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Hire AngularJS developers from AIS Technolabs for high-quality, scalable applications. AngularJS, the 5th most-used web framework globally, offers a mature platform trusted by 17.46% of developers. Our experts use tools like Visual Studio Code, AngularFire, and Mocha.JS to craft cross-platform, high-performance experiences, including progressive web apps, static sites, web portals, APIs, and plugins.

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AngularJS Developer

Arnav D is a senior AngularJS developer having 5 years long experience. He has deep knowledge of AngularJS practices. He can develop apps and create reusable and testable modules and components.

star Expert in
  • Rails
  • CSS
  • JSON

Also Worked With

  • AJAX |
  • jQuery |
  • Babel |
  • AWS
5 Years


AngularJS Developer

Kapil has 6 years of extensive experience developing apps and websites with AngularJS. He also manages the server and writes secure codes & unit tests. With his expertise, he deploys error-free output on time.

star Expert in
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Also Worked With

  • Webpack |
  • NPM |
  • Docker |
  • Rails
6 Years


AngularJS Developer

Komal M is a senior AngularJS developer with 7 years of total experience. She deploys feature-rich web applications after ensuring their performance on the web, desktop, and mobile. She uses modules and components to extend elements and app functionalities.

star Expert in
  • JavaScript
  • Rails
  • MySQL

Also Worked With

  • Fuse |
  • Dapr |
  • Firebase |
  • Angular 2
7 Years

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Our Full Stack AngularJS Development Services

Presently, there are over 5.9 million websites developed using AngularJS. To help you thrive in this fiercely competitive world, we offer an array of AngularJS development services . Our services backup your business operations and take it a step ahead of your competitors.

  • AngularJS Cross-Platform App Development

    We develop cross-platform applications with the help of the Angular command-line interface (CLI), IDE, DevTools, and Angular Universe. We ensure that cross-platform apps run smoothly on all devices and platforms.

  • AngularJS Progressive Web App Development

    We design robust PWAs to offer a native app-like experience that runs across all platforms, scaling your business seamlessly. Our applications work offline, load quickly and adapt to the user's device and screen size.

  • AngularJS Single Page Application Development

    We create fast and responsive single-page applications that send whole data to the client from the server. Our developers keep the front-end side easy to adapt and divide the packs into multiple parts utilizing code splitting.

  • AngularJS UI/UX Design Services

    We create dynamic and responsive UI/UX layouts well suited to work on all types of screens. Our developers focus on consistent user experience while developing the layout.

  • AngularJS Developers For Real-time Chat Apps

    We develop real-time chat apps with AngularJS while following the development practices. Our experts connect the app with different APIs. These APIs authenticate users, manage data and enable the app to provide live updates.

  • AngularJS Plugin Development Services

    Our developers create plugins to facilitate required functionalities using AngularJS architecture, components, and technologies. These plugins eliminate excess HTML and help deal with other technical complexities.

  • AngularJS Migration & Upgradation Services

    Our team assesses the current state of your application and develops a custom upgrade plan. They migrate the app or upgrade it to extend functionalities and fix bugs to keep it up-to-date.

  • AngularJS API Integration

    We offer AngularJS API integration services to help applications communicate with third-party services, retrieve data and perform activities. We handle API selection, integration, and authentication, to error handling and testing.

  • AngularJS Support & Maintenance

    You can hire AngularJS developers for performance enhancement and app maintenance. Our developers offer technical support, fix bugs, address doubts, resolve technical errors and protect the app from hacking and other security threats.

Why Hire AngularJS Developers From AIS Technolabs?

Hire AngularJS developers from AIS Technolabs to develop world-class web apps. Our developers are well-versed in a variety of technologies and architectures and build robust applications using the best industry practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AIS Technolabs offers a 15-day risk-free trial to give you an idea of the workflow and development process. During this period, you can verify our developers' capabilities, technical skills, and knowledge. In case of dissatisfaction, we will refund the amount for dedicated projects within 15 days.

We use advanced tools like Karma, AngularJS UI, Ment.io, Jasmine, Protractor, Angular Gettext, and Mocha.js for Angular web app development. However, the usage of development tools depends on your project technology, requirement, tool availability, and budget. We finalize the list of tools after discussing development strategies.

AngularJS offers a myriad of benefits, including faster development time, code reusability, better scalability, and improved maintainability. It also provides two-way data binding, dependency injection, and modular architecture, making it a powerful framework for building dynamic web applications.

There is no limit. You can hire AngularJS developers from AIS Technolabs according to your project requirements. We have a large pool of talent sufficient enough to meet your needs. You can also scale up or down your team at your convenience.

We estimate the cost according to your project requirements, technicality, deadline, required resources, use of tools, and expectations. Our charges vary according to project type, and technology. You can discuss the project with our team to get a free budget estimation.

We have three types of hiring engagement models.
  • 1. Monthly based - Hire dedicated developers on a monthly basis for 160 hours in a month, 8 hours a day, and 5 days a week.
  • 2. Hourly based - Pay according to invested time. We calculate the time using hub staff and time doctor.
  • 3. Fixed Price Based - Consult our experts and provide project details. They will give you a budget estimation and proceed according to the given price.
You can choose any model according to your convenience and budget.

AIS Technolabs facilitates offshore hiring at affordable rates. You can hire AngularJS developers from India to work on your project remotely. Our developers and other team members operate 24/7 and work according to convenience and time zone.

In case of dissatisfaction for poor performance, you can change your developer or development team in the middle of the project. However, there are specific terms and conditions mentioned in your contract for this adjustment. You have to abide by the policies and follow the terms and conditions to avail of the service.

We sign an NDA after you hire dedicated AngularJS developers from our company. According to the contract terms, you hold full rights to intellectual properties, codes, project data, IP, and other important things. We do not share your confidential details with any third party, and we do not claim any rights to your project.

Yes, we provide dedicated technical support and maintenance services. We also help you understand project technology, usage, and operation after deployment. Our developers address your doubts, resolve technical errors, fix bugs, ensure smooth performance, and update the app with the latest functionalities.

We sign an NDA with you before starting the development process. Each contract has different terms and conditions decided according to project technology, resource requirement, deadline, and budget. You can exit the contract after following the mentioned policy.

Our Latest Blogs

Table of Content

Detailed Guide To Hire Dedicated AngularJS Developers For Your Upcoming Project

AngularJS works as an open-source and structural web app framework. The technology allows you to leverage HTML as your template language and support expanding HTML syntax to display application components. It is an ideal partner for app development. However, the technology is hard to comprehend for novice developers, and you need the help of skilled developers to handle the development process. We have created a guide to help you screen and find the best Angular developers for hire. Use these suggestions while interviewing AngularJS developers.

Follow These Tips To Screen & Hire The Best Talent

Define Project Requirements

Understand your project requirements before choosing Angular developers for hire. Scope up the project and collect information about its technology, features, market demand, timeline, tools requirements, and budget. These factors will help you identify the skills, experience, and expertise required for project development.

Clarify Your Prospects

Determine the technology stack you want to use for your project. It will help you find proficient developers who have strong expertise working with programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Know what you want from the developers, their roles, responsibilities, and qualifications. It will help you find the right candidates and filter out those who don't meet your requirements.

Choose A Reliable Organization

Look for a reliable organization like AIS Technolabs to hire dedicated AngularJS developers for your project. You should prioritize quality, experience, skills, references, and reputation over budget. The organization will take care of the candidate screening and sourcing process and forward the list of best-fit candidates.

Screen & Interview Candidates Carefully

Ask your company to forward the potential candidates matching your requirements. Go through the list properly and decide on your hiring strategies. Evaluate their resumes, filter out the best candidates, and conduct interviews with them. During the interview, test their technical knowledge or propose a technical round to verify their capabilities.

Conduct Background Checks

Before hiring developers, conduct a background check on their experience, skills, and references. Review portfolios or examples of their previous work to analyze their abilities better. Check their availability and employ good culture fit and ethical developers. They will help create a positive work environment and foster better collaboration.

Use The Trial Period Cautiously

Companies offer a 15-day risk-free trial, and you should use this period cautiously. Discuss your project requirements with the hired team and analyze their technical and communication skills and how they are working on your project. Figure out most of the things during this period and carry forward if they match your expectations.

Ensure to keep the contract clear, detailed, and in place. It must outline the terms of the engagement, including payment, intellectual property rights, and confidentiality. Ask them to add a clause to protect NDA, codes, project details, personal information, and IP from external threats and third-party sharing.

Key Technical Skills To Determine While Choosing AngularJS Developers For Development

Grasp On AngularJS Technologies

Familiarity working with HTML and CSS programming languages is the core skill AngularJS developers should have. The AIS Technolabs AngularJS developers know how to write HTML tags and use CSS selectors for concluding development tasks.

Proficiency In JavaScript

Your developer should have a strong grasp of JavaScript fundamentals, including data types, functions, closures, and prototypes. AIS Technolabs has Angular front-end developers on the team who are familiar with JavaScript cores, features, and functionalities.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are the strong pillars of the AngularJS development process. Hire Angular front-end developers proficient in HTML and CSS, updated with the latest standards, and know the best practices.

Ability to Work With RESTful APIs

Choose Angular developers for hire who have experience working with RESTful APIs, including designing, implementing, and consuming APIs. Avoid hiring developers who can't build REST APIs to read the API Documentation.

Expertise In Test-Driven Development

Your developer should be proficient in using test-driven development (TOD) technologies and familiar with testing frameworks with Jasmine or Karma. Your developer should also have experience working with code version control systems and be familiar with branching, merging, and pull requests.

Knowledge of Webpack

Node and Webpack knowledge is essential to extend additional features to the Angular framework. They make the process hassle-free and reduce development time and complexities. You must hire an AngularJS programmer having expertise working with Node and Webpack.

Problem-Solving Skills

Choose Angular developers for hire who can identify and solve complex problems. Your developer must be able to identify the root cause of the problem, brainstorm various solutions, and pick the best one. Do not hire developers who lack these skills.

Questions To Ask While Conducting Interviews For Hiring AngularJS Developers

While interviewing Angular developers for hire , ask these questions to analyze their skills and experience.

  • 1 Define two-way data binding in AngularJS.

    Two-way data binding is an advanced feature of Angular that enables the automatic synchronization of data varying between model and view. Hire an AngularJS programmer who knows about data binding and its synchronized nature.

  • 2 What is dependency injection in AngularJS?

    Dependency injection is a design pattern in which an object receives other objects to justify its dependency. Your developer should be aware of dependency injections. Especially, front-end Angular experts should know how to handle dependencies among different components of an application.

  • 3What is a directive in AngularJS?

    A directive is a feature in AngularJS that allows you to create custom HTML tags or attributes. Hire an AngularJS programmer who can use directives for creating reusable components, DOM manipulation, and adding behavior to existing elements.

  • 4 How does Service work in AngularJS?

    A Service is a singleton object in AngularJS that provides specific functionality to the application. Employ developers who are capable of using the Service for sharing data between different components, handling business logic, and communicating with an external API.

  • 5 What is Routing in AngularJS?

    Routing is a feature in AngularJS that allows you to create different views for different URLs or states of an application. It's a basic functionality of AngularJS, and all developers must be familiar with it. Avoid hiring candidates who don't know about it.

Additional Questions To Put Forward While Interviewing AngularJS Developers For Hire

  • Explain the differences between one-way and two-way data binding in AngularJS.
  • What is deep linking in AngularJS?
  • Are you familiar with Typescript?
  • What is Metadata in Angular?
  • What are the functions of async pipes?

Salient Advantages Of Leveraging Angular Technologies For App Development

Data Binding

AngularJS offers two-way data binding which means changes made to the model automatically reflect in the view and vice versa. The feature saves time and uncomplicates the presentation layer. In a nutshell, two-way data binding offers a less intrusive approach to DOM display to create the UI.

Easy To Manage

AngularJS allows developers to organize codes into modules and make it easy to develop and maintain complex applications. Moreover, AngularJS creates templates using HTML that include required elements for development, such as ng-app, ng-model, ng-repeat, form controls, etc.

Dependency Injections

AngularJS supports dependency injection, which helps developers to write loosely coupled code that is easier to test and manage. Dependency injections mainly help with single-page application design and testing. They quicken the process and make it hassle-free.

Directives To Extend HTML

AngularJS provides a powerful feature called Directives. AngularJS has a set of built-in directives ngBind, ngModel, and ngClass, which allow developers to extend HTML with custom elements and attributes. This feature helps in creating reusable components and simplifies the codebase.

Data Filters

AngularJS has features to filter the data before it connects with the view part of the app. It supports adding filters like formatting to decimal places, reversing the order of ranges, and incorporating the concept of pagination. It also ensures the association of functions with data transformations to the data without targeting the entire application code.

Easy To Implement MVC Frameworks

AngularJS enables easy implementation and management of MVC frameworks. AngularJS splits web applications into various parts and implements MVC. In this adjustment, every part automatically performs its work. Also, MVC acts as an intermediate point that ensures components fit and integrates effectively.

Advanced Testing Features & Support

AngularJS provides features for app testing, making it easier to write unit tests and end-to-end tests for the application. Moreover, AngularJS is backed by Google and has a large community of developers who help with learning and application maintenance. You can seek expert guidance in your time of need.

AIS Technolabs is a premier provider of AngularJS development services. Our services include designing, coding, and testing web and mobile applications. We are committed to providing ongoing support, maintenance, and updates while handling the entire development process, from conception to delivery. Here’s why to choose us as your AngularJS development partner-

  • Top-notch development quality: Our developers pay attention to the minute details. We use the latest tools and best practices to deliver high-quality development solutions.
  • In-depth understanding of Angular framework: Professionals at AIS Technolabs hold a thorough understanding of the Angular framework. They stay up-to-date with new versions and updates.
  • Knowledge of several languages: Our AngularJS experts have good command over HTML, CSS, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, UX concepts, etc.
  • Good Communication skills: Along with technical skills, our developers have good communication skills that help them understand the client’s needs extremely well.

So, rely on us, your upright AngularJS web development company, for all your development projects.

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