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In the present digital age, one of the key point indicators for any business’s accountability and growth is the ratings and reviews given by its customers. Whether it is a local restaurant, salon, hospital or clinic, hotel, repair or for any other requirement, customers now have access to voice out their positive and negative experiences online on forums and review websites. This trend has increased the popularity and made sites such as Yelp and Google reviews, the Review kings of the industry. Similarly, the inception of Yelp clone scripts has made businesses more accountable and accessible than ever before.

If you too are interested in finding out people’s perceptions and want to build a system or business based on customer reviews and ratings while making local businesses or a particular industry more accessible, you too can build a Yelp clone script. More and more businesses are giving importance to being present on sites like Yelp, as well as Yelp clones. This is a perfect opportunity to create your yelp clone site and help spread communication between businesses and its users.

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Yelp source code

With changing marketplaces and digital innovations having the ability to customize easily, if and when needed is a key requirement and Yelp source code is most sought after even today. Therefore, we make Yelp source code available for your future use along with any help customizing it with the help of our team of best developers, who can collaborate on the source code development.


About Us

We, at AIS Techno Labs, provide the best web development offshore and mobile application development. Our successful track record consists of us delivering the best products to global startups, small and large scale businesses. We are ISO 27001:2013 AND ISO 9001 Certified company and are voted among the top 10 fastest growing app development companies globally. We are recognized by three fundamental values that keep us growing and reflect in the work we do:


Time limitations and tough deadline constraints are not an issue with us as our developer team relentlessly keeps working to meet and exceed your expectations with our yelp clone.


We operate with a strong feedback loop and a culture of open communication that has never failed us and strongly built our long standing associations with our clients and the brands we’ve worked with so far. We are always transparent and aim for a long-standing association through trust and transparent communication, whether in spoken or written form.


We understand that important factors such as profit and loss, the number of clients, the market share or the number of successful products you produce very much determines your success. Therefore, our work is also based on measuring all of these important factors while building products for you to give you a black and white picture and avoid any confusion while building your yelp clone.

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Google maps integration

One of the key elements in this Yelp clone is to give you an immersive experience of the real world right at your fingertips with our Google maps integration. Whether it is a business at the heart of the city or somewhere at the nook and corner, we see that it is covered thoroughly with our Yelp script.

Social Sharing

If you’ve been struggling to direct the right traffic and the right attention to your Yelp script, then let us take care of the social sharing for you with our yelp clone . With easy install buttons, fast, responsive pages and followup buttons you can now enjoy a straightforward approach to improve your social brand using our Yelp clone software.

Paid listing

Whether it is for building the trust and credibility of your business or keeping those rankings always high on the search engine, brands such as yourself invest in a paid listing for their Yelp scripts. However, we offer this inherently as part of the yelp clone building process. Therefore, what earlier would take years to build the Yelp clone software can now be built with less time and with our expert help. Therefore, whether you are a small scale or large scale business, you can instantly identify the relevant businesses and contact them instantly with our yelp clone.

Easy customization

Additionally, with all the said benefits and features we also create a flexible framework for yelp clone that adapts to your business. You can perform easy configuration with the admin console and customize your platform efficiently, as and when needed. Our goal as the software development company is to give you the tools to freely adapt the system and be open to new opportunities and business growth. Therefore, this Yelp clone script is built on a structure adaptable to you.

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