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A Complete White-Label Solution for the Business Venture

Today, videos can be a great advertising tool, communication tool for personal and professional use, as well as in education, marketing, and many more. The use of videos online has increased, and the popularity has recently soared, and these facts are hard to miss. Users turn to Netflix, Hulu, and other accessible video streaming sources for entertainment and an extensive resource of great movies and videos. At the same time, this has increased the demand for clones. For this reason, AIS Technolabs brings the best Netflix Clone Script for the customers that have deemed to be a better choice for every kind of user.

We offer the ideal Netflix Clone PHP Scripts that enable the proper functioning of dynamic and interactive web pages and apps that allow users to run applications across different platforms with high speed and efficiency.

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Our Netflix Clone PHP That Comes with Some Salient Features

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Advanced Video Content Management System

Admin can manage video with the help of an advanced video content management system, and the users can access a multitude of videos quickly and efficiently.

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Easy Social Sharing

It is the easiest and the most cost-effective part of online marketing efforts. Our Netflix Clone PHP gives secure social sharing options as well as keeps additional options open for new social media platforms to reach a newer audience with easy social sharing buttons.

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Highly Customizable Menu

One of the top features we’ve built is the easy categorization and highly customizable menu to suit admin’s video streaming purposes. The users can easily categorize their videos and set up certain restrictions on them. Thus, we introduce easy categorization and parental control options.

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Quick Embedding

With this option, the users can add external content and videos to the site using links, tweets, and many more options. The users can enable the quick embed option that turns any content like audio, video, images, etc. from the external sources into an embed with or without plug-ins.

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Easy To Install, Register, And Highly Responsive

In addition to all the above, we haven’t failed to miss the basics while Building a Netflix Clone. We make it easy to install, register with highly responsive design during each advanced search function so that the owners can quickly host a vast number of movie lovers on their sites.

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With the push notifications option, the users can stay informed about all the app notifications as well as enable user notifications through email, SMS, and alerts in just a click.

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Dynamic Admin Dashboard

Our Netflix Clone PHP consists of the dynamic admin dashboard for the admins. Thus, they enjoy complete control over app activities and display the data in real-time mode.

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Search Module

The users can easily use the search module function that is available in the application to instantly search for the specific video. The users are looking for videos that depend on the Titles, Genres, and Actors of the video.

Our Source Code for Netflix Clone is Easy to Manage

In addition to this, our company gives complete access to the Source Code for Netflix clone to our client so that they are fully capable in control to fix, improve and extend the code and functionalities as they need.

Our great team of developers is available to help our customers make the best use of open-source software for business as well as individual use purposes. Therefore, when the business owners are looking to build a Netflix Clone, AIS Technolabs is always the right place to go.

We at, AIS Technolabs, are a leading name for offering reliable services related to Netflix Clone Script and provide services locally as well as globally. Our Source Code Netflix is the easiest way to make Netflix replica and is an excellent chance for entrepreneurs to create a website and app of steaming videos and earn a noticeable amount of money.

Our Netflix Clone Script is highly scalable and robust, as well as can be customized according to the needs and requirements. The owners can quickly add new features; modify the front-end UI, category management, or anything else.

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Our Netflix Clone Helps the Entrepreneurs to Get Started with their Video Streaming Website

Get Started with their Video Streaming Website

Netflix Script is a splendid video streaming script that empowers enterprises to build their own video streaming websites. These video streaming sites allow the users to explore various video trailers, movies, TV shows, etc. from a large stack of video categories and watch them at their convenience. The filter and advanced search options are also integrated with our on-demand Netflix Clone Script.

Our highly skilled developers integrate JWPlayer that gives assurance the high-quality video playback over multiple devices. JWPlayer, the video player software, allows users to watch videos smoothly and fast across several media types and browsers. On the other side, the admin will get full rights to manage videos, membership plans, payment history, and users, export various details of videos, payment, and much more with our Netflix Clone


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