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Equity Crowdfunding is the process by which people (the people here refer to the crowd) can invest in a company (an early-stage company) that is not listed on a stock market in exchange for shares in that company. Earlier, only rich people were active in the Crowdfunding process, but with the development of friendly Equity Crowdfunding Platforms, now the door has opened for even the not-so-wealthy crowd. Now, a large number of potential investors can participate in the Crowdfunding.

AIS Technolabs is a renowned Crowdfunding Software Development Company. The software that we offer has a flexible model and can be set up as per the specific requirement. Our developers can always modify the client’s software, whether be it the addition of new features, new design UI or alteration requirement, and many others. Our dedicated developers build a full-fledged white label Equity Based Crowdfunding Sites along with trending technologies and advanced features like Crowdfunder, Equitynet, Onevest, Crowdcube, etc.

Our Equity Crowdfunding Script enables the clients to set up an Equity Crowdfunding Platform in the form of a website or a portal where the users gain commission from investors. Also, our script requires a simple installation process and start a project within minutes without requiring any coding or programming expertise.

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Providing Stupendous Features of Equity Crowdfunding Software

In the modern-day, the Crowdfunding is done mainly online. To make the process easier, we provide the best Equity Crowdfunding Software that acts as a platform that fills the gap between the company and the investors. Our software helps individuals to raise money through Crowdfunding for their necessities, matters, or events that are useful to them.

Ready-Made Equity Crowdfunding Script

as Per Your Need

daily bonus system
mega bonus system
earn rewards and points
mega wins
social media integration
daily goals
daily goals
daily goals

Advantages of Our Developing Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Our developing Equity Crowdfunding Sites are revolutionary and a recession-free business. It always assists the users to raise their funds for their next big idea. Advantages of Equity Crowdfunding Platforms are discussed below:

whitelabel solution

The clients can quickly build advanced valuation models via tracking the valuation process that consists of valuation results and assumptions.

turnkey solution
Performance Evaluation

With our equity software, the clients can easily assess the company’s performance with sophisticated analytics for prospective investors for better due-diligence.

whitelabel solution
Investor Communications

With it, all your investors get the information, including financial reporting in interactive dashboards and secure data rooms.

turnkey solution
Deal Sourcing

The Equity Crowdfunding Platform Software allows the clients to do deal-sourcing activities at one streamline location and contains all the details for the deal information. It also includes financial performance activities that help to manage due diligence processes.

whitelabel solution
Funds Management And Accounting

Our developing Equity Crowdfunding software allows clients to manage transactions along with a fully functional ledger solution. The clients can also view internal investor reporting, drawdowns, and capital calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Our Company always provides rich features and highly functional Crowdfunding software, app, and website for iOS as well as Android platforms. The development cost of Crowdfunding Software varies from feature to feature which you want to integrate into your development.

A. We deliver the customized Crowdfunding Software to our clients. We can modify the features, theme, and color scheme according to the client’s requirements and also can add some advanced features to the basic module.

A. Our experts believe in working on the relevant and advanced technologies according to the different platforms. Our developers use to build a website in PHP programming language for the Android platform and also use other technologies, including Android SDK Emulator, Android Sketch Paper, and MobiOne. We use RhoMobile, Appcelerator, and Xamarin for iOS platform.

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