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Chinese Poker Software is a poker card game that has been played in the Asian community for many years. It has now started to gain worldwide popularity due to the exciting gambling experience.

The Chinese Poker Software gives a lesson to players about how the traditional sets like full house or straight flush compete against totally different scoring like getting 13 unique same suit cards. All such players who love Las Vegas or Macau casino games would like to try this game.

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As an entrepreneur willing to start an online Chineses poker game, we can serve you the best gaming platform for it. Our gaming interface is sturdy and robust and is developed by our dedicated team of software professionals.

They come up with immense options for PC, mobile as well as console game development. Stunning graphical designs, amazing features, versatility, and capabilities of our created Chinese Poker Games made us an ideal choice for various clients globally.

Hire Our Highly Skilled Poker Software Developers along with Specialized Gaming Expertise

Our competitive price for Chinese Poker Software Development model allows our clients to modify and scale their personalized team at their discretion. Our clients can hire one or more of our proficient expert developers and get a full array of benefits, including in-built QA and on-budget, on-time project management. Even once we develop a complete client’s project according to the client’s exact specifications, we release proprietary source code and intellectual property to our clients. We always work for our clients, and we are confident that our results will win our client’s trust and build good business relations with them.

Optimum and Flourish Game features of Chinese Poker Software

AIS Technolabs always provides a robust platform for launching an online poker room for the users. The Chinese Poker Software platform is boasted with enormous features and an abundance of management tools for poker owners. The clients can be broadly customized to their requirements as per the choices. The players get a free account, no deposit required. It has a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. Chat and messaging features available in the game are well-complemented with awesome game graphics offering a realistic casino environment. The players can choose their Avatar to represent themselves on the card table. The players can rise through the ranks and conquer other casinos. Smooth gameplay and simple controls. The players will get a wide variety of features while playing Chinese Poker Software developed by us some of them are mentioned below:

We Offer an Intriguing Chinese Poker Software Gaming Experience Coupled with Exceptional Features of the Admin Panel

  • Administration Control Panel

    The admin enjoys a fully flexible dashboard in our software using that it can easily manage various game attributes like game data, messages, player’s reports, and many other from one central point.

  • Manage User

    Managing users’ details is a simple process for the admin. It can keep a complete check of the player’s registration details, profiles, reports, and more other traits.

  • Game Management

    Our software offers the rich ability of convenient game management that allows the admin to manage gaming elements like gameplay time, challenges, blinds, reports, and others.

  • Payment System

    With our secured payment mechanism, the admin never has to worry about money loss or misuse of his earnings. The overall experience is a peaceful one.

  • Money Deposit and Withdraw Management

    Our experts have made it extremely simple for the admin to carry money deposit and withdrawal transactions. Previous account history of all players is also accessible by the admin.

  • Chips Management

    To keep the game more engaging, the admin can add or remove chips from its account in a simple click at any time.

  • Game Setting

    We have made it very simple for the admin to assign new game policies and rules. The admin has to do it for once it gets updated throughout the software.

  • Private Table

    Our gaming software offers a hassle-free approach to the admin to create new tables and tournaments for the players. Managing all of them is also very simple.

  • Rake / Admin Commission

    We ensure that the admin earns maximum profitability from our software. Hence, we have designed a simple way to let admin earn commissions, which instantly gets deducted from the winning account of the players.

  • All Chips Report

    This is an exclusive solution that offers admin the ease to create and manage a detailed report of pending and total chips in its account.

  • Rake Limit

    Assigning rake limits for various game tournaments is very easy for the admin. The process gets done in just one click.


Cutting-Edge Features of Our Chinese Poker Software Makes it a Relishing Treat to the Players

Get Ready to Become a Market Leader with Host of Outstanding Additional Features of Our Chinese Poker Software

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Club Management

Our poker software offers admin the unique capability of creating new clubs and assigning new managers to the same. The club members are free to invite members to their clubs and deliver customized solutions to them.

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Authorized Poker Script

Our poker game is a readymade solution certified from the gaming authorities. We aim to deliver you a stress-free and financially lucrative solution in the form of the best gaming unit.

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Random Number Generator

With an attempt to maintain absolute transparency throughout the game, we have incorporated an RNG algorithm in our software. As a result, the winners are always selected randomly

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Host Unlimited Tables And Players

Hosting infinite numbers of players and game tables is possible for the admin. It is a unique capability, which the admin can use to appeal gamers from all across the world.

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Live Video

Live games can be enjoyed with the players. They can chat with their friends, message, and have the most pleasing gaming time.

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Multi-Language Support

With the multilingual support capability, the players gain the freedom to select their preferred language for the game. This ensures they always gain the most interactive experience.

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Multi-Currency Support

The multi-currency support intends to lend absolute convenience to the players. They can select their preferred currency or go for cryptocurrency as per their wish.

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In-Built Game Engine

Our software is integrated with a robust gaming engine, which makes it extremely simple for the user to control all gaming logics and data without the need of third party integration.

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Progressive Web App

Our skilled developers have curated a quick and seamless downloading solution for our poker website. There is no need to visit through various online app stores as everything is available right on your table.

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Agent Module

Our game is a highly fascinating one and can be enjoyed by the players in various intriguing modules like Super Admin, Master Agent, Rake Commission, and Child Agent. Also, the admin can assign different percentage shares for each module.

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Global Gaming

Global gamers love this software as they get all features, which they want. Our game is a one-stop solution for them for maximum entertainment and earnings.

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Multiplayer Game

It is a highly addictive game that can be played by multiple players simultaneously. The engagement level is always high for our players.

Earn for Yourself Rich Rewards and Benefits with Our Brilliant Chinese Poker Software

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Save Time

The ready to use format of our game ensures you gain a quick downloading and installation process. Hence, a lot of time is saved and you can start playing the game in just a few minutes.

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Get Game Code

The game code is obtainable by the business owners and individuals at an affordable one-time fee. You get complete control of the software codes and elements, which make it a worthy investment to them.

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Pay in Installments

We offer the easiest solution to get hold of the most amazing poker game in the world. You can fix a monthly installment with our experts and enjoy great affordability along with profits.

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Node js

We have complimented our game with a robust backend and front-end system. It is very easy to run and use all gaming operations. At the same time, you gain incomparable protection from all online issues.

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With the bi-directional communication process offered through our game, it is easy for the players to communicate and enjoy an incredible gaming time.

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We practice a stringent CI/CD process for developing new game upgrades and customizations. Our aim is to always offer the players something fresh and rewarding.

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Unmatched flexibility, scalability, and portability is offered by our software from the server part. Overall, it is an efficient solution serving all your gaming requirements optimally.

Our Chinese Poker Software Gaming Solution

whitelabel solution
Whitelabel Solution

The Whitelabel is the most effective solution to an online poker game with the ultimate unique offerings. we offer whitelabel solutions for poker gaming.

turnkey solution
Turnkey Solution

Turnkey poker game solutions provides you with the complete package for the pokey gaming needs, which Is essential for the robust online poker game.

cryptocurrency solution
Cryptocurrency Solution

Cryptacurrency poker solution is a distinct product In the field of the gaming arena. In this solutioh a secure cryptocurrency payment system will be Integrated with poker game solutions to protect all the fraudental activities.

Result-Driven Chinese Poker Software is Available for All Platforms

desktop version
Desktop Version

We are a renowned game development company offering innovative gaming solutions to continuously engage desktop players. The gaming solutions delivered by us are playable on all desktop platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, and others. Our games are highly sophisticated yet intriguing and exhilarating.

web version
Web Version

Our rich technological advances target at developing and offering ready-to-use games for the web customers. Our web games are fully scalable and flexible in nature. The players can start playing them in just one go and enjoy wide compatibility on all web platforms.

mobile version
Mobile Version

Our experts make sure that you are able to successfully make a lasting mark among the mobile players. We, therefore, offer the most fascinating and advanced games for the mobile game lovers. Our highly responsive and graphically rich games run seamlessly on iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

Chinese Poker Software Engagement Models

We provide outstanding and comprehensive engagement gaming models, which are suitable for a large number of operators and capable of fulfilling all business needs

buy white label solution
Buy White Label Solution
be a partner
Be a Partner
game marketing
Game Marketing
flexible hiring
Flexible Hiring
money refund policy
Money Refund Policy

Let Your Players Always Gain a Refreshing Gaming Experience with Our Chinese Poker Software Upgradation and Customization Service

While buying our robust poker script is a one-time fee, the benefits, upgrades and ease of customization is endless. With our CI/CD process we consistently introduce new enhancements to our script to ensure the experience remains always fruitful to our users. Our users can enjoy theme upgrade, graphics upgrade, sound upgrade, animation upgrade, and upgrades of many other game elements. Best part is that our script is completely customizable. Hence, users can change each bit of the script as per their choice. You can also contact our technical support team to keep enjoying the latest updates.

Our Unsurpassed Game Development Efficacy is Spread Out to All Kinds of Games

Why Select AIS Technolabs for Chinese Poker Software Development?

As a business owner, the clients can make huge profits by taking Chinese poker online. Our game design is unique below are the basics followed by our developers while developing gaming software:

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The process for app launch is not a simple one and involves a lot of deep detailing and aspects to be considered. Still, we assure you to complete and successfully launch the app in the least possible time frame.

We offer a simple customization process for all our gaming software. You just have to notify us of your requests and requirements and our experts get it done within the time duration fixed on the basis of mutual understanding. Also, you have to pay a small customization fee in advance, which is very nominal in comparison to the level of profits you can make

We charge very nominal prices for our customization services. The total cost depends on the types and numbers of customizations you want to get done.

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