Lending Software Solutions

The purpose of lending software is to provide a comprehensive platform to manage different lenders with their loans. The solution suggests the top 5 lenders based on borrower loan parameter values. Our Lending Software Solutions helps to creates a framework for lenders, which helps them to make better decisions while approving loans.

We offer one of the best Lending Software Solutions, through which lenders can provide a loan. Also, if the borrower is qualified for loans, then the lenders can select the best borrower from the system. In addition to all these, the lenders can also classify different types of borrowers, including defaulters. Our solution can be integrated into any system with an API based module. The users can easily customize our loan management system and can incorporate it into any process based on the type of their products. Our intelligent solution, based on artificial intelligence, is the first of its kind in the market. Our agile technology can keep the primary process and can accept changes if the lenders want to execute any new idea.

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Why Should the Enterprises Select AIS Technolabs ?

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Omni-Channel Sales

In the previous decades, the banks needed to decide between the web sales over the counter sales. Nowadays, technology like lending management software has opened up the horizon of the Omni-channel sales model, which can quickly increase income.

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Consumer Loans

We provide a cutting-edge office system that also functions as a desktop software, or as a mobile app. The customers can set their lending products in the system and process restricted models for specific borrowers.

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Corporate Financing

We have vast experience in corporate financing, which makes us the best choice for lending operations with standardized processes and regulatory requirements. Our cost-effective solutions can meet contradictory demands very effectively.

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White Label Lending

We also provide white label lending software solution with an end to end lending system that is ideal for FinTech startups. They can map the underlying lending products quickly with our flexible web.

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100% Customizable

We provide your lending software with 100% customizable source code so that you can add or remove features according to your business requirements.

Features of Script Lending Software Offered By AIS Technolabs

In today’s fast-changing financial world, the lenders are looking for modern, superior, and technically advanced lending software that automates the primary loan processes. Today’s Lending Software Solutions are not only cost-efficient, but they are also fast, agile, flexible, and scalable. AIS Technolabs has emerged as a prominent Lending Software Solution provider with its highly customizable products, module API based approach, and unmatched dedication. Our money lending software gives the customer’s business the wings that require growing and innovating their loan processes.


The dashboard of our Script lending system is dynamically configurable with a quick overview of all the action items and modules. The admin can easily check out everything at a glance.


Our lending software can segregate between different types of loans, including car loans, home loans, business loans, personal loans, and many others.


We implement the algorithm through which the software offers the best solution by providing the top 10 lenders at the best rates.


We don’t let our clients’ compromise with their privacy and security. Our Lending Software Solution keeps the client’s data safe by providing round the clock access with automatic backup.


We have a dedicated team of consultants and experts who work with our clients to customize their solutions for the best outcome.


The users can get fully customized reports through our lender management software. The report can include the list of defaulters, list of borrowers, current loan status, and also period wise reports.


The administration can also track the progress of each borrower while providing them another loan. It enables the users to modify their loan amount and conditions with the borrower easily.


The software offers profit to both the parties, the lender as well as the borrower.

What Makes Our Solution Unique ?

Our system assists hundreds of financial institutes to automate their servicing and management of multiple lending portfolios from a single platform. The Lending Software Solutions provide a comprehensive set of the customer-centric account, which allows the financial institution to be more agile. The companies can get higher operational efficiency through automated batch processing as part of the routine and can easily make an authorization check in which the vital part of the transaction process is. The business owners can manage the consumer life-cycle with complete ease by handling part-payments, restructuring, foreclosures, control portfolio quality, and accounting configurations to achieve higher profitability.

It is a highly automated product with features not present in other software systems in the market. The accuracy of the system makes the loan management process highly efficient, easy to manage, and flexible to adapt to any environment. Our Lending Software Solutions are the most advanced when it comes to the credit rating and CIBIL score of the borrower.

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