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Bitcoin slot machine also known as fruit machines is something that we see in almost gaming parlours. Unlike the modern push-button operated slot machines, originally slot machines were operated by one lever on the side of the machine and hence also referred to as one-armed bandits. One can easily see slot machines in any casino. Slot machine consists of about 70% of the casino’s income. This old-style slot machine and the betting machine has maintained its user base.

The wave of innovation and technology has modified the slot machines as Bitcoin slots and the machine as Bitcoin slot machine. A good number of development firms like AIS Technolabs offer Bitcoin slot machine development solutions cost-effectively.

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Bitcoin Slot Machine Software Solutions

A right investment done in the right direction can take your business to a whole new level. Today to be in the competition one has to continue getting updated to the latest technology. Having an online Bitcoin slot machine gaming software as a part of your business can be very beneficial. Keeping the trend in mind, investing in Bitcoin casino software can indeed be helpful. But why to go for a Bitcoin slot machine?

Here are some of the benefits of having Bitcoin slots in your betting platform:

crores of transactions done each day
Crores of transactions done each day
will help in the promotion and expansion of business
Will help in the promotion and expansion of business
there is a vast number of users of bitcoin betting
There is a vast number of users of Bitcoin betting
holistic presence for the brand can be created
Holistic presence for the brand can be created

To encash these benefits of the revenue potential of the Bitcoin gaming industry you need to have the latest features installed in your platform. To get that you need a team of hardworking professionals and for that, you can opt for AIS Technolabs.

AIS Bitcoin Slot Machine Software

At AIS Technolabs we had built-in design and developed bitcoin casino software,so that client can easily add it to their betting platform. A client looking for a quick and effective solution, AIS Technolabs is one stop solution. At AIS Technolabs we have a team of professional and expert coders and web developers, who are dedicated towards their work and can handle complex projects. And with all our dedication and experience we commit to deliver nothing but the best.

AIS provides bitcoin roulette script to the client with all the necessary modification and updates. AIS also offers its client with all freedom to opt for any modification or customisation according to their needs.

AIS Bitcoin machine software has the following benefits and features:

Features Of Admin Panel

Features of Players

  • Login/ Registration

    Reduce the long registration forms to single clicks through the inclusion of social login options on the platform.

  • Game Types

    Hire the slot game developers that have the experience and expertise to develop different types of games for increased engagement.

  • Slot Table

    Easy joining of the slot tables that allows the players to enjoy betting and wins to make them come to your platform from time to time.

  • Auto Play

    Auto-play feature which reduces the game inputs and allows users to choose the computer to play in lieu of them.

  • Join Daily Tournaments

    Increase customer retention through daily tournaments and organize regular contests on the site for easy wins and increased engagement.

  • Bonuses

    Now winning would not be a difficult task for your players. We give you a bonus included game script that increases the chances of winning more money over the platform.

  • Create Private Virtual Slot Tables

    Creating private virtual slot tables that help players to add their friends and family to increase fun on your platform and making them return to your platform.

  • Easy Deposit And Withdrawal

    Easy deposition and withdrawal of the money through a secure channel provided by a trusted 3rd party payment integration provider.

  • Uncover Treasures

    Make gaming more interesting by adding treasures within the game and increase retention through surprise wins and gaming opportunities.

  • Win Virtual Jackpots

    Virtual jackpots that are placed in the games that increase the engagement on the platform allowing players to win more money.

  • Premium Access Slots

    Provide access to the players that are willing to pay more on the premium slot tables and games that also assure them more return on their bet as the risk increases.

Main Features

Opt For Ais Bitcoin Software Solution

At AIS Technolabs we have our In-house team of developers and coders, who have experience of working in many complex projects. Channelling efficiency, experience, and hard work in our services we have been able to make a broad customer base that comprises clients not only in India but in the countries like USA, Spain, Mexico, Israel, Canada etc. We have developers that are dedicated to delivering nothing but the best to our clients. For all your technical solution you can trust on us without having any second thoughts.

Being your software development solution providing company, AIS offers you the following benefits :


Yes, we offer to develop Bitcoin slots as per client preference.

Yes, we offer a complete solution to you as a part of our service delivery.

Yes, we offer need-based customisation.

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