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Hire Android app developers from AIS Technolabs to create cross-platform, responsive, and high-performing applications. We provide end-to-end android development solutions to cater to your specific requirements. Our company takes advantage of the powerful and versatile tools and technologies of Android toolkits and frameworks. Our developers write clean codes that enhance data processing and protect the app from external threats.

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Palash S

Android Developer

Palash S is a skilled Android developer having 4 years long extensive work with the technology. He has a strong command of Android SDK, programming languages, API integration, and servers. He designs and deploys advanced and cross-application for the Android platform.

Expert in
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C++

Also Worked With

  • REST |
  • JSON |
  • Android API |
  • SQLite
4 Years

Krushali D

Android Developer

Krushali D is an Android developer with 5 years of experience. She communicates well with the team and client and finds the best technology that matches project requirements. She is well-versed in working with Android SDK, Lua, Git, REST, JSON, etc.

Expert in
  • Kotlin
  • VK API
  • Retrofit

Also Worked With

  • Objective-C |
  • Ruby |
  • Java |
  • React
5 Years

Chetan G

Android Developer

Chetan G is a senior Android developer serving companies and clients for the last 6 years. He coordinates with the client and collaborates with the team to build responsive and high-performance applications. He fixes bugs, manages servers, and ensures data security.

Expert in
  • Kotlin
  • MySQL
  • Flutter

Also Worked With

  • Android Studio |
  • MongoDB |
  • Firebase |
  • Sigma
6 Years

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End-to-End Android App Development Services

Our Android app development company offers qualitative development services. We expand the capabilities of Android apps while incorporating power-packed features to support business operations.

  • Custom Android App Development

    Our developers customize your app using custom integrations, Android studio, libraries, modules, features, and frameworks. Hire Android app programmers from AIS Technolabs to form cohesive user experiences.

  • Android App UI/UX Design

    We design intuitive UI/UX layouts with illustrators, icons, widgets, etc. We take the help of tools like Wondershare Mockett, Sketch, Invisionapp, Zeplin, Figma, Marvel App, etc.

  • Native Android App Development

    We develop Native apps for Android devices and platforms. Our Android developers build them using platform-specific languages, including Swift, Java, Kotlin, or Objective-C. These apps can easily access the incorporated features of smartphones.

  • Android Cross-Platform App Development

    We create cross-platform applications using Android technologies and toolkits. These apps run on multiple platforms, including iOS, Windows, Android, etc. For coding, we use intermediate programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

  • M-Commerce App Development

    Our developers incorporate M-Commerce apps with advanced features for product listing, browsing, shopping, and saving items to the cart. They back up the application with security advancements to eliminate the risk of hacking.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) App Development

    You can hire Android app developers from AIS Technolabs to set up Android Studio for AR. They place 3D objects for AR scenes and use synthetic graphic elements for realistic experience.

  • Android Game Development

    For Android game development, we use a game engine offering tools and a set of libraries. You can hire an Android game developer to implement graphics, animations, sounds, game loops, and input device support features.

  • Android API Development

    We build applications across various categories, from business to utility using Android APIs. We add data-driven, and real-time features to the applications. These apps share responsibilities between the front end and back end.

  • Android App Migration Services

    We migrate your existing application to Android while ensuring app compatibility with the latest Android version. We test the app to make the required changes and adjust it to publish on Android platforms.

  • Android App Consulting Services

    We offer professional assistance and consultation for app launching, performance optimization, and maintenance. Our experts perform app audits and offer suggestions on device compatibility, app development, and modernization.

  • Android App QA & Testing Services

    Our experts test your app thoroughly to ensure its quality and seamless performance. They follow a streamlined process for building test cases and executing test runs for Android applications and devices.

  • Android App Support & Maintenance

    Our developers offer technical support and maintenance services for your Android applications to help them perform faultlessly. They fix bugs, incorporate relevant functionalities, and keep the data secure to prevent hacking.

Why Hire Android App Developers From AIS Technolabs?

AIS Technolabs streamlines the process of hiring Android developers to help you onboard the best talent. Our experts are well-versed in using effective strategies for development. With their project management skills, they deploy feature-rich applications on time.

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  • Flexible engagement options
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  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reporting
  • 170 man-hours guaranteed
  • Smooth communication
  • Complementary development manager

Technologies And Frameworks Our Team Is Skilled In

Programming Languages
React NativeIonicFlutterReact-bootstrap
Plugins & Libraries
Jetpack composeGlideJetpack componentsHiltFolding PluginAndroid lifecycleMaterial Design ComponentsComposeWork managerEspresso: UI testNavigationRetrofit 2.0KoinGsonJackson
Local Database
SQLite DatabaseRoom persistence library
Tools & Utilities
Android Studio IDE Android EmulatorFigmaVysorZeplinLeakCanaryJira

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a 15-day risk-free trial to give you an idea of our expertise and work strategies. During this period, you can work with our developers and ensure their capabilities. You can terminate the contract or change your developer if you are not satisfied with the candidate’s assistance.

Hire Android developers from AIS Technolabs to explore their expertise in-
  • - UI/UX app layout designing
  • - Java and Kotlin Android app development
  • - Back-end, API, and web app development
  • - Cross-platform app development with Flutter, Cordova, Xamarin, React Native
  • - Application maintenance and publishing on Google Play

We use Software Development Kit (SDK), Integrated Development Kit, and Java Development Kit (JDK) for Android development. SDK consists of tools to build an application and fix bugs. IDE offers a coding interface, and JDK functions as an interpreter for Java programs.

We divide the process mainly into three stages. Firstly, we note your requirements and create project development strategies accordingly. Second, our developers wireframe the solutions, design UI/UX, integrate APIs, and remove bugs. In the final stage, we deploy the app and publish it on Google Play. You can choose an Android programmer for hire and streamline the process according to your convenience.

We follow a set MVC pattern to develop and deploy Android applications. Our developers use Android SDK, Kotlin, Eclipse editor, Java, SQLite database, and many other technologies for building Android apps. These technologies vary according to your project type.

You can hire skilled Android developers at a reasonable cost from AIS Technolabs. However, the cost to hire an Android app developer depends on project requirements, deadlines, required technologies and tools, the number of developers, etc. Our hourly rates for app development start from $20 per hour.

No, we don't reuse codes in any condition. The term is also mentioned in the contract. Your license keys, trademarks, patented processes, and proprietary algorithms stay secure with us. We refrain from sharing it with any third party and reusing it for developing similar applications.

Our company adheres to a strict privacy policy, according to which we safeguard project data, personal information, NDA, IP, and codes. Our developers also follow the policy and refrain from sharing your details.

Yes, we do offer technical support and maintenance services. Our experts provide round-the-clock availability and communicate with you whenever needed. They take updates, ensure functionalities, fix bugs, technical errors, upgrade frameworks, and incorporate applications with the latest technical advancements. You can choose your Android programmer for hire to avail the technical support.

We sign an NDA with our clients before proceeding with the development. Each contract varies from the other one and depends on project requirements and involved technologies. You can exit the contract in the middle of the project after following the terms and conditions mentioned in your NDA.

Table of Content

Comprehensive Guide To Hire Android App Programmers: Screen, Filter & Choose The Best Candidates

The Android operating system has been ruling the app market since its launch. It accounts for almost 85 percent of the global market, and most of the applications have been developed using Android technologies. More and more businesses are taking Android app development services to reap the benefits of its advanced frameworks and libraries.

You should also hire Android developers to build your application with its advanced functionalities. However, before you pick your organization and specify project requirements in a hurry. Let us give you a brief of the hiring process and reveal important details about it.

Factors To Figure Out Before Interviewing Android App Developers For Hire

Use these key tips while choosing an Android developer to hire. They’ll help you filter the best talent among the available ones.

1. Define Your Objectives

Before choosing Android app developers for hire, research your project thoroughly and decide your objectives. You must know your project requirements, technical specifications, hiring expectations, and budget. Conduct in-depth research on your competitor's applications and analyze their strategies to comprehend your project better. Also, decide on technologies, features, frameworks, and other functionalities you want in the project.

2. Decide Your Budget

Android application development is an expensive affair, and you must have enough investments for the project. Avoid hiring low-cost and less-skilled Android developers for your project. Instead of hiring developers randomly from online portals, connect with reputed organizations. Discuss the project with their consultant team and ask for budget quotations. You will have a fair idea of how much investment the work will require.

3. Connect With Prestigious Organizations

Approach prestigious organizations like AIS Technolabs offering Android app development services. Avoid trusting unrecognized and unauthorized companies working in the sector. They might trap you with their cheap deals and take the money away. Instead, connect with the company experts, speak to their team, and conduct market research before choosing them as your development partner.

4. Screen Candidates Thoroughly

Brief your requirements and ask your company to source candidates for Android app developers for hire. Once they choose suitable candidates, scroll through numerous resumes to filter out dedicated talent. Look at Android developers' portfolios, check their ratings online, and address doubts regarding the screening process to the executive team. Shortlist potential candidates and proceed with the interview process.

5. Schedule Interviews

Once you shortlist the candidates, screen their profiles again to select candidates for on-call interviews. You can look at their previous projects to cut off the candidates from the list. Ask your company to ensure their expertise and schedule interviews with them according to your convenience. During the call, discuss project requirements and hire Android app developers.

6. Take A Demo

Companies like AIS Technolabs offer a 15-day risk-free trial period to help you with choosing the right fit Android developer to hire. You can start working with the developer, ensure their skills, and test their capabilities within the period. Use the time to clear your doubts, strategies the project, and inspect your developers' working style, expertise, and dedication to the job. Consider changing the developer if you don't feel satisfied with the candidate's project-handling skills.

  • Connect with AIS Technolabs to hire dedicated Android app developers to develop dynamic apps and captivate end users.

7. Draft The NDA Carefully

Focus on negotiation and drafting NDA carefully once you finish hiring Android application developers from the company. Discuss and decide on project requirements, technical specifications, tools and technologies, budget, project deadline, etc. Ask for 24/7 technical support and maintenance, and put a clause for IP, code security, and data protection. If they match your requirements, sign the NDA and kick-start application development.

Ensure These Must Have Technical Expertise Before Hiring Android Application Developers

Strong Grip On Kotlin

Kotlin is the required language to develop Android applications. AIS Technolabs Android developers demonstrate proficiency in the structure and Syntax of Kotlin. They know the fundamentals of the programming language and can handle type systems and null safety.

Experience Working With Android Studio

Android Studio is a graphical integrated development environment (IDE) and offers tools for Android app development. You can hire Android app developers from AIS Technolabs as they have experience working with Android Studio and its components. They can install updates, build applications, and update and debug apps.

Proficiency In Working With Android Jetpack Libraries

Android Jetpack libraries help manage time-consuming and crucial development activities. Android developers at AIS Technolabs hold years-long experience working with Android Jetpack libraries. They utilize its functionalities to reduce fragmentation, lifecycle management, etc.

Ability To Write Comprehensive Test Suite

Developers should know how to write a comprehensive test suite while developing Android apps. Our developers know how to write test suites, build verification tests, regression tests, smoke tests, and functional verification tests.

Expertise In Building Cross-Platform Android Applications

Android developers should have proficiency in building cross-platform apps that work on all platforms. AIS Technolabs development team can develop robust applications that will run on iOS, Windows, and Linux effortlessly.

Experience Working With APIs

APIs are essential to integrate the Android app with third-party services or applications. You can hire dedicated Android app developers from AIS Technolabs. Our developers have experience working with APIs. They use these APIs to find users and look for local places within the app.

Understanding Of SDLC

Developers must know the logic behind the development process and business activities. SDLC helps them identify required components and features. AIS Technolabs Android development team plans the process and delivers quality solutions meeting your business specifications.

Important Questions To Ask While Hiring Android App Developers

Ask these questions while interviewing developers to verify their knowledge and ensure their capabilities.

What are the features of Android Architecture?

There are five main features of Android Architecture, including Linux Kernel, Libraries, Android Runtime, Android Framework, and Android Applications. Hire Android app developers who are aware of the entire architecture and its functionalities. You can think of hiring the candidate if they have enough knowledge about Android Architecture.

What is Dalvik in Android development?

Dalvik Debug Monitoring Services (DDMS) is a debugging tool for Android software development kits (SDK). The tool offers many services, including call spoofing, message formation, screenshot capturing, etc. Hire a remote Android developer who knows how to use the tool for Android development.

Which languages are used for Android development?

Kotlin is the official programming language for Android development. Apart from it, Java, C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript also contribute to development activities. Ensure to hire Android app developers familiar with these languages.

What is Android SDK?

Android SDK refers to Android Software Development Kit as a set of tools useful for managing applications hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Hire dedicated Android app developers who are well aware of these tools and must know how to use them for application development and management.

What does AAPT stand for in Android Development?

AAPT in Android Development stands for Android Asset Packaging Tool. It is a built tool that Android Gradle and Android prefer to use to compile and package app resources. It is a common tool and necessary for Android development. Don’t hire Android app developers who don't know about the tool.

Additional Interview Questions To Hire Dedicated Android App Developers

  • What does DDMS stand for?
  • How many types of sensors Android has?
  • What is an AndroidManifest.xml file?
  • What are the measures you will take to avoid ANR?
  • What are troubleshooting errors that occur during Android development?

Advantages Of Choosing Android For Application Development

  • 1 Powerful Development System

    Android Studios offer a robust development system comprising the latest features. These technical advancements help in managing dependencies, process automation, and customization configuration. It offers a great scope for app customization according to Android platforms. Developers can incorporate hosted and local libraries into the project.

  • 2 Customized User Interface

    Android allows the development of customized user interfaces, enabling the developer to create personalized and easy-to-navigate applications. It offers complete flexibility and easy-to-customize features for Android app development. Developers can effortlessly upgrade or downgrade features and functionalities according to requirements.

  • 3Easy Adoption

    Android apps are scripted using Java programming language and its set of libraries. Your developers can easily write scripts for developing Android applications. They can convert the code script into a well-functioning mobile app and incorporate advanced functionalities using Android Studios and frameworks.

  • 4 Faster Coding & Quick Iteration

    Android Studios has intuitive code editors that boost programming speed. While boosting speed, the code editor ensures code refactoring, completion, and analysis. It enables Android developers to make changes through code pushing without restarting the app. Your developer can work on the app even if it is in running condition.

  • 5 Feature-Rich Emulator

    Android development facilitates feature-rich Emulators that enhance speed and start the entire app faster than the original device. The Emulator helps test app functionality across all devices, including Android TVs, mobile phones, smart wearables, tablets, etc. It can also stimulate hardware features like acceleration sensors, touch inputs, GPS and motion, etc.

  • 6 Higher Market Share

    Unlike iOS, users can download Android applications from multiple channels. They can download it from the Google play store and other promotional websites. Android apps have a higher market share and capture more audiences than iOS and Windows. You can generate better revenues and achieve more subscribers with Android applications.

  • 7 Better Security

    Android provides better security features that safeguard the application from external threats, malware, hacking, and other cyber attacks. No malware or unauthorized code can locate Android's data structure. Moreover, you don't have to worry about license and code security. Android has in-built features to protect key functionalities of your application.

    AIS Technolabs is an ideal partner for your Android app development project. Our company takes advantage of the powerful and versatile tools and technologies of Android frameworks, libraries, and SDKs. You can hire a remote Android developer to create modern and cross-platform applications to boost your business into manifolds.

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