations cannot be stressed enough. You would require a set of powerful excel formulas integrated and embedded into an app to run operations without a glitch. However, as excel may not be the one size fit for all tasks we can help you figure out and build an app to save your time and cater to your dynamic industry needs.

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Industry Uses

In dynamic business environments, where needs keep changing on a daily basis it is difficult to keep track of everything with already available apps or excel for that matter. For this reason, converting excel spreadsheet into a web application is quite popular across the below sectors. If you don’t find your sector in the list below, then it is time for you to explore the endless possibilities.

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Energy Industry

Whether it is calculating thermostat readings, electric, heat, cooling, load readings and temperature, energy fuel consumption readings or many more, a customizable application is more than necessary. We can convert your spreadsheet integrating your data into an easy to use application.

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We can also help set up email notifications about information change and options to manage it easily.

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