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Candy Crush game is one of the best games released in 2012 and also become the game of the year. The game attracts people of all age groups; these benefits force entrepreneurs to develop a clone of the app, and AIS Technolabs is here to make your dream come true with the best Candy Crush Saga Clone.

Our technocrats created a unique customizable script for Games like Candy Crush, which can easily design according to your idea. Our primary focus while developing Games like Candy Crush Saga for the client is to make an engaging game with all advanced features to get better ROI. Our experts understand the difficulties involved in recreating famous games. So our certified developers go the extra mile to solve their clientโ€™s challenges and build games which would stand fierce competition.

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Candy Crush Clone to Make Your Gaming Business Unique

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Cloud Storage of Playerโ€™s Progress

Our Candy Crush Saga Clone integrated with Cloud Storage facility to store the playerโ€™s progress

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Editing Game Level

AIS Customizable Candy clone script gives freedom to edit game levels, graphics, their flow, and duration and much more as per needs.

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IAP (In-App Purchase) Editor

The individuals can use our IAP Editor to start making money from it. So, it is the prominent effective form of app-monetization.

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Attractive Graphical User Interface

Our developers produce simple, reliable, attractive, and user-friendly interface of the Candy Crush Saga gameplay.

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Advertisement Controller

Our clone script is integrated with an advertisement controller that allows the clients to control and monitor the adverts in clientโ€™s app.

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Social Media Integration

Today times, Social Media is the way to make anything go viral. Thus, the Candy Crush Saga Clone Integrated with social media Integration to create the buzz.

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Leadership Board

Leadership board represents the progress of users and other players. It also shows weekly challenges, daily challenges, daily rewards, and many more.

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Notification Pop-Up Editor

With this feature, the players get the notifications related to the game like the new update, new changes, rewards, levels, challenges, etc.

Candy Crush Clone App Source Code for Enormous Profits

AIS Technolabs developers have created a unique engine to develop games like Candy Crush, which ensures that you gain a fast result and better ROI. Take advantage of our Candy Crush clone app source code in developing clone apps and set yourself at rest. Some Important Benefits of Candy Crush Clone App Source Code that are the following:

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    Time Savvy Development

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    Accurate Requirements and Documentation

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    Easy to Re-Skin

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    Easy to Update Game

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    Easy to Customize Each Level

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    Revenue Generation

Why is AIS Technolabs the in the Candy Crush Best Clone Business?

AIS Technolabsโ€™ team will not only help in building clone scripts, but it will also help you in-app marketing as well. After becoming your technology partner in developing games, you donโ€™t have to put any effort into generating revenue from your app. Our team will make it easier for you. Our marketing team will optimize your app to get better visualization and traffic to boost your ROI. Our Support team will guide your customers 24X7 in case of any queries.

Moreover, our Candy Crush Clone apps and clone games help the clients to maintain their credibility in todayโ€™s market. We have a team of experts who are skilled in architecture, planning, approach, development, testing, and deployment.

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Innovative Services Solutions For Candy Crush That Are Developed By Our Experts

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Game Testing

Before we deliver Candy Crush Saga game, our games pass through various service quality taste to make it bug-free and smooth running of the game.

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Device Compatibility

With our expertise in various mobile and web technologies, we help our clients to build game application compatible with different kinds of mobile devices.

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Support and Maintenance

Our support and maintenance team always ready to assist the users in keeping their Candy Crush Saga game application run smoothly and updated it with the advanced tools and elements.

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Game Development for Android/iOS

We hire a skilled team of graphic designers and mobile developers. They produce highly robust and scalable game development for Candy Crush.


It depends on your App specification and variables you want to implement in your clone app.

The stage challenges faced in the game will encourage users to explore another possibility which may be similar to the game. This is the main reason for developing the Candy Crush clone, and it is one of the most popular games too.

The amount of time necessary for creation is determined by the functionality and size of the game that will be created, among other factors.

The problems that players confront in the game may inspire them to look into additional options that are comparable to the game they are now playing. This is frequently the primary motivation for the development of clones of famous games such as Candy Crush Saga.

In other cases, it might take many weeks or even months. But for this case, the projectโ€™s specific requirements will determine the final outcome.

There are several ways you can monetize the Candy Crush Clone app like mobile advertising, unlock features, etc. Even you can sell your game traffic to other top game owners. When it comes to money, our marketing experts will help you in every aspect for earning money using their proven marketing strategies.

We at, AIS Technolabs, assure that every client of ours should get best services and we deliver the best solutions for any of your problems. Our team believes in delivering a high-quality product, and for that, they work hard and think beyond the limit to fulfill the needs or goals of your business.

Clone applications can be monetized through in-app purchases, advertising, and unlocking features. As a bonus, you can sell your traffic to the best game developers and even build new games with other themes. There are a number of ways to make money, such as:
  • If you want to make a Candy Crush Saga clone, you donโ€™t simply need to copy and paste it; you need to make it your own in unique ways.
  • To make money, even ad integration might be a good choice. Weโ€™ll recommend the most effective method of generating revenue from your app.

JAVA is the most evolved language utilized for the development of Candy Crush Saga clone app.