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In the peak of social media, new tools and applications garnered a huge attention from the consumers, grabbing consumer attention and expanding into new market spaces. However, this new development has also introduced a new market for app cloning. According to the latest news, most people and companies try to clone popular applications such as Uber, Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Product Hunt, LinkedIn, Yelp and YouTube. Every single day an app is cloned on an average of 48%. This calls for a huge market with a simple effortless idea.

While creating your own app clone scripts sounds exciting, the reality is far from it. It is true that creating an app clone script or php clone scripts costs less and consumes less amount of time, however, without a strong developer team with pro-level coding skills; it may be a dream short-lived. The obvious fact is, when you’re cloning a pro-level app, you’d need pro-level skills to clone it.

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Also, you may easily fall in the trap of less cost and low-quality services, which promise a lot but fail to deliver through app clone scripts that are full of bugs and bad features. In addition to these, creating an app clone script can be costlier than you think and come with a lot of points that need special attention such as copyright infringement and illegal activity, if proper care is not taken for consideration. An innocent mistake is still a mistake and you may be found guilty for it. Usually, non-functional elements and names fall under the copyright law, and if you or your developers fail to pay attention to the similarities in the patent work the creators of the original app might sue as well.

With all these crucial details in mind, we have set out on a journey to help companies and business owners such as yourself to help you create a strong app clone script for sure and sustainable success.

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AIS Technolabs is a leading web and app development company helping tens of thousands of businesses make their mark through strong applications and web performance. From our inception, we prioritize market research and strategic planning so that we can embed powerful interfaces in your on demand app development. Our developers come with varied experience to take on any challenge in these globally diverse markets. In addition to this, we cater to the needs of international businesses through our excellent offshore web development services.

Whether you are an existing business owner or a budding entrepreneur, we provide timely, transparent and tangible results that help us commit to you for an extended partnership.

The range of necessities and apps for each industry we cover are

About Us
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Booking And E-Commerce

Have you a new idea that can set you apart from all the e-commerce sites? That’s great because we can help you create a social ecommerce script with new features and scalable software.

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Online Chat And Social Media

Online chat apps and new social media tools can never go wrong. Our team of developers brings you best chat scripts such as Snapchat clone script and many more with which you can customize your existing app or build a new one from scratch.

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Dating And Meetups

For all those, who have tried, tested, and failed with various dating apps such as Tinder. You can offer something innovative with new Tinder clone scripts. You can step into the industry with best dating software in the market today.

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Training And Education

You can build the best training and education scripts such as Lynda clone script and introduce your e-learning PHP script providing knowledge and training on a myriad of topics from business, management, arts and social media skills etc

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The Uber clone script apps built specifically for unique purposes such as for freight services or on-demand ride-hailing services for individual, hotel or corporate bookings are one of our popular works. If you are looking for a taxi booking or ride sharing script and cab management software, then we can help you here.

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Food And Delivery

Are you tired to top the food and restaurant listings in the multitude of food chains? Then you can build your very own on-demand delivery app such as Uber Eats clone app and see a difference in the way you operate. In addition to this, we’ve got an online grocery shopping and delivery app with in-app wallets and built-in inventory management.

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Healthcare Advises And Many More

In spite of many growing healthcare management scripts, you can build a user-friendly hospital management script or medical store script to help expand your business in the ever-growing field of hospital and healthcare system and we can help you with a timely, transparent and tangible results with your time with us.

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