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Zend application development framework is one of the most popular frameworks that are required for e-commerce portal development purposes. AIS Technolabs develops portals and websites based on advanced Zend framework modules. If you are planning to build your next web application on Zend framework, then do not hesitate to consult with AIS Technolabs. We have vast experience in Zend framework and provide highly skilled Zend developers to complete your projects on time. Starting from designing the architecture to delivery will definitely add tremendous value to your business.

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The PHP Zend framework is witnessed as one of the top-rated PHP frameworks for producing high-quality web apps. Zend is highly scalable, secure, comprehensive, and robust to build even large-scale enterprise applications without any hurdles. It supports various kinds of database platforms such as MySql, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server, etc. Our company also contains the best resources to use Zend Optimizer and Zend Guard for your site. AIS Technolabs gives priority in delivering the best quality Zend Development Services while ensuring long term relationship with the clients.

AIS Technolabs, provides Various Functionalities of Zend Application Development

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Zend Website Design Or Redesign
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Zend Plugins Installations And Customizations
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Zend Website Security Zend Website security
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Zend Website Seo
social media integration
Responsive zend website development
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Zend version upgrade
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Zend Maintenance

AIS Technolabs Offers Zend Development Services That You Have Been Looking For

AIS Technolabs have zend developer extreme expertise in the Zend framework and offers the best Zend Consulting Services that are capable to fulfill all the needs and requirements of the client. We always use advanced tools and technologies for Zend framework development services.

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Zend Portal Development

Zend is the highly effective and user-friendly framework which is used to create web portals such as banking & insurance portals, government portals, employee portals, etc.

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Zend Website Upgradation & Migration

Our developers migrate existing Zend website to the latest version of Zend Framework and keep your website updated. It also provides bugs and errors free website to smooth running and functionality.

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Zend Integration & Customization Services

In this, Zend integrates different business processes that simplify the client process and enhance its productivity. Our team has prepared various Custom Zend Web Applications to several companies.

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Social Networking Development

In the modern era, social media is a successful tool for business. Our Zend developers allow social networking development with the advanced solutions of the Zend Framework.

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Zend Website Development

Our Zend Website designers and developers help to outshine your business to the next level by making the website secure and SEO friendly with Zend Framework.

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Zend Cms Development

On Zend framework, you will get a robust CMS solution with great effectiveness. So, the users can easily handle their project and apply updates well.

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Zend Maintenance & Support Services

This service helps you to focus on business and our Zend experts always keep track of bug fixes, maintenance releases and security patches that may impact your PHP applications.

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Zend E-Commerce Development

Our Company delivers all-in-one E-Commerce Development solutions to global clients. Zend offers smooth and bug-free user interface, thus, Zend is an apt framework to drive E-Commerce business growth.

Our Work Process of Zend Web Development with deluge solutions

AIS Technolabs hire zend programmer for the best potential and to make your business astounding. It is an open source framework that speeding up the development procedure and comes up with solutions that are easy to use, high quality, versatile, affordable and end-to-end customized. This framework can easily be integrated third-party APIs and other applications or frameworks. The work process of Zend web development is very helpful and discussed as below step by step:

1Understanding the Project Requirements

Firstly, gather all the essential knowledge from the client. Then discuss the idea with the team members. After that, the brainstorming of the project is done and clarifies all doubts regarding the project in advance.

2Wireframing and Planning

Now, verify that your project is feasible or not and perform the wireframe plan that includes the main group of content, the structure of information, and description & basic visualization of the user. Afterward, prototype your design which is the representation of the final product and simulates user interface interaction.

3Graphic & Ui Designing

In graphic designing, the developers create the layouts of different digital elements into a design and draw the attention of users. On the other hand, UI designing works with creative elements to ensure that the user will enjoy interacting with the product.

4Development and Optimization

In this phase, the actual work is done. The Zend developers create functional elements, algorithms, and other important back end modules while integrating them with UI.

5Quality and Extension

During this phase, we perform the testing and required changes are made. When the first draft of the project is ready, the quality assurance is performed & security audit is done.

6First Draft to Final Delivery

It is the final step where the developers will show the first draft of the project to the client. Do all the necessary changes in the project, if required. Get the approval from the client and launch the project.

Zend App Development solutions automate to help your business for better success

AIS Technolabs has earned name and fame as an eventual Zend Development Company across the globe. The extensible and standard library components of the Zend technology help to cater to the best and highly-competitive benefits. Let’s have a look at it:

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Rapid Development

With the help of Zend, the process of application development becomes extremely quick due to its built-in features & functionalities.

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Feature-Rich Library

Experts can relish Zend’s rich library for resources like forms, feeds, authentication and many more.

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Developer can follow the approach of code reusability rather than writing codes again and again. It also saves the compilation time.

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Developers can just load required classes or components and treating them as individual libraries instead of the entire framework.

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Third-Party Acceptance

Developers can easily integrate third-party libraries in the project efficiently and effectively.

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Scalable Classes

With the help of inheritance and interfaces concepts, developers can easily extend the ZF’s components.

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MVC Architecture

Zend framework is able to use MVC components which represent the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern of architecture.

Why Hire AIS Technolabs Developers for Zend Framework Development

With the tremendous usage of Zend framework, it has been immensely popular among developers. AIS Technolabs always provide quality-driven, timely and requirement-centric services to our clients. We are here to help with your Zend Development needs, contact us to get a quote for your demanding project and start your work flawlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The timeline of the project depends on the client’s requirement and sprint size. But, our business analyst team will help you to explain exact requirements and based on that, our team will share the estimated timeline to complete your project development.

Yes, it is essential to have a server to host your Zend application. Also, our expert development team will guide you in selecting the right server and configuring it.

There is no requirement to know about Zend Server, just install and run Melis Technology as it is embedded into the product. Zend Server is automatically installed and requires fewer skills than to install any other PHP stacks.

Crack the deal with our company and we have a highly experienced and innovative team of designing & development at the most competitive prices in the market. You will also get your expected quality benchmarks with us. You will get the following guarantees with us:
1. Price Guarantee
2. Confidentially Guarantee
3. Results Guarantee

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