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Hire Flutter developers from AIS Technolabs to create web apps with next-gen features. Our programmers deploy error-free apps using tools like Android Studio, Panache, Dartpad, Flutter SDK, Firebase, Vysor, Bitrise, Codemagic, OneSignal, etc. We have 100+ Flutter developers with advanced tech skills and world-class capabilities to take responsibility and deliver high-quality results.

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Why Trust AIS Technolabs For Your Next Project?

  • check-iconProcess planning and mapping techniques
  • check-iconExperienced team for building responsive web applications
  • check-iconEfficacious project management and innovative approach
  • check-iconTechnically advanced app & gamedevelopment
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Flutter Developer

Krishna is our expert Flutter developer. She has been working in the industry for the last 5 years. She has a strong grasp of Flutter technologies and can develop native, Dart, and hybrid apps and games.

star Expert in
  • Dart
  • C
  • C++

Also Worked With

  • Visual Code Studio |
  • Flutter SDK |
  • Dart SDK |
  • Sembast
5 Years


Flutter Developer

With 6.5 years of experience, Vikram is one of our expert Flutter developers. He is well-versed in developing apps, games, and websites for Linux, desktop, web, Android, iOS, IoT, etc. He can handle complex situations and write error-free codes.

star Expert in
  • Dart
  • SQLite
  • Figma

Also Worked With

  • Hive |
  • Moor |
  • Bit Bucket |
  • IntelliJ
6.5 Years


Flutter Developer

Sandeep is an expert Flutter developer having a total of 8 years of experience. He designs, codes, tests, and deploys Flutter web apps. He has a successful record of deploying projects with Flutter.

star Expert in
  • C#
  • Dart
  • C++

Also Worked With

  • IntelliJ |
  • Sembast |
  • Travis |
  • Android Studio
8 Years

Hire Flutter Developers To Meet Your Project Requirements

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Scale Up Your Business With Best-In-Class Flutter App Development Services

AIS Technolabs is a reputed Flutter app development company facilitating a wide range of development services. Our experts have boundless expertise to build applications & web apps with Flutter libraries like URL Launcher, Provider FL Chart, GetIt, etc.

  • Flutter Native App Development

    Our developers follow a unique approach to customize Native apps with Panache, Codemagic, Appetize, Visual Studio Code, Supernova, etc. They use a single codebase for all devices to conclude Flutter Native app development.

  • Flutter Game Development

    Our programmers build full-fledged convertible 2D and 3D games with the help of graphics, animations, pipeline tools, game development packages, etc. They leverage the Flutter ecosystem to enhance performance and functionality.

  • Flutter Dart App Development

    You can hire Flutter developers to create stunning apps with the Dart programming language. AIS Technolabs development team embeds maps, third-party services, app localization, and other useful features on the data storage.

  • Flutter Web Development

    Our programmers write Flutter web apps, create the basic structure, and implement a Tween animation, and stateful widgets. They take the help of a debugger to define breakpoints and give the web app a unique outlook.

  • Flutter For IoT Development

    We use multiple types of devices and sensor data to understand app requirements. Our developers build IoT apps for AWS IoT, Google IoT Core, and Azure IoT and train them to perform accordingly.

  • Flutter For Embedded Devices

    Our experts create rendering surfaces, and they map the platform canvas with low-level graphical interfaces Vulkan, Metal, and OpenGL. They use it to develop Embedded device projects with precision.

  • Flutter Widget Development

    We develop custom widgets and define parameters and codes using a new dart file. Our experts leverage widget libraries to develop and extend widget functionalities.

  • Flutter API Development

    We design, develop, integrate, deploy, and run Flutter REST APIs. These APIs enable the app to leverage third-party services and expand app functionalities and features.

  • Flutter Upgradation Services

    We develop RESTful APIs for flutter to allow the app to take support of third-party services. Our team extends app functionalities with these APIs and customizes the app to meet your requirements.

  • flutter Upgradation Services

    Our developers use Flutter tools to analyze app conditions and current libraries. They update libraries, codes, and overall app technologies according to the latest version.

  • Flutter Migration Services

    We migrate your project to Flutter technology after making all the required changes. Our experts follow a thorough process to convert non-Flutter applications into Flutter applications without impacting performance.

  • Flutter Performance Optimization

    Our team determines performance-related issues and resolves them to ensure smooth functionality. We also take care of account authentication, encoding transactions, and user data security.

  • Flutter Technical Support & Maintenance Services

    We offer technical support and maintenance services to keep your app up-to-date with the latest technical advancements. Our developers take corrective measures, resolve bugs and technical errors and eliminate other issues.

Why Hire Flutter Developers From AIS Technolabs?

AIS Technolabs development team empowers your business with its Flutter development services. We create innovative, cross-platform apps while keeping our core focus on user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

During this period, you can take our Flutter development services, work with our programmers and analyze their workflow, expertise, and development strategies. In case of poor performance, you can also change your team or claim a refund for dedicated projects.

We use Panache, Codemagic, Appetize, Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, Supernova, Adobe Plugins, Firebase, RevenueCat, etc. However, our developers listen to your project requirements and select development tools accordingly.

Flutter enables developers to create high-end natively compiled applications for Android, iOS, and other platforms. Developers don't need to write codes for each app separately and can use one codebase to handle both operating systems. Flutter streamlines development and minimizes time without compromising quality.

To provide updates and daily reports, we use the latest communication tools like Basecamp, Wrike, Zoom, Asana, Trello, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, etc. Our developers connect with you to keep you updated with the Flutter app development process.

You can onboard developers from AIS Technolabs to work with your existing team members, build a new team or hire Flutter developers according to your requirements. They will discuss the project, understand the technology and take over your ongoing project.

You can hire Flutter developers in India at budget-friendly rates on an hourly, monthly, part-time, and full-time basis. Hiring costs in India will be relatively low and fit your budget perfectly. However, the final price depends on the project's technology. You can speak to our team to get the budget estimation.

We have specifically designed flexible engagement models to simplify the development process and payment structure. We mainly have three types of engagement models.
  • 1. Hourly Basis Hire Flutter developers on an hourly basis and pay accordingly. We use time tracking tools to keep count of hours.
  • 2. Monthly Basis You can onboard developers on a monthly basis for 160 hours a month, 5 days a week, and 8 hours a day.
  • 3. Fixed Budget Our development team will fix the budget for the entire Flutter web development or app programming project according to your requirements.

We have a strict privacy policy to protect your IP, source code, and NDA. Our team hands over source code and intellectual property rights after completing the project. We protect your IP, NDA, and confidential information from third-party sharing and security attacks.

Our developers stay active round the clock to help you in your time of need. You can hire them to maintain and upgrade your app, resolve technical issues, troubleshoot errors, debug malicious codes, and fix bugs. They will also tackle the situation during a crash or server issue.

You can terminate the agreement and stop taking our services after following the terms and conditions mentioned in your NDA. We have a simple contract exit policy, but it may vary according to your project length, budget, number of hire resources, and deadline. You will have to plan the exit accordingly.

Our Latest Blogs

Table of Content

Suggestions To Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers With Required Experience & Extensive Expertise

Flutter is gaining all attention despite being a young technology. The open-source framework enables developers to create cross-platform applications with a single codebase. Flutter has features that reduce development time and make the end product error-free. However, like any other technology, Flutter also has silver linings, and it may become complicated to handle the framework.

You must hire dedicated Flutter developers who are experienced enough to deal with its complexities. Although the hiring process also involves many essential things that you need to evaluate before and while interacting with professionals and organizations. In this blog, we have lined up these aspects to help you make better decisions and build a strong team.

Significant Aspects To Evaluate Before Onboarding Flutter Developers

Define The Tech Stack

Before hiring any developer, you should know more about your project and its tech stack. You must define the project's programming language, technology, features, and development tools. Also, create documentation outlining project specifications and forward this document to the company or individual you are going to connect with.

Outline Financial Requirements

Frequent cash flow and overall budget are the backbone of any project. Project development is an expensive affair, and you will need enough finances to put in the project throughout the process. You should consult multiple organizations and inquire about their prices. Based on the market value, decide the budget and also keep money aside to deal with unexpected losses or situations.

Approach Established Organizations Or Hire Experienced Individuals

While looking for developers, you will come across uncountable companies and individuals offering similar services. However, not everyone is worthy enough to hire and invest. You must make careful choices to avoid costly hiring mistakes. Approach an established and known company and take their help to hire Flutter app developers. Apart from it, you can also onboard experienced developers from a reliable platform.

Screen Profiles & Filter Out Talent Carefully

Review candidate profiles and ask them to provide examples of their previous work. Contact their previous clients and inquire about their work style, availability, behavior, and approach and filter candidates accordingly. To interview candidates, prepare a list of technical questions according to your project requirements and technology. The list will help you evaluate the candidate's technical skills and experience.

Analyze Technical Expertise

While interviewing, propose a coding challenge to assess the candidate's programming skills. You can give a simple programming task or a complex project related to your project technology and ask them to work on it. Also, ask behavioral questions to demonstrate the candidate's work style, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills.

Take The Discussion Forward

You can also speak to your developers on various topics related to your project technology. It will help you assess their collaboration, understanding, and communication skills. Also, check for availability while making the final choice. The developer must be a perfect cultural fit and should be able to collaborate with you and other members effectively.

Use The Risk-Free Trial Period Properly

Take a 15-day risk-free trial before putting things on paper. During this period, carefully analyze the project handling skills of hired developers and the organization's response. In this period, you can easily exit the contract and avoid onboarding misfit professionals. Negotiate over the contract terms like budget, deadline, technology, and number of hired resources. Sign the papers if they match your expectations.

Required Expertise To Look For While Screening Flutter Developers For Hire

Strong Knowledge of Flutter Programming Languages

Flutter supports many languages, including C#, C, C++, Lua, Kotlin, and Flutter, for Android programming. Along with it, it aligns with Swift for cross-platform and iOS development. Your developer should have experience working with these programming languages to ensure error-free Flutter development.

Proficiency In Dart Programming Language

Dart is a multidimensional programming language that supports cross-platform, web, desktop, mobile, and server development. You must hire dedicated Flutter developers who can work with Dart programming language and write simple scripts. AIS Technolabs Flutter developers possess years-long experience working with Dart technologies.

Understanding Of Agile and Waterfall Methodologies

In Dart+Flutter, Agile, and Waterfall methodologies play a crucial role in streamlining the development process. Both methodologies use principles to simplify complex development tasks. You must select dedicated Flutter developers for hire who can use them for Flutter development.

Ability To Work With SQLite

SQLite offers additional benefits, and developers can easily integrate it into Flutter using SQLite plugins. Through this, they handle various tasks, such as reading, inserting, deleting, and updating data. Hire experienced developers who can handle these tasks and manage data using SQLite.

Expertise In Using Flutter DevTools

Hire Flutter app developers who can use Flutter Development Tools for layout inspection, performance enhancement, testing, and other tasks. AIS Technolabs Flutter developers have extensive expertise using DevTools like Flutter Inspector and Timeline for diagnosing and fixing issues.

Problem-Solving Skills

Flutter developers must have the skills to identify and solve complex problems that occur in the development process. You choose Flutter developers for hire who can debug codes, resolve technical errors, fix bugs, and solve performance-related issues. If your developer lacks this basic expertise, then rethink hiring the candidate.

Interview Questions To Test Developers’ Knowledge & Experience With Flutter

  • 1 What are the keys to Flutter?

    Keys in Flutter identify elements, widgets, and semantic nodes. These keys help modify the widget tree and protect the state of modified widgets. You should put this question forward while interviewing candidates and hire Flutter programmers who are well-versed in using Keys for development.

  • 2 What is a Flutter Inspector?

    Flutter Inspector is viable which simplifies Flutter development and enables developers to visualize widget blueprints and their properties. It is an important tool and your developer must know how to use it. Avoid hiring Flutter developers who are not familiar with its usage.

  • 3How does Flutter SDK function?

    Flutter Software Development Kit allows programmers to create web, mobile, and desktop applications. It contains many tools and elements to streamline development. Choose dedicated Flutter developers for hire who can work with Flutter SDK and leverage its technologies.

  • 4 How many types of widget testing Flutter supports?

    Flutter mainly supports three types of Widget testing, including unit testing, widget testing, and integration testing. Evaluate the expertise of your candidates and hire Flutter programmers who have experience in writing tests and debugging malicious codes.

  • 5Define Scope Functions in flutter.

    There are three types of build modes in Flutter, including Debug Mode, Profile Mode, and Release Mode. These modes develop, test, and release the app. While interviewing, you can ask these questions to test developers' knowledge about Flutter and build modes.

Additional Interview Questions To Cross-Check Candidate’s Technical Viewpoints On Flutter

Take the help of these interview questions to ensure the technical knowledge of Flutter programmers.

  • What is Ticker in Flutter?
  • What is Tween Animation?
  • Explain the differences between Hot Reload and Hot Restart.
  • Explain the role of BuildContext in Flutter.
  • Define the role of the Container class in Flutter.

Why Choose Flutter For Project Development?

Cross-Platform Rendering Engine

Flutter provides a high-end and robust rendering engine to render Flutter apps on cross-platforms without impacting UI changes. It takes the help of Skia for app rendering and enables high-quality cross-platform integration. After rendering, your users can access the app from any platform.

Hot Reloading

Hot Reload is a significant feature of Flutter development through which programmers can demonstrate changes and improvements in the code. Hot Reload formulates and strengthens the connection between designers and developers while looking for improvements. It helps them check the after-effects immediately.

Rich Libraries

Flutter has a mature, open-source, and advanced Skia Graphics Library to redraw UI elements each time there is a change in the view. It loads quickly and enhances the developer and user experience. Apart from it, Flutter has libraries like Provider, URL Launcher, FL Chart, GetIt, Path Provider, Intro Slider, and RxDart for development.

Code Reusability

Code reusability is one of the most beneficial features of Flutter development. The framework enables developers to program the app with one codebase for web, mobile, Android, iOS, and desktop codebase. It reduces development time and helps deploy the app faster than other technologies.

Advanced Technologies

Flutter offers advanced OS features for sensor data collection, permission handling, Bluetooth transfer, GPS coordinates, and credentials in ready-to-use plugins. Flutter enables interaction between native code platform channels and Dart programming language. Developers can implement any functionality in the Flutter app after putting slight efforts into the native side.


Many technologies struggle to perform due to CPU usage, request number per second, frame number per second, average response time, and other technical issues. When it comes to performance, Flutter has a rate of 60fps. This number is better than React Native and Xamarin and 220 milliseconds ahead of their launch time. Due to this speed, developers can reconize any lag that occurs during the app programming.

Custom Widgets

Flutter's custom widgets have extensive capabilities to create an intuitive app interface and customize its appearance. The framework has a consistent and unified object model. Each object operates as a widget, including fonts, menus, buttons, padding, color schemes, etc. Developers can utilize these widgets to build attractive layouts for any project.

AIS Technolabs is a reliable provider of Flutter app development services. Our experts utilize their grade-level coding expertise and development skills to build your apps with the best industry practices. Partner with us to develop your Flutter project with exceptional quality and advanced functionalities.

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