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Hire iPhone app developers from AIS Technolabs to build scalable and secure apps using Xcode’s iOS SDK, tools, compilers, frameworks, etc. We stay updated with industry practices, tools, and technologies to help your app succeed among over 4.85 million iOS apps. Our developers are well-versed in using Swift, C#, JavaScript, Java, Dart, and Objective C and possess error-handling and time-management skills.

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iPhone Developer

Aakash is an iPhone developer having 4 years of total experience working with the technology. He develops apps for the iOS platform and ensures their responsiveness, performance, and quality. He has an excellent command of working on iOS frameworks such as Core Animation and Core Data.

star Expert in
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Cocoa Touch

Also Worked With

  • Mercurial |
  • Git |
  • SVN |
  • Flinto
4 Years


iPhone Developer

Gaurav has 5 years long experience in iPhone app development. He possesses strong expertise working with iOS technologies, frameworks, third-party libraries, APIs, etc. He has deployed and published numerous apps for iOS within these years.

star Expert in
  • CocoaPods
  • Swift
  • Objective-C

Also Worked With

  • XCTest |
  • Sketch |
  • Test Flight |
  • Atom
5 Years


iPhone Developer

With almost 7 years of total experience, Vishnu has acquired strong expertise in iPhone app development. He develops cutting-edge applications, implements new technologies, integrates APIs, fixes bugs, and ensures error-free app deployment.

star Expert in
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • iOS

Also Worked With

  • Xcode |
  • iOS SDK |
  • React Native |
  • Open GL
7 Years

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End-to-End iPhone App Development Services

Our iPhone app development company creates versatile applications for iPhone and iOS devices. The AIS Technolabs team leverages cutting-edge technologies like Swift 3.0, Objective-C, XCode, Applyzer, AppCode, RxSwift, etc. Reportedly, over 90% of iPhone apps are currently developed using Swift, underscoring our commitment to using industry-leading tools. Our apps help build credibility among your users and generate higher revenues.

  • Native iPhone App Development

    We build Native apps for single platforms while leveraging platform-specific technologies and programming languages. Our developers are well aware of Apple's integrated development environment, Xcode, syntax, and interoperability.

  • Custom iPhone App Development Solutions

    Hire an iOS app developer to develop immersive and feature-rich custom iPhone apps using emerging technologies. Our experts incorporate custom features through software integrations, personalized modules, and advanced frameworks.

  • iPhone Hybrid App Development

    We create hybrid apps to back up your business operation on all platforms, including iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. Our developers use front-end development technologies and frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Ionic, NativeScript, etc.

  • iPhone Game App Development

    You can hire iPhone app developers from our team to develop feature-rich iPhone games. Our developers use iCloud platforms, AR/VR, the iOS ecosystem, and iBeacon technologies to make the game more interesting and competitive among more than 1.02 million gaming apps.

  • iPhone M-Commerce App Development

    We build top-notch M-Commerce apps to help you expand your business. Our apps are prevalent in voice search and integrated with advanced features, including AR effects, AI assistance, security systems, payment processors, etc.

  • iPhone UI/UX Design Services

    We create UI/UX layouts with exemplary designs that offer excellent user experience. Our developers create simple, responsive designs with exceptional visuals and other elements.

  • iOS Widget Development

    We build widgets for iOS using the WidgetKit framework and Widget API for SwiftUI technologies. Through Widgets, devices can provide relevant and real-time information with text, dynamic gauges, and full-color images.

  • Third-Party Integration Services

    We integrate third-party apps using APIs to fetch and decode data from other apps. Our APIs address your networking requirements for HTTP protocols, identify resources and transfer data.

  • iPhone Apps For IoT

    We specialize in iPhone apps for IoT, enhancing user experiences across 17 billion IoT devices. Our apps facilitate multi-device connections, offer connectivity solutions, gesture controls, and seamless integrations for optimal performance.

  • iOS Debugging & Testing

    You can hire iPhone app developers to test your applications according to quality standards and security parameters. Our developers have extensive iOS testing experience to perform model testing and provide structured feedback.

  • iPhone App Support & Maintenance

    Hire an iPhone application developer at AIS Technolabs to obtain support and maintenance services for proper app functioning. Our developers resolve technical errors, fix bugs, and upgrade the app to achieve faultless performance.

Why Hire iPhone App Developers From AIS Technolabs?

AIS Technolabs offers cutting-edge and qualitative iPhone app development services while catering to your requirement. Our developers use advanced frameworks and extensive libraries to build apps and write clean and safe codes to improve performance and functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can hire dedicated iPhone developers from AIS Technolabs and work with them for 15 days to test their expertise and project-handling skills. You can continue the service if you get the right fit or claim refunds within 15 days for dedicated projects.

We send portfolios of pre-vetted developers according to your project requirements. You can interview candidates as many times as you want to make the right choice. You can choose whom to hire and change your developers amid the ongoing project in case of dissatisfaction.

Our programmers have in-depth knowledge of Swift and Objective-C. They use Integrated Development Environment for debugging, automation, programming, interpretation, and compiling to develop scalable and high-performing iPhone apps. So, hire an iPhone application developer from AIS to develop apps from scratch and get technical support to manage them well.

The application development time depends on project requirements and technology. Usually, an average project lasts for 90 to 120 days. However, the actual duration of iOS app development is calculated after holding detailed project discussions. You can also quote your deadline, and we will meet it.

For iPhone app development, our team follows a standard MVC pattern. We use various technologies, including Objective C, SQLite database, X-Code editor, Parse for backend development, Flutter, etc. However, the choice depends on project requirements and app features.

We start working on your project once you hire iPhone app developers from us. We plan the process after discussing project requirements. Our developers create models and wireframes and develop the app. At last, they test the application, fix bugs and deploy it for project launching.

Yes, our Quality Analyst team tests apps to ensure their functionality and top-notch quality. AIS Technolabs has enough resources to test and deploy an error-free app for your project. The term is also mentioned in the contract.

Yes, AIS Technolabs facilitates the offshore hiring of iPhone developers. You can hire an iPhone app developer from India, and our developer will work according to your convenience, irrespective of your time zone. They offer round-the-clock assistance and submit daily/weekly and monthly reports to keep you updated with the development process.

We provide technical support and maintenance services to help you manage the application. You can hire iOS developers from India to serve you in your time of need. Our experts fix bugs, resolve technical errors, and upgrade the app with the latest features.

We do offer NDA and IP protection for your project. We put a specific condition in the contract to safeguard your private information, app data, codes, IP, development strategies, and NDA. We refrain from sharing these details with any third party, and our developers also follow the protocol.

We sign an NDA after you hire iPhone app developers from our company. Each contract contains different terms and conditions varying from each other. You can terminate the contract in the middle of the process after following mentioned terms and conditions.

Our Latest Blogs

Table of Content

How To Hire Dedicated iPhone App Developers: A Comprehensive Guide To Find The Right Fit

Investment in iPhone app development brings a myriad of advantages. However, the journey from development to launching is quite challenging. You need a skilled team of iPhone developers to handhold you throughout the process. Choosing iPhone developers for hire is no cakewalk but a long and time-consuming process. In the guide, we have given suggestions to help you pick the best talent.

Essential Tips To Keep In Mind To Hire iOS App Developers

1. Research Your Project Requirements

Research your project before you start choosing iPhone app developers for hire. Define project requirements, including features, functionalities, layouts, deadlines, and customization needs. You must know the market worth of your developer and the tech trends used for app development. Also, write down your doubts and address them to the developer during the interview. The research will help you make a better decision.

2. Decide The Costing Factor

The iPhone app development process requires a certain budget. You should define your budget and decide how much you want to invest in app development. Here, you have three choices: hiring a full-time employee, freelancing, or outsourcing the work to agencies.

  • Full-time employee: A full-time employee focuses solely on your iOS app development. For this, you’ve to pay them a fixed salary that ranges between $80,000 to $200,000 per year, and this scale increases significantly based on the experience.
  • Freelancer: Engaging freelancers is a cost-effective solution. Their cost ranges between $16–$35/hr. Ensure they are reliable, responsive, and competent to handle your assignment.
  • Outsourcing: Entrust your project to agencies with a team of professionals. Their pricing usually starts at $3000 per month.
  • Trust AIS Technolabs for cost-effective iOS app development!

3. Look For Candidates

There are several ways to find iPhone app developers. You can post job listings on job boards and search for developers on freelance platforms or ask for referrals from your network. Prefer hiring developers from trustworthy organizations like AIS Technolabs. These organizations have a team of certified developers. They will handle the project efficiently and deliver quality output.

4. Review Portfolios and Reference

Once you choose your organization, ask them to send a list of potential candidates and review their portfolios and references. Screen the profile and comprehend the developers' experience, expertise, and track record. Filter out talent matching your expectations and revert the portfolios to your company to continue the hiring process.

5. Conduct Interviews

Schedule interviews with the candidate you are interested in. Ask about their experience, test their technical and communication skills, and check their availability and pricing. The interview is a good opportunity to gauge their enthusiasm and interest in your project. You can also conduct a technical test or propose coding challenges and problem-solving exercises.

6. Check Cultural Fit

Hire dedicated iPhone app developers who share your values and work ethics. Your developer should be dedicated enough to work in your timezone according to your convenience. Avoid hiring greedy individuals working for money. They will finish the project on time but won't cater to your specific requirements. During the process, availability is as important as quality, so ensure to hire good culture-fit candidates for your project.

7. Finalize Contract Terms

After selecting the right candidate, negotiate the contract terms with your iOS app development company. Discuss terms over budget, technologies, tools, payment structure, deadlines, intellectual property rights, code, data, IP protection, technical support, and maintenance. Take a 15-day risk-free trial to test their capabilities and decide on project development strategies. Start the development if they fulfill your requirements.

  • Connect with AIS Technolabs to build state-of-the-art iPhone apps.

Technical Expertise To Ensure Before Hiring iPhone App Developers

Knowledge of Swift 3.0

Swift 3.0 is an object-oriented programming language and essential to creating apps for Apple platforms, including iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, etc. You should hire an iPhone app developer who possesses strong knowledge of Swift 3.0.

Expertise Working With Xcode IDE

Xcode IDE comprises programming tools and other resources for application development, debugging, interpretation, compiling, etc. You can hire dedicated iPhone developers from AIS Technolabs possessing strong expertise in using IDE tools for app development.

Well-Versed In Using Core Data

Core Data is an iOS framework that simplifies the deployment of data-driven applications. It shortens the process and eliminates daily monotonous tasks like object life cycle and graph management. AIS Technolabs iPhone developers are well-versed in its technology for building user-centric apps.

Skilled in Memory Management

iOS devices use inbuilt RAM to store data temporarily and limited resources to manage the memory. Its overuse may lead to slow operating speed and crashes. AIS Technolabs has certified iOS developers on the team who are skilled in memory management.

Proficiency In Source Control

Source control helps keep track of source code modifications. It separates the activities of developers working on the same technology. You should hire iPhone app developers who have a strong understanding of source code control to avoid conflicts during development.

UI and UX Design Experience

iOS applications strongly rely on UI/UX layouts for their navigation, look and feel.You must choose an iPhone app developer for hire with a strong understanding of design principles. The AIS Technolabs development team is knowledgeable about UI/UX aspects and creates iOS apps with extraordinary designs.

Spatial Reasoning Ability

Your developer should have an understanding of user perspective and skills to manipulate and comprehend objects. AIS Technolabs iPhone development team has spatial reasoning abilities to develop user-centric and visually appealing applications.

Technical Questions To Ask While Interviewing iPhone Developers

Put forward these questions while interviewing an iPhone app developer for hire. They will help you examine their expertise and knowledge about the technology.

  • 1 What are the categories of Objective-C programming language?

    Categories of Objective-C programming language enable the developer to add features and extend functionalities of existing classes without creating subclasses. Hire an iPhone application developer familiar with Objective-C categories and who can work with the programming language.

  • 2 What is Any Object in iOS?

    AnyObject is a common feature used for concrete type for instancing any class, class type, and class-only protocols. Hire iPhone app developers who answer the question well. It is an important step for building any application. If the candidate fails to answer the question, contemplate your decision of hiring the developer.

  • 3 What is the use of Grand Central Dispatch?

    Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) refers to a low-level API used for handling concurrent operations. It comprises runtime libraries, language features, and system enhancements. Choose an iPhone app developer for hire who has expertise working with the system. Consider rehiring the candidate if the developer doesn't possess this expertise.

  • 4 Which tools do you prefer using for iOS development?

    XCode, Applyzer, AppCode, RxSwift, Testflight, Mockingbird, Jazzy, Coderunner, and Dash are a few useful tools for iOS development. Hire an iOS programmer who can use these tools and build high-quality iOS apps.

  • 5 What are the most common design patterns suggested to use for iOS apps?

    Builder, Facade, MVC, Decorator, Singleton, Viper, MVVM, and Template Method are some of the most common design patterns for iOS. Choose an iOS developer for hire having knowledge and experience working with these design patterns.

Additional Interviews Questions To Verify iPhone Developers' Technical Proficiency

Below-listed are some other important questions that you can ask to verify the prowess of iPhone developers during the interview.

  • What is FRP?
  • What is the iOS version control system?
  • Tell the difference between stack and heap memory.
  • How will you debug an iOS app? Describe the process.
  • What are closures in iOS?

Benefits Of Investing In iPhone App Development

Enhanced User Experience

iOS has a sleek design and intuitive interface to help develop robust applications. The technology and features provide a high-quality user experience. iPhone app layouts follow strict design guidelines that offer consistent user experience across iOS platforms.

Advanced Security

iPhone apps are known for security features that protect confidential data and prevent hacking. Security is the prime reason why businesses turn to investing in iPhone app development. iOS technologies offer integrated data handling systems and measures to prevent data duplication and loss. The platform facilitates encryption for data transfer that benefits users and businesses together.

Higher App Performance

The iOS platform provides powerful tools and frameworks to create fast and responsive applications. Developers can leverage iOS tools, including Xcode, UIKit, and Core Data, to ease the development process. iOS devices have robust hardware and optimized software that boost app performance and escalate quality standards.

Low Fragmentation & App Testing Time

Apple barely has 20+ mobile devices launched in the market. The scarcity lowers the fragmentation and app testing time. Developers can test front-end and back-end functionalities, test the app early and launch it on time. It creates less trouble during development and keeps the app away from technical errors to an extent.

Secure Transactions

iPhone apps earn a higher return on investment and secure money with advanced security features. iOS offers a secure environment for processing online payments on the app. It protects transactions, data, and user details from external threats, including phishing, hacking, and unethical data storage and sharing to a third party.

Better Scalability

iPhone apps are easy to scale up and down. You can customize your custom-made or premade applications according to user and business requirements. Due to its features and technologies, you can target higher ROI while controlling the development cost and time. You don't need to struggle to incorporate new features or minimize unnecessary ones.

Community Support From iOS

iOS has a large community of experts who keep updating the platform and releasing tech advancements with time. While managing your app, you can keep up with the latest trends and take expert guidance to manage app operations. In case of any doubt or error, you can find the solution on Apple's website or schedule an appointment with Apple Store Genius Bar.

AIS Technolabs is a go-to organization for you when it comes to choosing dedicated iOS app developers for hire. Our expert team is well-experienced and certified to meet your expectations and deliver qualitative output. We excel in developing custom-made applications, APIs, back-end systems, etc using iOS environments, tools, and technologies.

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