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Building and managing a decent transport booking system is not easy. Before you set off, you need a strong developer team to create a robust Uber like app development to last and support all your business needs.To book a taxi online has become very easy and popular with the best uber clone script.

You can easily manage the app with the fleet of vehicles you own and customize it to fit your own business model. Your business can hit new highs by being one of the best, fastest and most reliable Uber taxi clone app. We can help you get there.

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We at AIS Technolabs follow 3 A’s for uber like app development

Available: We make sure the software is up and running and functioning smoothly all the time.

Accurate: We ensure you see accuracy throughout all the operations.

Advance: We make it certain that the Uber clone script is fast, advanced and efficient.

We bring you a robust and highly scalable product that suits your own business needs. If you own a fleet of vehicles and looking for a strong, smooth-running, customizable on-demand Uber like app then we’re here to build it for you.

Dynamic/ active search

You can experience a dynamic search experience that could change the way the booking happens in your Uber taxi clone online

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Available Cars

With just a single click, users can check the availability of cars for their next ride instantly. The best part is, they can also place a hold on a specific type of car for a booking in advance or at a later period.

turnkey solution

You can add money to the Wallet and manage payments with just a click. Most customers prefer this option for easy hassle free payments every day so they can stop worrying about stocking up the change.

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Emergency Contact Details

Adding emergency contact details is quick and easy. We do take great care to stay prepared for uncertain situations.

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Payment Gateway

Another great option to make a payment is through the online payment gateway. If the users choose not to add money to the Wallet option, they can still pay through PayPal, CC, and credit/debit or even through cash.

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Currency Converter

Converting the currency to book a ride doesn’t have to be so elaborate and difficult. We also understand the pain the tusers have to go through to change the currency when they’re running late for a flight or a meeting. Therefore, we integrate currency converter so you can thank us later.

All round customer support

We strive to be at your service all the time. Additionally, our developer team strives to offer suggestions to complement services. Since, we understand it is not just about building a good product but giving you the best client experience.

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Configure Email Alert And Notifications

You have the option to configure users’ email and contact number to turn on important alerts and useful notifications for discounts, coupons and any offers.

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Peak Hours Perks

You can integrate Peak hours Perks option with special availability of cars for on-demand and top priority hours to be unique. This makes it the most sought after Uber clone software in the marketplace.

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Fare estimator

Our extremely reliable fare estimator is an essential tool for users to confirm their ride. It is particularly accurate and can work faster effectively.

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Drive history

Both the users and drivers can easily check all the history information about all their drives. An option to check detailed review and ratings information will also be available.

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Multi-language settings

This is one of the most loved features of many of our clients. Users can choose to change the language on the Uber clone app source code to any of your regional language from the list of options so that they can have a more homelike experience using the Uber clone.

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Time and again, we’ve determined accuracy is everything that can make an app like Uber successful. So, we integrate and build Uber clone source code on a strong pillar that is accuracy. Customers see the driver’s location, as well as the driver, sees the customer’s location in each other’s login with 100% exactness.

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Instant SMS confirmation

A sure way of confirming a booking on Uber clone android app is when users receive the confirmation along with the details of the ride. In case, the ride gets cancelled for some reason it would also be informed through the instant SMS.

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Book Later

We’ve also got the book later option wherein the users can choose the type of car they want for booking at a later period so they can stay prepared better.

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Driver’s login

We also provide you with a driver’s login so your drivers can log in and get the necessary details about the customers waiting for their ride.

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Create favourites

We also provide an option of creating favorites to easily choose a favorite or most-visited location with just a single click.

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Book offline

We also provide you with a special feature where the users can book a cab offline. However, they’d be charged as per the standard mobile carrier.

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Gift shop

With this feature, the reward points, discounts and coupons will be saved and can be managed easily in the gift shop option.

Frequently Answered Questions

You can make an uber taxi on-demand application using the Uber clone script by AIS technolabs. It is a pre-built product with basic functionalities of Uber app and can be used for reducing the development cost and time.

Developing an Uber taxi on-demand application may take somewhere between $50,000 to $150,000 USD. You can use other alternative methods such as Uber clone script to reduce the development cost significantly.

The Uber taxi on-demand application would allow users to book a cab for commuting. An uber-like application must have different modes of transport available on it. It should be GPS integrated with a messaging and call facility. With a secure 3rd party payment solution, the application is ready to woo your customers.

The cost of creating a Uber clone is less than native app development of a taxi booking application. Depending on the project, the cost of the Uber clone app development may vary between $25,000 to $40,000. Share your project today to know more about our services.

The best Uber clone script is sold by AIS Technolabs. Our product is widely known in the global market. Our product comes with robust features and scalable architecture, allowing you to improve the functionality of the application as you grow your business.

The best Uber Clone Source Code is by AIS technolabs. We believe in code ownership of our clients, and thus we build the source code of the application carefully to provide you all the small to big information about the clone product’s code structure for easy customization.

The best Uber clone script is by AIS Technolabs. We have a 5 star rated product with good reviews and ratings. Our product is used by over 80+ companies for building their own market presence. With other benefits such as code ownership, customization, 24*7 support, etc. we stand unprecedented in the market and are the first choice of the companies.

The Uber Clone software refers to the product with functionalities useful to admin, drivers and the user. It is a basic product that can be used to build robust software allowing easy management of an on-demand taxi business.

The best Uber Clone app development services are provided by AIS Technolabs. We are a leading clone app development company. We use advanced technologies and modern-day app development practices for faster and cost-effective development of efficient and high-performing applications. It is a highly scalable product and efficient at meeting your all business needs. Know more about products and services by connecting with our team.

The best uber clone website development services are provided by AIS Technolabs. We are a world-class software development company with prowess in web and mobile application development. Hire our developers through our flexible engagement model and get benefitted by our expertise and out-of-the-box service features.

The best Uber clone software development is provided by AIS technolabs. Given our 10+ years of industry experience, and having one of the largest developer’s pool globally, we offer you the best custom clone software development services that allow you to build a strong business. Connect with our experts for more information about our services and existing clone products.

First find the right uber clone application by taking a demo, reading reviews, and finding the product ratings. You can also connect with their team to know about other perks such as maintenance, support, customization, scalability, developer hiring, etc. Once you are satisfied with the product, and trust the company, make the purchase by using any mode of payment, including UPI, net banking, e-Wallets, debit and credit cards, etc.

You can find the best uber clone with AIS technolabs. We have a highly efficient clone product that mimics the functionality of the original uber application. Take a free demo to test the product for improved decision making.

You can use the product to build a scalable product. We have a very feature-rich uber clone product that can reduce the developer efforts and time. It is a cost-effective solution that allows you to bring more scalability to the software solution as you grow your business.

Hire best uber clone developers from AIS technolabs, we have a highly flexible engagement model allowing you to hire developers on hourly, part-time and full-time basis.

For downloading the readymade best uber clone script from AIS technolabs, we confirm your payment with us. It is an instant process, once confirmed we provide you a link to download all the components of the application easily.

There are various globally known readymade best uber clone app providers in the world. AIS technolabs is one of the most trusted providers. In case you are looking forward to purchasing an uber clone, you can take a free demo of our available product.

AIS technolabs is one of the best uber clone script providers, known globally for our out-standing products. We also provide you the uber clone source code that you can use to develop your applications further and win against competition.

The uber clone website development costs around $7,000 to $15,000. However, you must share your project for a close estimation of cost and time of development. Share your project today, for free quote and consultation from technology experts.

The cost of building the best uber clone mobile application is somewhere between $25,000 to $40,000. However it depends on the features, technology, number of developers and platforms. Share your project with us to get a free quotation for uber clone mobile application.

To find the best Uber clone development company have a strategy that allows you to review their product and services well. Start by finding the leading uber clone app development companies. Share your project with them. Once you receive a quotation, start by sorting out the ones that are in your budget. Once you have shortlisted the best uber clone script developers proceed by knowing more about their services and products. Take a free demo of their existing product. Read reviews on their product. Contact their tech consultants to get more information. Don’t forget to ask about their post-development service such as maintenance, support, deployment, source code ownership, etc.

Yes, hire the best uber clone developers from AIS Technolabs through an easy flexible engagement model. Use our easy hire process to engage developers on full-time, part-time and hourly basis, based on the unique needs of your product.

You can build your own uber clone with our unique code script development services. Know more about the technology, service, get a free quote, etc. by sharing your project with us today.

You can download the readymade best uber clone once you have made the purchase. We instantly confirm your purchase and provide you a download link. Contact our customer care team for any problems during the download process.

It may take about 4 to 6 weeks to develop the best uber clone. Contact our team for info on services and products. We also provide you with the free cost and time estimation within 24 hours of sharing the project.

The cost of uber clone app development varies between $25,000 to $45,000. However, to get a close estimation of cost for your project, contact our tech consultants and share your project with us.

Yes the best uber clones would reduce the development efforts and cost significantly. For more information about the products by AIS technolabs, connect with our customer support team.

The best way to buy the best uber clone is by taking a demo of the product and evaluating it to understand if it meets your product requirement or not. Also, checkout with the company about the maintenance, customization, scalability, and source code of the application.

Uber is one of the most dynamic examples of the on-demand industry. They have paved the way for various other industries to jump into the on-demand market. A website and mobile application allows you to reach people in different countries and expand your business. Technology makes operational cost cheaper and you can work out a great business plan in limited resources too.

To have a uber website and mobile application is a good idea as it allows you to expand your business easily. Technology helps in reducing the operational cost and you can operate a business efficiently remotely in less resources. Similarly, mobile apps and web applications allow you to make your services easily available to people of different demography.

Uber was once a small company just like yours. But it had a vision. With the world growing more and more dependent on mobile and web applications to meet their general needs such as commute, owning an on-demand taxi business can be profitable and soon you can increase your market share to become a billionaire.

You can use the uber clone to start your own on-demand taxi business. With reduced development cost and time, you can utilize the resources to build your strong presence in the market with aggressive marketing practices. For more information on technology and our product, contact our expert tech consultants.

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