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PHP Contest Script

Are you looking to start your own contest site? Online contest sites are great for business. It can help you increase publicity for brands, traffic for your website,is a huge boost for your social profile, and finally a fun customer experience. It can bring you a great profit in an easy and fast way. Truth be told, however, it also has its downsides. If it is not rightly executed, then it can lead to angry posts, tweets, phone calls, emails and Yelp reviews. The hugely anticipated profit can turn to a loss in minutes and the worst part is it can lead to a total loss of interest and result in zero participation.

These are all the reasons why you cannot do this alone. You would need a powerful contest script that is not only clear and concise but compelling too. For this, you need the help of a team of experts who are adept at creating great PHP contest script, who have a clear understanding of your target audience and your marketing objectives.

We, at AIS Technolabs, are the right choice for you since we build products that are well designed and that which resonate with our clients’ expectations. We offer fast and secure business solutions to bring out the full potential of desktops and mobile devices in order to improve your business process. Whether you are building an app from scratch or re-inventing your already existing software, we do our best to leave our mark. If you decide to embark on this great journey with us, then reach out to us today!

Why contest script?

With the inception of 99designs, we saw how a huge growth in design services for clients and designers without the middlemen is a complete fast-track process. This is why; we have set out to build a powerful 99designs clone script but with a major difference. Our 99designs clone differs from the rest based on the following principles:

Brand strategy

We build a 99designs clone with an intention that it should be a platform to provide design services with a specialized advice and a clear direction towards brand strategy. As it is so easy to fall into the trap of mimicking visual identity these days, we hope to avoid this trap by helping your team with our expertise. We also build features which force the designers to focus on the brand strategy so your clients can return as happy clients always.

Strong parameters

As design space is constantly changing, it is hard to stay in charge and drive your success always. Therefore, we allow the system to be as flexible and as adaptable as possible so you can set strong parameters with changing business rules. We always allow easy customization for strong business.

User experience

Contest sites usually are at the top of the list, which focus on convenience since most of the business happens on a fast track basis, so the importance lies on finding what users are looking for as easily as possible. Therefore, we design the interface keeping this in mind reducing any clutter and make clear design decisions in order to create more effective, clearer and smooth navigation experience.

Advanced search tool

We create a strong search tool that speeds up the search process considerably. This tool primarily offers a well-organized interface combining some SEO essentials. It is fast, strong and highly reliable with advanced search options.

Support and maintenance

To be able to meet your exact needs at every step, we offer our services with standard operating procedures for providing product maintenance with preventive measures, service continuity and continual support in order to maintain the stability and availability of all products and applications. In the end, we strive to improve our client satisfaction through our unerring efforts.

Mobile friendly

We see that this fundamental design need is met at all times, and see that your 99designs clone script performs well on different devices avoiding any lag time. From time-to-time, through our support and maintenance team, we provide mobile-friendly tests for your website so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Multiple payment gateways

Whether it is for working with foreign banks, currencies, languages or for backing up your e-commerce transactions, you’d need multiple payment gateways. For this reason, we also offer multiple payment gateway integration. If your business demands a new model, we can provide that quickly for your convenience.

Social media integration

With changing times, we are always ready to integrate new social media tools and techniques to boost your business. Social sharing buttons, social logins and social proof are just the starting point. We offer video in the mix component wherein designers can include their social videos promoting their portfolio and work on your 99designs clone website. Similar to this feature, we also offer an option to post work-related Instagram photos to boost the social connectivity with your platform.

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