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If you are looking for the best Airbnb clone script then you are in the right place. We help in developing a Airbnb clone script that suits exactly your requirement. As the travel industry is gaining traction due to the surge in the global economy the concept of Air bread and breakfast is becoming popular among travelers worldwide.

With the app based on Airbnb concept, you bring together a number of people around the globe who are willing to rent out their property and people who are looking forward to taking up unique places to stay but with all the modern amenities to make their travel experience comfortable.

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Airbnb Clone App

A good Airbnb clone script should have the following features to attract people worldwide:-

host friendly features

Host friendly features

There are a number of people around the globe who want to rent their property and no matter what kind of property they have, the app should be comprehensive enough to provide an elaborate description for the same. The one size fits all adage doesn’t go well here. The app should have options wherein the hosts have the liberty to describe their property the way they want.

Giving control to the host

The concept of Airbnb encourages hosts to take control in terms of availability, prices, and house rules and how do they choose to interact with the guests. The app should give the entire control to the hosts wherein they can set check-in times and handle the entire process the way they want. The features like offering breakfast, lunch or dinner should be made available and at the right stage. In the Airbnb clone, the host becomes the proxy master and you have to give the entire control of the app to him as far as his property is concerned.

giving control to the host
you are the master

You are the master

Though you have given the control of the app to the hosts of the property but still you remain the ultimate master and keep advising the hosts by giving hospitality tips, 24/7 support. Also, you have the community of experienced hosts where they can share their experiences with the novice hosts. A platform has to be integrated within the app where questions can be answered by the experienced hosts’ ideas for getting success and that can be shared.

How can

you have a favorite app for hosts and travelers?

The market is full of Airbnb clone apps but the ones that have the capability to attract the target audience should have the following features.

Make listing easy

The app should create the listing easy in the best way possible. Otherwise, the chances are that the prospective hosts may move on to the other platform. The app should be able to describe the property, the number of guests it can accommodate and should add photos and videos in a simple manner.

Secure payment system

The only way to win the trust of hosts is to have a secure payment system. When people get paid correctly on time then they develop a sense of belongingness with the entire team and they are encouraged to participate more.

Safety and security

The travelers from around the globe are requested to provide their profile pictures and are also asked to verify their phone numbers and email ids. Hosts can rest assured against any unwanted elements entering their property thereby securing their property from any kind of damage. Hosts are also required to show up their ids to meet the security protocol.

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