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Hire Node.js developers from AIS Technolabs to develop scalable, robust, data-intensive, and real-time applications. With 3.3% of websites using Node.js as their web server, our certified programmers provide full-cycle development solutions. Our developers utilize technologies like SQL, MySQL, Oracle, CouchDB, and MongoDB for your projects..

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Node.js Developer

Pankaj K is a skilled Node.js developer having 4 years long experience working with the technology. He develops back-end components, optimizes web-based applications, integrates data storage, and provides security solutions.

star Expert in
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript

Also Worked With

  • CouchDB |
  • Apache |
  • ExtJS |
4 Years


Node.js Developer

Aarya is a senior Node.Js developer. He possesses 6 years of experience. He can design and deploy high-performance applications, manage server-side components, perform diagnostic tests, fix bugs, and provide technical support.

star Expert in
  • Python
  • HTML5
  • CSS

Also Worked With

  • AWS |
  • Nginx |
  • Oracle |
  • NoSQL
6 Years


Node.js Developer

Priyansh is a skilled Node.Js developer possessing 7 years of long experience and in-depth knowledge of libraries, Java Script, tech stacks, etc. He develops responsive applications, pays attention to details, uses agile methodologies, and resolves technical errors.

star Expert in
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • ExtJS

Also Worked With

  • Jade |
  • SQL |
  • MongoDB |
  • Grunt
7 Years

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Hire Node.js Developers For End-to-End Node.js Development Services

Node.js was the most used web framework among software developers worldwide in 2023, according to Statista reports. This makes AIS Technolabs the perfect Node.js development company for your next Node.js project. We are known for providing Node.js web applications and software solutions. Our developers leverage data and technological advancements to build high-performing apps that cater to your business requirements.

  • Microservices NodeJs Development

    With decades of serverless and microservices experience, our node.js developers deliver seamless scalability, rapid development, and optimal performance. Hire node.js developers to empower your applications with a robust and modular microservices ecosystem.

  • Node.js Consulting

    Hire dedicated node.js developers from AIS Technolabs to get complete node.js consulting and audit services. Get extensive project requirement analysis, strategy development, process engineering, and many other crucial assessments to build apps having higher success rate.

  • API Integration and Development

    Hire full stack node.js developers to build customized APIs and systematic data interaction solutions. Elevate user experience and enhance functionality with our programmers’ expertise in Node.js API integration and development.

  • Application Migration

    Hire node.js programmers to migrate your mobile or web application to Node’s dynamic architecture, resulting in secure and faster I/O processes. Our Node.js developers employ the best practices ensuring that the app migration does not cause any downtime or loss of data.

  • Plugin Development

    Boost your application performance by adding new functionalities and features with plug-in development. Hire node.js developers from our talent pool having extensive experience of building best-in-class web extensions and custom plugins.

  • Node.js Enterprise Web Apps

    Hire node.js developers to build advanced node.js apps for enterprises having unmatched capacity to withstand massive volumes of data. With our node.js developers taking the charge, you get assured scalability, reliability, and security into all your enterprise web app projects.

  • Real-Time Application

    Unlock the optimum potential of node.js to build secure, scalable, intuitive, and large-scale real-time applications. Leverage Node.js’ event-drive module, asynchronous call-back function, and single-threaded event loop architecture to build streaming apps, IoT portals, eCommerce apps, etc.

  • Support and Maintenance

    Hire Node.js developers and get comprehensive support and maintenance services that includes performance optimizations, bug fixing, security enhancements, functionality upgrades, and many other services.

Why Hire Node.js Developers from AIS Technolabs?

Hiring Node.js Developers from AIS Technolabs ensures cutting-edge expertise and dedication in building high-performance and scalable applications. Benefit from our commitment to innovation, streamlined processes, and a proven track record of successful Node.js projects.

  • Experienced Node.js developers
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  • 100% source code ownership
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Node.jsJava scriptTypescriptECMA script
Framework & Libraries
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REST HTTP cache-semantics Backbone.js
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AzurePM2DockerDaprHerokuDocker swarmKubernetesCaddyNginxGoogle cloud runAmazon AWS/ Elastic BeanstalkDigital OceanLambda
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Client-side Templating
Event loopMicroservicesMonolithicServerless
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RedisRabbitmqApache KafkaMemcached
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Advanced DebuggerAllinea DDTAQtimeARMCA/EZTEST
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JiraTrelloSlackService Now
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Node.js developers have a diverse range of experience, starting with 5-7 years and a maximum of 15 years in the field. They have a proven record of successfully completing numerous projects, showcasing their proficiency in developing high-quality applications.

Our Node.js developers are equipped to handle various projects, including web and mobile app development, API development, real-time applications, e-commerce platforms, content management systems, and more.

We offer a 15-day risk free trial period which allows you to interact directly with our developers and see their work. This way, you can assess their skills, experience, and compatibility with your project requirements. In case, you’re not satisfied with their work, you can claim your refund.

Yes, our Node.js developers have experience across various industries, including:
  • - E-commerce
  • - Healthcare
  • - Finance
  • - Telecom
  • - Retail & Hospitality
  • - Travel
  • - Education

Certainly! We can provide you with case studies and examples of previous projects to showcase the expertise and capabilities of our Node.js developers.

We offer flexible engagement models, including dedicated developers, hourly-based models, and fixed-cost projects. The model can be chosen based on your project requirements and budget.

The onboarding duration may vary based on the complexity and scope of your project. Typically, our Node.js developers can start contributing to your project within a week after the initial discussions and agreements.

Yes we do sign an NDA to safeguard your intellectual property rights against all threats.

Absolutely, our skilled Node.js developers can take over and complete your incomplete project. Our experienced team, led by a dedicated project manager, will carefully review your ongoing plans and the progress made so far. We'll collaborate with you in an Agile manner to ensure your project requirements are met and delivered to your satisfaction. Rest assured, we're committed to providing comprehensive support and dedication to successfully finalize your project.

With Node.js framework, you can develop a diverse range of applications like:
  • - Collaboration tools
  • - Real-time chatbots
  • - Single-page applications
  • - Streaming apps

Our Latest Blogs

Table of Content

How To Hire Dedicated Node.js Developers: Tips To Choose The Right Fit

Node.js is widely used for server-side programming, building web applications, and integrating APIs. It is a responsive, user-friendly, versatile, and open-source technology, allowing developers to access and customize codes easily. However, you need the help of full-stack Node.js developers to develop highly scalable applications.

For the work, you must hire proficient Node js developers who can comprehend its wide range of features, libraries, and modules. The hiring process involves many factors that you need to keep in mind while making a choice. In this blog, we have specified key points like interview questions, skills, and other factors to help you with the process.

What is Node js?

Node.js is a dynamic, open-source JavaScript runtime environment. It serves as a platform for building high-performance, scalable server-side applications. With its event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, Node.js prides itself on its lightweight nature and operational efficiency.

Its flexibility extends to real-time web applications, network applications, and even command-line tools. The Node.js comprises various modules and packages that can be easily installed using the Node Package Manager (npm), providing access to a vast collection of open-source libraries and modules that can significantly speed up the development process.

Why Should You Hire A Node.Js Developer?

You should hire Node js programmers , as it provides numerous benefits, such as elevating the quality and efficiency of your web app development. Here are a few reasons to consider while hiring a Node.js developer:

Expertise In Real-Time Apps

Node js developers are skilled in creating real-time applications that provide instantaneous data updates. This expertise is essential for applications like chatbots, gaming platforms, and live-streaming services.

Efficient Data Management

Node js developers can effectively manage data-intensive applications, thanks to their understanding of Node.js's non-blocking I/O model, which ensures smooth data handling and database management.

Full-Stack Development

Node js developers have full-stack development expertise, allowing them to work on both front-end and back-end aspects of your web app. This can streamline the development process and ensure seamless collaboration between teams.

Efficient Scalability and Maintenance

With Node.js's modular structure, developers can easily scale and maintain applications. This ensures that your app can grow alongside your business and remain up-to-date with evolving industry standards.

Enhanced App Performance

When you hire node js programmers , they optimize your app’s performance by utilizing Node.js's lightweight, high-speed environment, and employing caching techniques. This results in faster loading times and enhanced user experiences.

Active Community Support

Node.js has an active and thriving community that continually contributes to its growth and development. Hiring a Node.js developer means having access to this vast knowledge base and the latest updates in the Node.js ecosystem.

How To Hire The Best Node.Js Developers

Research Your Project Requirements

List down your project requirements and expectations to narrate your vision properly. Research your competitors and know their strategies, and make a list of project specifications, features, tools, and technologies. Decide the project length, application type, number of pages, and features. You must know what you want from the Nodejs developers for hire, before starting the hiring process.

Estimate Your Budget

Project development with Node.js technology is an expensive affair. You should know how much the team charges and how much you are willing to invest in the project. Avoid hiring inexperienced developers to save the cost. They will take the money and deliver a low-quality product that may not run on the server. Decide a reasonable budget and prefer hiring full-stack Node.js developers over others.

Choose A Reliable Organization

You must pick reputed and trustworthy organizations like AIS Technolabs to hire Node.js programmers for your project. Don't go around on the internet and pick random developers from social media platforms. Choose experienced and skilled developers with strong portfolios and technical knowledge.

Interview Your Candidates Carefully

Ask the concerned organization to filter out talent and shortlist potential candidates to forward the list to you for further enquiries. Interview them thoroughly to ensure their expertise. Discuss project requirements with Nodejs developers for hire, and finalize the best developers.

  • Hire Node.js developers from AIS Technolabs to build high-performance, real-time Node.js web applications.

Check Their Ratings

Before signing the NDA, inspect the background of hired developers. Go through their portfolio and contact their previous clients. Ask for their reviews to ensure developers' trustworthiness and expertise. Check their online ratings to test their market reputation and project-handling skills.

Take A Demo

Conduct a meeting with the team and discuss your requirements. Line up the tools and technologies they're going to use. Make project development strategies and hand over the project. Ask for a trial and monitor their work. If they meet the quality standard, finalize the team.

Discuss Fundamental Perspectives

Before signing the NDA, discuss each contract term with the company team. Negotiate the budget, propose milestones, and choose the deadline. Discuss project specifications and take their written statement. Put a clause for data privacy, code security, IP, and NDA projection in the contract.

Vital Technical Skills To Look For In Node.js Developers

Proficiency in Developing with JavaScript

JavaScript extension contributed to creating Node.js server-side platforms. Additionally, Node.js web application development might require switching from front-end to back-end. AIS Technolabs Node.js developers excel in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other technologies. You can verify their experience in these technologies before proceeding further.

Knowledge Of Node.js Frameworks

Node.js is a powerful runtime environment offering multi-faceted frameworks, a vast module library, tools, and IDEs. AIS Technolabs Node.js developers possess strong knowledge of working with the latest framework and libraries. Such as Express.js, Angular.js, StrongLoop, Sinatra, Meteor, ActionHero, Derby, etc. They can build advanced Node.js apps using these technologies.

Experience In Database Management

Database management is an inseparable part of Node.js development. Our developers are familiar with databases, including PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, MySQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, Orchestrate, etc. Our full-stack Node.js developers also know tricks to maintain security while managing the database.

Understanding Of API Communications

Node.js APIs add greater functionalities and flexibility to the application. The development process strongly depends on RESTful APIs. Our Node.js developers are well-versed in creating custom APIs to integrate with third-party services and building plugins to enhance usability.

Compliant Code Writing Abilities

Node.js is less vulnerable to external security threats, malware, and hacking. It enables developers to write clean, error-free, and compliant codes. AIS Technolabs Node.js developers are knowledgeable in all aspects, from writing and debugging code to configuring and deploying applications.

Error Handling Skills

Node.js offers synchronized error-handling facilities. It allows developers to catch blocks with async/awaits. Nodejs developers for hire at AIS Technolabs know how to detect and resolve these errors using a range of tools and technologies. They have the skills to diagnose and fix problems that occur during development.

Time Management

Node.js has a complex environment that makes development time-consuming. AIS Technolabs Node.js developers have strong time management skills to deliver the project on time. They set realistic goals and break down each task into smaller parts to handle them efficiently.

Top interview questions to hire Node.js developers

How to manage packages in Node.js projects?

Most developers use NPM (Node Package Manager), which consists of an online database package 'npm registry.' It enables Node.js developers to publish and share their codes. An experienced Node.js developer must know how to use Node Package Manager. If your developer fails to answer the question, look for other candidates.

What is 'fork' in Node.js?

A fork is a special case of the spawn() required to create Node processes. It is mostly used to spawn child processes. The developer must know how the fork creates new instances of the v8 engine. If your developer is aware of the process, you can think of hiring the candidate.

Why is Node.js single-threaded?

Node.js runs JavaScript codes in a single thread. The thread restricts codes from handling multitasking and limits it to performing one task at a time. However, Node.js is multithreaded and leverages the libuv library to offer hidden threads. Professional full-stack Node.js developers are well-aware of single-thread functionalities, so interview them accordingly.

How many API types of functions are available in Node.js?

Mainly, there are two types of API functions available in Node.js, including Asynchronous for non-blocking functions and Synchronous for blocking functions. Proficient developers know how to work with both APIs while developing web applications. Use this question to test their expertise.

What is REPL in Node.js?

REPL refers to Read, Eval, Print, and Loop. It stands for evaluating code on the go. It is a common term that every Node.js developer should know. You can tell your developer to define the term and ask related questions to test their knowledge better.

Additional Questions To Ask For Examining Developer’s Capabilities In A Better Way

Here are some additional yet important questions to put forward while interviewing Node.js developers.

  • What is the role of JavaScipt in Node.js?
  • What are module.exports?
  • Can you define an event loop in Node.js?
  • What are the advantages of using Node.js for application development?
  • How Node.js gained popularity?

Notable Advantages Of Choosing Node.js For Web Application Development

Higher Scalability

Node.js was developed to address Apache issues and build advanced Node.js apps. A single-threaded event loop model is available in tech language that makes development effortless. It can run multiple nodes at the same time while balancing the workload. You can display products or pages according to user interest and add or minimize features as required.

Powerful Data Processing

Node.js has a high-powered data processing system, efficient in processing thousands of requests together. It possesses robust data-handling tools and adopts an asynchronous structure to handle and process upcoming requests at the same time. It enhances app performance and reduces the loading time.

Builds Cross-Platform Applications

Node.js runtime environment helps develop cross-platform applications using Electron and NW.Js. There is no need to invest time in writing separate programs for dissimilar desktop versions. Developers can build advanced Node.js apps without holding experience in Objective-C C#. They can also take the help of Chrome developer tools for debugging, building, and code writing without facing any restrictions.

Code Reusability

Node.js enables code reusability without making the app vulnerable to security threats and blemishes. It generates fewer line codes that are straightforward and reasonable. Developers can write clean and safe codes and reuse them to enhance data processing. These codes improve application performance and functionality.

Quick Caching

Node.js runtime environment provides a lightweight caching module that reduces task-performing time. It quickly caches the request and stores it in the internal storage system. Users can easily access the application and fulfill their purpose without facing any loading or performance issues.

Offers Extensibility

Node.js provides quick expansion and the addition of new features. It has underlying frameworks that use HTTP/DNS and JSON format to incorporate web-based server-side applications. Node.js establishes seamless communication between data and web-based clients according to expansion.

Cost-Effective Development

The node.js runtime environment allows developers to write server-side code using JavaScript. Developers can write front-end and back-end codes and reduce development time and cost. Node.js enables the front-end and back-end teams to work together and eliminate remuneration requirements, making the process a cost-effective endeavor.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Node.Js Developer?

The cost to hire Node js programmers can vary quite a bit depending on several factors, such as the developer's level of experience, their location, and the project's complexity.

Here's a breakdown of what you might expect:

Hourly Rates

  • Entry-level Node js developers: $35 - $60 per hour
  • Mid-level Node js developers: $60 - $100 per hour
  • Senior Node js developers: $100 - $150+ per hour

Monthly Rates

  • Entry-level Node js developers: $7,000 - $12,000 per month
  • Mid-level Node js developers: $12,000 - $20,000 per month
  • Senior Node js developers: $20,000 - $30,000+ per month

Hire Better With AIS

When it comes to Node.js development, AIS Technolabs is the perfect partner. We offer experience, expertise, and dedication to making your project successful. We understand the complexities of the Node.js platform and have the expertise to develop robust, scalable, and secure applications.

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