Cricket Betting Website Development For Bookies

The results of a cricket match are always unpredictable due to the complicated nature and uncertain events. This unpredictability of the game attracts the punters who are interested in analyzing the events of the match to predict the results. A cricket betting software for bookies, facilitates online gambling and other such activities.

Our cricket bookies software lets the bookmakers choose from various markets, such as Domestic cricket, Test match series, One day international series, One day international world Cups, the 20 / 20 cricket etc. Furthermore, they can place bets on a single match or the whole series to widen the scope of their desired markets.

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Moreover, the betters can bet on different outcomes of various events of a match or series. The simplest example of the outcome of an event is the winner of the match or the series.

live scores data
Live Scores Data

The real-time data system of this Cricket betting software is capable of taking coverage for all formats of matches at different places.

real time settlement
Real-Time Settlement

Our developed Cricket Betting Software for Bookies has automatically captured all the relevant markets settle within seconds. Also, it keeps your customers happy as well as wagers their funds.

dedicated client service
Dedicated Client Service

Our developed betting software is working with the clients side by side and also analyzes their data to improve and forecast future performances in cricket betting business.

pre live and live odds
Pre-Live and Live Odds

The users can collect the fast, secure, and accurate data of all live and pre-live matches.

powerful real time Data
Powerful Real-Time Data

We already know how important it is to up-to-date data where even seconds matter. Therefore, our highly skilled developers build real-time data and detailed reporting systems in the Cricket Bookies Software.

api based live sport
API-Based Live Sport

Our developers provide sports API solutions with Cricket Betting Software. Thus, the clients can create their widget as per their needs and requirements.

An Exhaustive List of Amazing Features of Cricket Bookies Software

Admin Panel of Cricket Betting Software Helps Admin to Manage Everything from One Account

The Cricket Betting Software allows the admin to manage their clients and their accounts efficiently and also provide them cricket odds and betting tips. Admin can manage their players, bookies, teams, tournament, match, score, and many more with the help of the following features.

manage promotions
Manage Promotions

The admin has the rights to decide which ads should be shown to the bookies and players from the account.

complete management
Complete Management

The admin has the full authority to monitor the games, user accounts, bets placed, and payments made in case of a discrepancy.


Feature-rich dashboard allows the admin to perform all activities from one window and get a full report of an app in a click.

Odd service for confirmed results and Conditions of the event

Our cricket betting software offers an odd service to assist the betters in making correct and easy predictions about the outcome of an event of a match. With the help of this service, the bookies can have a list of the odds of a player or a team. In addition, the punters can analyze the weaknesses and strengths of the players of the team. After an in-depth study, the bookies can make a clear decision about the most likely events.

In different parts of the world, the conditions are not the same. As an example, the conditions of a match in the UK can be quite different from the conditions in India. Such conditions are important to consider when the odds of a player or team are analyzed.

Our application is accessible through iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. We have built the solution after conducting in-depth research on the game of cricket and its uncertain events. Therefore, we can say confidently that by choosing us, you choose the best solution available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cricket tournaments are conducted all around the year, and many individuals look for methods to engage with this sport regularly. Henceforth, betting through cricket tournaments is an excellent way to provide fans with a channel through which they can enhance their profits through it.

The cost depends on the size and scope of the project, as well as the number of people involved. As far as the website’s features, it all relies on what the customer wants. All these aspects influence the price of a Cricket betting software.

Of course, we do. We will remain in touch throughout your association with us. Hence, even after completing your project, you can expect to receive support from our end.

Yes, we do. All types of support can be availed from our end for 3-month of your Cricket betting software development. However, this can be extended by purchasing our different support plans.

Yes, the software developed by us will be completely customizable. Henceforth, you can add, modify, and integrate extra functionalities to it as per your wish.

Indeed, we do. You can avail exclusive marketing add-ons through which you can promote your app efficiently. It will help to target your audiences more rapidly.

App development is a hectic task. Moreover, someone with less knowledge won’t be able to develop the same efficiently. Henceforth, organizations like AIS Technolabs can help by providing scalable and customizable solutions.

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