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Hire Magento developers from AIS Technolabs to develop feature-rich websites, online stores, and apps with responsive themes and attractive designs. Our developers are proficient in working with CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript programming languages. They leverage functionalities of IDE tools like NetBeans, PHPStorm, Sublime Text, Eclipse, Notepad++, etc. They use Magento Debugger to access databases, models, queries, blocks, etc., to ensure seamless development.

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saumya n

Saumya N

Magento Developer

Saumya N has a total of 4.5 years of experience. Her primary skills include developing Magento-based e-commerce websites and other projects. She also customizes existing websites, integrates third-party extensions, and resolves troubleshooting errors.

star Expert in
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • HTML

Also Worked With

  • MariaDB |
  • OpenSearch |
  • Xdebug |
  • Mage Tool
4.5 Years
nitesh a

Nitesh A

Magento Developer

Nitesh A is a senior Magento developer working in the industry for the last 6.5 years. He works with front-end and back-end technologies and develops e-commerce websites, applications, and other projects using Magento features.

star Expert in
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • CSS

Also Worked With

  • MySQL |
  • Apache |
  • PHPStorm |
  • Zend
6.5 Years
sagar t

Sagar T

Magento Developer

Sagar T is an expert Magento developer. He has 8 years of experience in Magento programming. He works on front-end and back-end website development and integrates projects using Magento plugins, extensions, and features.

star Expert in
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Also Worked With

  • Varnish |
  • Redis |
  • Xdebug |
  • Mage Tool
8 Years

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Expand Your Business With High-Quality Magento Development Services

AIS Technolabs is highly regarded as a Magento development company within its client base. We offer end-to-end development solutions using proven programming techniques to carry out your project flawlessly.

  • Magento Website Development

    Our developers create a website using Magento technologies, themes, plugins, MySQL, and Zend PHP databases. They also leverage technologies of system tools, including Bash, Gzip, Isof, MySQLdump, Nice, Sed, etc.

  • Magento eCommerce Development Services

    We perform business analysis for eCommerce development and determine features like sitemaps, designs, functions, extensions, payment, shipping, etc. We set up store themes, configure the catalogue, and customize store functionalities with Magento extensions.

  • Magento App Development

    We develop Magento apps while focusing on both the backend and frontend elements. You can hire Magento web developers to create custom themes and templates and code the app elements.

  • PSD to Magento Theme Design & Development

    Our developers split and convert PSD files to HTML and CSS. They integrate files in Magento, add data, and test the store while ensuring cross-browser compatibility and excellent performance.

  • Magento Module Development

    We develop Magento modules while integrating custom functionalities to cater to your specific project requirements. Our developers efficiently handle module integration, automation, and testing process.

  • Magento Progressive Web App Development

    We create progressive web apps using combinations of technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc. They use PWA setup tools, the extensibility framework, configuration management tools, the Peregrine package, the Venia-UI package, etc.

  • Magento Theme Development

    Our developers choose themes, create the page layout, select colors and fonts, and design the graphics. They convert these graphics into HTML/CSS, create a theme package, configure the store view, and set up a custom theme in the Magento admin panel.

  • Magento UI/UX Development

    Our team sketches, wireframes, and designs responsive and intuitive UI/UX layouts for your Magento projects. They monitor user behavior and focus on each part to improve details and enhance user experience.

  • Magento Integration Services

    We customize Magento modules, custom APIs, ERP integrations, third-party module integrations, custom payment method integrations, and email marketing integrations. Our experts leverage APIs to expand the functionalities of Magento stores.

  • Magento Performance Optimization

    Our developers update the Magento store, speed up server setup, enable the varnish cache, and set up the content delivery network. You can also hire Magento developers for image optimization, log cleaning, and enabling Magento cache management.

  • Magento Upgradation Services

    Our developers upgrade Magento projects with time to ensure their optimal performance. The service involves updating projects with the latest technologies and making changes to the code to add new features and integrations.

  • Magento Extension Development

    We develop exclusive and feature-rich Magento extensions. Our programmers conceptualize the extension according to your requirements and give it a unique outlook to beat the competition.

  • Magento Migration Services

    We migrate your store to Magento 2 from Magento 1, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, etc. The process includes design transfer, code and database migration, extension migration, and store upgradation.

  • Magento Technical Support & Maintenance Services

    We provide technical support and maintenance services round-the-clock to help you manage your website or app efficiently. Our developers resolve troubleshooting errors, debug codes, and fix bugs for smooth performance.

Why Hire Magento Developers From AIS Technolabs?

AIS Technolabs has a large talent pool of pre-vetted programmers to provide Magento development services on time. We choose the best industry experts who have in-depth knowledge of Magento frameworks, databases, tools, functionalities, and technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Magento is an open-source platform. It offers scalability, flexibility, themes, plugins, third-party integrations, and other features for the website, online store, and application development. You can increase or decrease functionalities, integrate third-party services and customize themes from scratch with Magento.

AIS Technolabs has experienced developers ready to work with you within the next 48 hours. We also hire a scrum master at extra cost to the strategies development process. Over the years, we have deployed numerous projects. You can trust our experts with the responsibility of your project.

We prefer using Xdebug, MageTool, Magento Debug, Magento 2 Cache Clean, PHPStorm IDE, PHPUnit, and Easy Template Path Hints. However, the selection of development tools depends on project technology and length. We decide on the type after discussing your project requirements.

Yes, our QA team writes the unit test and checks the project thoroughly on quality parameters. They ensure its smooth performance, fix bugs, debug coding errors, and optimize the website to attain smooth performance.

AIS Technolabs offers services for offshore hiring. You can hire Magento developers from India to handle your overseas project remotely. Consult our experts, discuss your project requirements, and ask them to send candidate profiles. They will send profiles of pre-vetted developers, and you can interview them and select skilled developers.

We charge differently for each project. Our charges vary according to project length, number of hired resources, deadline, tools, technologies, and project functionalities. You can connect with executives, brief your requirements and get a free budget estimation.

You hold the rights to source code and intellectual properties. We hand over the project, source code, and copyrights. We do not claim any rights on the project in the future as well. Everything belongs to you legally.

Yes, we do offer 24/7 technical support and maintenance services after project deployment. You can hire Magento programmers from AIS Technolabs to seek guidance, resolve troubleshooting errors, and fix bugs and technical issues.

We protect your NDA and IP from hacking and other external threats. We do not share your confidential information with any third party; our developers also abide by the policy. AIS Technolabs values trust profoundly and does not reuse or leak codes and other project technologies.

We allow you to work with our developers and test their expertise during the 15-day risk-free trial. In case of dissatisfaction, you can change individuals or the entire development team with slight efforts. You can also claim a refund for dedicated projects, and we will return your money within 15 days.

You can ask us to change your developer or team if you are not satisfied with their performance. We discuss the policy with you while signing the contract. You can hire another developer after following them.

We have contract exit policies varying according to project type, budget, deadline, technology, and milestones. We discuss its terms and conditions with you before signing the NDA. You can exit the contract after following the conditions mentioned in your agreement.

Our Latest Blogs

Table of Content

Hire Dedicated Magento Developers: Tips To Screen, Interview & Onboard Potential Candidates

Magento is among the best eCommerce development platforms as it can control website functionalities, look and feel. Magento offers tools, themes, plugins, extensions, and features to ease development. However, Magento also has complexities, and you should choose skilled Magento programmers for hire to deal with them.

While onboarding professionals, you must pay attention to each detail and ensure essential factors to avoid making a grave mistake. In this blog, we have provided suggestions to help you hire experienced and knowledgeable Magento developers with minimum effort.

Essential Factors To Evaluate Before Starting The Hiring Process

Define Your Project Goals

Before starting the hiring process, you must determine your goals and objectives. You should know what you want to achieve with your product. What problems are you trying to solve? What are your expectations with it? Figure out these objectives and make sure your goals are realistic and achievable. Don't have unnecessary expectations with your team. Instead, research well to have a clear perspective about the project technology.

Identify Your Requirements

Scope your project and identify features and functionalities you want to add. You should know the essential elements of the project. List all the requirements, including project functionalities, technology, technical specifications, and design guidelines. Analyze your competitors and prepare a roadmap for project development. Also, create a project timeline and divide it into milestones. It will help you meet the deadline and track project progress.

Evaluate Your Resources & Decide Budget

Determine your resources, including team, tools, and technologies. You should know about the resources required to conclude the project. Decide on the project and be realistic about it to avoid compromising quality. Consult multiple organizations to understand the market value of your project. Compare their prices to decide the final number. Write a project description while outlining project goals, scope, timeline, and resources.

Choose A Reliable Organization

Choosing a trustworthy company or platform to select Magento programmers for hire will save you from heavy losses and fraud. There are many companies and individuals providing development services at cheap prices. Do not fall into the trap and avoid hiring them at any cost. Instead, consult a reliable organization, check their ratings and experience, go through an official process, and onboard industry experts.

Screen Candidate Profiles Cautiously

Screen each profile carefully and look for developers who have experience working with similar projects or technologies. Check their portfolio and reviews to evaluate their expertise. Ask for references from their previous clients or colleagues to get an insight into their work. Take feedback from their previous clients and see how they have handled the projects and their complexities.

  • Connect with AIS Technolabs to get uniquely customized Magento development solutions

Interview Candidates With Precision

Conduct a technical interview or coding test to assess the developer's technical skills. Analyze their ability to solve complex problems and identify their proficiency in working with programming languages and frameworks. Discuss your project and tell them to provide suggestions for improvement. You can also suggest problems and ask them to solve them to analyze their problem-solving skills.

Negotiate The Contract Terms

Companies offer a 15-day risk-free trial and let you work with their developers. Use the time to double-check your decision. You can also ask them to change your team. Once you select the best developers, ask them to formulate a contract consisting of the required terms and conditions. Negotiate over budget and ask for technical support, maintenance services, code security, data encryption, IP, and NDA protection.

Technical Expertise To Evaluate Before Choosing Magento Programmers For Hire

Knowledge Of Magento Development Environment

Developers should be familiar with Magento'sn development environment. AIS Technolabs Magento developers are well-versed in using PHP fundamental modular development, XML, MySQL, and model-view-controller architecture for development.

Well-versed In HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Magento developers must possess an in-depth understanding of HTML, CSS fundamentals, and operational knowledge of JavaScript. The AIS Technolabs team is proficient in using these programming languages to develop creative and professional websites and applications with Magento.

Expertise In Object-Oriented Programming

Magento relies on Object-Oriented Programming, Zend framework, and MVC architecture to build websites and manage events. Hire Magento web developers who understand Object-Oriented Programming, its features, and functionalities. Your developer should know how to apply the principles of OOP and MVC.

Ability To Design Themes

Magento themes enable developers to customize the look and feel of online stores. You must hire Magento web developers who can create a new theme from scratch while keeping essential files and folders in place. They should also have editing and testing skills to make changes and ensure seamless performance.

Capability To Integrate Modules

For Magento 2 development, onboard experts who know how to combine various functionalities of different platforms. They should possess expertise in integrating various modules, themes, and extensions. Also, the developer must be well-versed in using these integrations to expand functionalities.

Well-Versed In Using Clean Development Practices

Developers, the QA team, and other professionals work on the same project and handle different tasks. They must be aware of clean development practices. These practices will help them maintain system integrity while enabling them to work on the same project and conclude the tasks with clarity.

Experienced Working With Magento Development Tools

Hire Magento developers who can create websites and applications using the latest development tools. They should be capable of using PHPStorm, MageTool, PHPUnit, Xdebug, Magento Debug, etc. AIS Technolabs Magento development team has extensive experience leveraging these tools for project development.

Interview Questions To Determine Magento Developers' Technical Expertise

  • 1 How many versions does Magento have?

    Magento mainly offers 3 types of platforms for project development. These versions include Magento Commerce, Magento Open Source, and Magento Commerce Cloud. Hire Magento web developers who are familiar with them and know their functionalities well.

  • 2 What is EAV in Magento?

    In Magento, EAV refers to Entity-Attribute-Value. It works as a data model and helps encode entities and store entity attribute values in data storage. Hire Magento programmers who answer the question well and have experience working with databases like MariaDB, MySQL, Percona, etc.

  • 3How many product types are there in Magento 2?

    There are six types of products in Magento 2, including simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, bundle, and downloadable products. Evaluate your candidate's answer and how much the developer knows about these platforms. Continue the process if the answers are satisfactory; otherwise, drop them.

  • 4 What are proxy classes in Magento?

    Proxies in Magento function as surrogates and work on behalf of others. A proxy class helps implement interfaces specified at its creation while following the same order. Hire dedicated Magento developers who understand the concept of proxies in Magento and can use it for clean development.

  • 5 What are service contracts in Magento 2 development?

    Service contract offers classes and interfaces that facilitate essential services and hide the business logic while maintaining data integrity. You should focus on hiring Magento 2 developers who are well-versed in building modules using the service layer contracts of Magento 2.

Other Important Interview Questions To Ask While Analyzing Developer’s Technical Abilities

Use these interview questions to ensure the technical experience and knowledge of chosen candidates.

  • How does MVC architecture help with Magento development?
  • Define the difference between cache:clean and cache:flush.
  • Explain ORM in Magento.
  • Explain handles in Magento.
  • How does Google Checkouts work in Magento?

Leading Benefits Of Choosing Magento Platform For Development

Robust Content Management System

Magento has a dynamic content management system to upload, manage and modify content. Developers can create web pages, and custom landing pages, write product descriptions, upload media and publish blogs to attract more viewers. You can also use its intuitive drag-and-drop interface to manage the store effortlessly.

Upsells & Cross-Sells Features

Magento allows you to upsell and cross-sell your products. The feature helps increase the average value of products and encourages customers to buy more products. For example, you can upscale the jeans with shoes or a dress with matching accessories. If the customer likes the combination, you can cross-sell them with handbags or other related items.

Customization & Scalability

Magento is a highly customizable platform that enables developers to customize website design, layout, and functionalities to provide an excellent user experience. Apart from it, it can handle high-traffic volumes and large product catalogs. You can add new features and functionalities without compromising performance.

Third-Party Integration

Magento offers a wide range of extensions and plugins that allow you to integrate third-party services and tools seamlessly. Developers can integrate shipping carriers, payment processors, maps for parcel tracking, and other features to facilitate quality services. These integrations provide great flexibility and create comprehensive eCommerce development solutions.

Responsive & SEO-Friendly

Magento is responsive and allows you to run your store on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the platform has been built keeping SEO features in mind. In Magento, optimizing your online store for search engines is easy. You can create search-engine-friendly URLs, meta descriptions, and tags to improve website visibility and rankings.

Analytics & Reporting

Magento offers powerful analytics and reporting tools to track website performance, user information, data, sales, and conversion rates. These analytics help you understand customer behavior and what your users want from you. Based on the report data, you can decide on marketing and selling strategies and generate higher revenues.

Advanced Security

Magento is a secure platform providing robust security features to protect your online store or app from external and internal threats. It safeguards your website from malware, hacking, data breaches, cyber-attacks, XXS & SQL injections, and other issues. The platform is regularly updated with security patches and upgrades.

AIS Technolabs helps you hire Magento programmers to fulfill your business requirements. We build websites, apps, and multi-vendor marketplace platforms to support you in sustaining the current technology landscape. We strive hard to propel the growth of your project and deliver high-end products on time.

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