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With virtual reality, a wave of revolution has entered into the gaming industry. It is one of the most advanced technologies enabling developers to create highly immersive and realistic gaming solutions. As a result, there is a tremendous demand for virtual reality game development worldwide.

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We are one such reputed virtual reality game development company that brings the virtual world as an engaging reality to the players seeking out for highly entertaining and exhilarating games. We constantly endeavor to adapt to the latest and most advanced technologies to clients, and hence, accept challenging projects and deliver outstanding outcomes within the stipulated time frame. We are top VR game developers offering reliable and world-class VR game development services on the most efficient and competitive grounds.

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Offering Exceptional VR Services for an Incredible Gaming Experience

Virtual reality is one of the emerging technologies growing at a fast pace. At AIS Technolabs, we employ tailor-made practices and rendering capabilities for development and graphics. We offer high-end virtual reality developmentservices for different platforms and in different genres of games. Our virtual reality game development services will transform your unique and creative gaming ideas into an addictive and futuristic VR game, at the same time opening doors for new opportunities. Our game developers, master in graphics and 3D technology and are addicted to creating highly engaging games using virtual reality technology.

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As a dedicated virtual reality game development company, AIS Technolabs very well comprehend how revolutionary and groundbreaking this technology is not just for the gaming industry but also for other genres. For this reason, we have a team of proficient and experienced VR developers solely dedicated to this platform. Our experts can offer you virtual reality game development services with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and other major VR devices.

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At AIS Technolabs, our top VR game developers can create futuristic and engaging apps for Oculus, Cardboard, and other smart devices such as tablets and mobiles. Our vr and video game developers, design unique engagement models offering you absolute flexibility of availing services as per your project requirements and budget. We are a certified company following a holistic approach and delivering robust quality virtual reality game development services, which are at par excellence. We practice stringent data security measures ensuring that your projects are handled by experts in a secured way. We never lack resources as we own interconnected departments ranging from the 3D walkthrough to UI/UX.

Some of the platforms we serve!

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    PlayStation VR

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    Oculus Rift

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    Google Cardboard

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    Samsung Gear

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    HTC Vive

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    Google Daydream View

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    Samsung Odyssey

why Partnering with us will lead you to a Path

Hire World-Classand Fully-Scalable Virtual Reality Game Development Services for a Fascinating Experience

We develop virtual reality games that are immersive and stimulating. We are one of the leading virtual reality game development company focused on creating games that are extensive in detailing and deliver high levels of user satisfaction. With our flawless virtual reality games, your users will be able to interact with the surroundings in a seamless and engaging manner. As a result, they will better explore the worlds and game stories. At AIS Technolabs, our top VR game developers offer a visually mesmerizing, haptic, exciting, and aural gaming experience. Our experts possess in-depth knowledge and utilize their prior experience to offer fully scalable services for VR game development.

Our Exceptionalities


    Virtual reality is a rapidly expanding industry with new products and tools hitting the market on a daily basis. Our virtual reality app development team comprises of passionate and technology enthusiasts holding in-depth knowledge of this technology. Our experts can help you select the correct target audience as well as a platform for your virtual reality product. Our top VR game developers can build an outstanding VR experience that is functional and lucrative.


    Over the years, we have successfully delivered numerous VR game apps and projects for different platforms. We hold extensive experience in developing consumer level as well as enterprise level virtual reality game development applications. If you wish to see our expertise, we can present to your our rich portfolio. For unmatched VR development solutions, you have landed to the right place.


    We house some of the top VR game developers holding the knowledge of the latest developments in the VR technology. Our experts control and provide inputs to different VR platforms. With a complete understanding of the nuances and potentials of each platform, we can provide you superior and high-quality VR apps that will stand out in the market.


    We follow a collaborative approach to application development for the best results. With an organized methodology for project scheduling, planning, execution, tracking, and resource allocation, we ensure absolute transparency and a smooth development process for the timely completion of our projects.


    We are a full-scale virtual reality game development company offering services including UI design, scripting, programming, coding, and level design. Our experts are experienced developers who will work with you step-to-step in order to target your audience. We first analyze your requirements, monitor your competitors and then develop a strategy that works well for you on functional as well as monetary aspects.

Expert Game Programmers Offering State-Of-the-Art Virtual Reality Solutions Optimized for Performance and Intuitiveness

We follow a client-centric approach using state-of-the-art infrastructure in order to deliver solutions that are unparalleled on all grounds. We practice a smooth and hassle-free workflow and transparent pricing policy to make sure you get reliable solutions at reasonable prices. We redefine scalability and flexibility by following a strict development process, such as:

Concept and Structural Designing : A virtual reality game or app can succeed in the competitive market only if it is grounded on a robust structure and strong concept. We, therefore, focus on creating a fully-functional and unique concept and structure for your project. Be it simple or complex, we take into consideration every minute aspect and follow a strict development process.

Development: Developing top-notch VR apps and games is not one day’s task. It requires lots of time and efforts. We, therefore, practice a full-fledged process in order to develop the project that is exactly as per your needs and surpass the market expectations. We first discuss the project in detail and once you finalize the concept and design, we then work dedicatedly to make it a flawless outcome.

Final Testing and Launching: Developing a virtual reality solution is a task half done. A major part is testing on the desired platform and ensuring that it works error-free and uninterruptedly. At this stage, we can make certain changes in order to make the app a seamless experience to your users. Once the app or game is finalized and approved from your end, we then launch it in the app store.

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