Whatsapp Clone Source Code

Without a question the best instant messaging service out there is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is now more widely used by people around the world than any other app, whether they talk to friends or share images/files or video calls, or even make global voice calls. This is one of the main reasons why software developers and companies decide to learn to create their own instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp. If you want to have your own WhatsApp-like instant Chat/Message app to be built, you are at the right place. We have huge expertise in Whatsapp clone source code.

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Whatsapp Clone App Source Code

We have a great team of talented developers at AIS Technolabs who have both the expertise and the capacity to create an exact or similar WhatsApp application, as per your exact requirements. Having developed several instant messaging, chatting, and social networking applications for consumers for different industries across the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and more, AIS Technolabs has the technological expertise and the experience to build a WhatsApp clone app exactly the way you want it. If you are searching for the best Whatsapp clone app development company near me, you have come to the right destination.

The boom in this age of social networking has made WhatsApp the most famous messenger in the world. So you can launch a chat app like WhatsApp to take advantage of its success. This script is completely sensitive and offers an outstanding user interface and smooth navigation interaction that provides a better user experience. Custom mobile app development solutions we develop are integrated with all-inclusive features such as user registration, management of accounts, development, and management of groups, message broadcast, file sharing, push notification, and many more. The privacy setting for the display image, status, last seen change, etc. can be managed by users.

Advanced Features Of Whatsapp Clone App Source Code

This multiform WhatsApp cloning script, with the benefit of instant messaging and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services across networks, connects people around the world. Get next-generation virtual, multi-lingual, closed communities, video calls, and image/media/location sharing with our WhatsApp clone app.

  • Chat Window

    The chat functionality will, of course, be available, with both one-to-one chat and community chat options. Chat history, transmission, starred messages, alerts, etc. are other functions that will be available on our solutions.

  • Contacts Synchronization

    You can automatically see all of your phone contacts in the app. The new contacts can be added to your list of contacts and you can speak or text to anyone.

  • Social Networking

    Our WhatsApp clone app also gives you direct connections to different social networks, for example, Facebook and Twitter, using social networking features.

  • File Sharing

    The app’s users can share data and media on the app with other users with this feature. Photos, videos, documents, audio, contacts, etc. are some of the supported file formats.

  • Video / Voice Calling

    Our application also provides video and chat-like functionality like WhatsApp, where you can call your friends online for free and/or chat via voice messages.

  • Status Upload

    This is a new feature that allows app users to directly post their live status to their contacts in the form of text, photo, or video.

  • User Profile

    A dedicated profile panel is given to each user, where unique settings such as the image profile, status, protection, number, wallpaper, etc. can be processed.

  • Privacy Settings

    This is a security feature that allows users to determine how and who sees their image, status, community, and other sensitive information privacy protection.

  • Share Locations

    Users can share their location or status with other people in real-time through the WhatsApp Clone App with Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Benefits Of Whatsapp Clone Android Source Code

If you want the most unique messaging application that has transformed the messaging application completely on the market, you are at the right spot. No real-time messenger application has ever had the benefit or touched the amazingness of WhatsApp as an application. We have a thorough understanding of its backend process and technicalities with a clear end goal to create a messaging app such as WhatsApp at AIS Technolabs.

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Customized Features

Our solution is entirely Whitelabel. You can place any brand you want and do the customizations as desired by you.

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Cost-effective Solutions

Our WhatsApp clone script provides a cost-effective solution that is unmatchable in the market. You can instantly start getting returns with our custom solutions.

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Hassle-free Integrations

After you’ve enabled and signed in to the app, we synchronize all your phone contacts to our app. We link you to your contacts through our application and can also integrate your existing application with our developed solutions.

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Faster Results

Our WhatsApp clone source code has a faster turnaround time. Solutions we develop are quickly built so that clients can enjoy faster time to market and enjoy higher ROI.

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Save Time & Resources

With our WhatsApp clone Android source code, you can easily save time and money. We ensure the highest return on investment for Whatsapp clone app development solutions.

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Highly Reliable

Using the latest cutting-edge technology and critical security criteria, the WhatsApp chat clone app has been built to keep the chat app ecosystem robust. We help our clients get complete peace of mind.

Admin Features Of Whatsapp Clone Source Code

Our app is well-designed and has a number of features, such as updates, welcoming features, sharing places, status stories, and many more. This software is robust, scalable, stable, and compatible with numerous devices with ease.

User Management

With our user management feature, you can view and monitor the information of the users that are using your app for messaging.

Group Management

The administrator of the app can monitor groups’ activities. The administrator will display media and interactions within the group.

Active and Inactive Users

The administrators will analyze the active and inactive program users from the administration panel.

Performance Report

Get instant reports of your messaging app’s results. Our dashboard provides analytics that allows the administrators to view the contact information and more.

Customer Features Of Whatsapp Clone App Source Code

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Invite Contacts

Users can click on the invite option inside the app to allow users to invite users to the messaging app. Within other applications, email applications, and SMS, users can share the generated link.

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Block and Report Users

Discovering unsuitable chats and spams? App users can block and report messages to prevent further communication.

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Contact Sharing

By remaining on the app, users can exchange contacts. Users can conveniently share their contacts with each other through the app without facing any problems.

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Message Information

If users are interested in understanding the details about the post, it can be accessed via the app. This will let users know the time and specifics of a message such as when it is sent, received, and read.

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Location Sharing

Our Whatsapp clone app also allows users to share their locations via the app. You can share your live location or current position with your contacts.

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Send And View Status

Our WhatsApp Clone app contains features including status warnings and status views for other users. Users may share the status of a group of people and hide them, wherever possible.

Our App Development Process

understanding requirements

  • Get in touch with our client to know

  • Understand client’s needs

  • Comprehend the client’s business and its current process

proposing solution

  • Proposing Solution

  • Suggesting the best solution in terms

  • Finalizing the suggested solution

  • Kick starting the project

wireframing and designing

  • Preparing blueprint structure

  • Designing each app screen

  • Start designing the entire app


  • Start developing the app

  • Develop main functions and sections

  • Get it reviewed from the client


  • Start testing the app

  • Fixing bugs if found any to make the app smoother

  • Get final review from client’s end


  • It’s time to deploy the app to App Store

  • Hand-over to client and deploy to client’s server

  • Finally, the app is ready to use for users

support maintenance

  • Support Team

  • Maintenance

  • Review

Cost Of Development Of Whatsapp Clone Android Source Code

The estimation of the cost for the production of an app like Whatsapp would rely on the platform and other factors. For example, you would pay less if you make an Android app, but if you intend to build a clone app for Whatsapp for iOS, or both the platforms, it will cost you a little bit more. The cost of creating an app such as WhatsApp depends majorly on the exact requirements.

Why Choose Us For Whatsapp Clone App Source Code Development?

As a reputed and reliable mobile applications development company, we can appreciate the needs and requirements of the consumers and end users. We concentrate on the technical aspects of company demands, factors of user retention, constraints that are critical for the production of a high demand app. Building a quality mobile app involves knowledge about technology, productivity, and creativity. We have the right knowledge and expertise to build Whatsapp clone apps for our clients worldwide.

If you have an ingenious idea for the WhatsApp Chat app, we will customize a mobile chat app in real-time to your complete satisfaction or we will provide you with a readymade WhatsApp chat app clone script if you are pressed for time. The chat app development for WhatsApp is stable and completely scalable. Our software developers at AIS Technolabs design mobile applications that provide greater engagement and out-of-the-box usability for customers. Our professional and experienced developers of mobile apps and UI/UX designers work with our clientele to provide the highest quality solutions.

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Expert Developers

We provide our customers with the best mobile app development service. Our customers keep coming to us because we meet their needs and thrive. Our experienced developers are capable enough to handle any kind of mobile app development project.

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Attractive UI/UX

Our experienced design and development team provides an attractive user interface on developed solutions. We ensure a huge number of users for your developed solutions.

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Complete Management

Our solutions have a complete management portal using which one can control all features and characteristics of the app.

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Quick Delivery

We ensure that your WhatsApp clone app source code is delivered on time. We have all the resources needed, access to the latest technologies, so you don’t have to think about this or take the stress of it.

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100% Privacy Protection

One of the major benefits of hiring AIS Technolabs’ expert mobile app developers is that we can guarantee that your data will be safe with us. We do not share the confidential information with any third party agencies.

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Successful Track Record

We have worked on multiple mobile app development projects. Our experienced design and development team provides the best solutions in the market.

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100% Client Satisfaction

Our main emphasis is on providing customers high-quality software development services. You can trust us to create the best mobile app that can easily be activated and used by individuals.

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Transparent Communication

As a trustworthy development agency, we ensure our communication with clients to be completely transparent. Our well-guarded mechanism guarantees full confidentiality and security.


WhatsApp clone applications contain features such as VoIP calls, video chat, group chats/calls, geolocation integrating, calendar sync, and media sharing. Our developed systems often use cloud resources to safely store user data in several ways.

Our experienced design and development team can provide a completely new design for the WhatsApp clone app as desired by you.

The degree of customisation required will have an impact on the turnaround time. Although we make no concessions, we manage to meet the agreed-upon time for delivering the script.

Post-launch assistance is available for clients who need help getting their businesses up and running in the first few days. There is a limited amount of time in which this service is free. After this, you may take advantage of our low-cost paid maintenance options.

Yes. We’ll provide you the exact same thing as in the sample, and you’re free to make whatever changes you’d like.

Yes. Our WhatsApp clone Android source code is completely customizable. We can add or delete any features as required by you.

For the Whatsapp clone source code creation, we provide 24×7 support services. Our support team ensures zero downtime for your app.

Our WhatsApp Clone script is a solution that can be scaled to meet any size business’s needs. At any time, you can change the app to better suit your users’ needs. You can add new features and functions, increase its handling capacity, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.

Submissions for iOS and Android don’t require much time to get uploaded. After that, the app is reviewed by the mobile app companies. Then, the app is made available to the public after the review gets completed.

After you’ve paid for the item, you can’t get a refund. We’d be happy to assist you with any issues that arise throughout the installation process, but we strongly urge that you thoroughly review the product’s features and test them out in the demo before purchasing.