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Expertise in building fully responsive, highly designed
and customized web apps

Node JS is an event-driven structural design that provides the best possible throughput. Based on JavaScript runtime, Node.JS is a platform for developing high performance, scalable network, and data-intensive apps. It is highly efficient and light in weight. So, AIS Technolabs is the best reliable company to hire node js developer. We have delivered numerous apps resulting high rate functionality on the front end as well as back end.

Our teams of expert Node JS developers have skills in the field of JavaScript technologies such as Backbone JS, Mean Stack and JQuery. Moreover, we have experienced Node JS developers who are experts in working with CSS, HTML5, and Bootstrap. In addition, they also seek knowledge about the latest platforms and frameworks of node js application development as well. They are experts in building high design and fully responsive web apps.

AIS Technolabs is a web development and software company that offers various services across the world. So, our company is the best to place where you can hire node JS developer for you business. We as AIS Technolabs developers have the advanced knowledge of technology and can accurately meet the needs of our clients and deliver ingenious, scalable and high-quality apps in a limited period of time.

Hire Node JS Developer

Hiring a Node JS developer from AIS Technolabs

AIS Technolabs is a web development
company that focuses on the following:

  • Light weighted projects
  • Scalable Apps
  • Step by step development
  • Effective Approach
  • Latest framework

  • Up to date platforms

  • Transparent process

AIS Technolabs offers various services through hiring their

expert Node JS developers

are listed below:

Our team of Node JS developers provides desirable output. They not only work on their Node projects but can also help in fixing bugs. Thus, they have excellent communication skills. Our expert developer team helps in making web apps that are fast, secure, productive and can handle large traffic. The team of developers provides proficiency in:

API integration and

We have an expert team in creating perfect APIs with Node JS development for fulfilling the needs of the business. We also integrate payment gateways, social media as well as Particular APIs.

Node JS consulting

We provide high-quality Node JS development and consulting solutions for building scalable and secure applications.

Node JS plug-in

Node JS developer provides customized Node JS plug-in development services for enhancing the functionality of node js app development. So, we build web applications for all businesses.

UX/UI design

Our proficient team of programmers develops vibrant UX/UI design and various services for Node JS web apps. We want to make your business effective and efficient.

Data analysis tools

Our committed Node JS developers help in building the data analysis tools and efficient dashboards for the business purpose.

Node JS chat box

The developer’s team of Node JS helps in making chat apps and helps in improving the client’s services with better speed, reliability, and security.

Node JS maintenance
and support

Hiring Node JS developer ensures maintenance and support from them in order to deliver scalable and active projects.

Hiring Node JS developer
work process

Our hiring team of Node JS developer follows a proper method which makes sure flawless communication as well as transparency in the whole project. Here, the team of AIS Technolabs follows the proper hiring process.

  • Inquiry

    Firstly, the inquiry is done regarding developers by the person hiring Node JS developers for their projects.

  • Team screening

    This step saves time for curriculum vitae screening and selecting.
    Your preferred requirements will be matched with our expert team of Node JS developers., You can easily conduct an interview with our trained developers before hiring them., You can also discuss the whole project and estimation can be done so that to accumulate the task well.

hire node js developer
  • Evaluation and reporting

    During this step, the expert developers provide high-quality performance., Your hired developers will work efficiently on your projects., You can easily get code evaluation and reporting sheets on a regular basis., Our team of Node JS developers is always available whenever needed by you.

  • Final delivery

    Our team will always with you when needed.
    You can assign single or multiple projects to the hired Node JS developers according to your needs., As per the needs of business, you can extend or reduce the size of the developer’s team., You can work with a similar team in order to get consistency in your project.

Various modules for
hiring Node JS developers

We have designed different hiring modules considering the clients need. The different modules are depending upon the business requirement. We provide applications for small, medium and large scale industry. The pricing of all the applications or work depends on the following factors:

Project-based Costing: The price of the client is fixed based on the cost of the business project.

Onshore and Offshore: You can hire Node JS developers for working at your location in order to meet the requirements of live projects.

Hourly based paying: You can pay on an hourly basis as well. This option is valid for some urgent requirement of work.

Your business can grow better by hiring
Node JS developers from AIS Technolabs

When you choose our Node JS developers, you will be able to get a
strong dedicated team that provides numerous benefits for your business.

Hire a team of your preference

You can take the interview of each and every Node.js developer. We will also replace the developer if you are not satisfied with the existing team.

Client Satisfaction

We usually work on advanced technologies such as AR/VR, AI, IoT, and Blockchain. Thus, we provide 100% customer satisfaction by delivering user-friendly and secure applications.

Guarantee Zero Billing

Your money will be fully refundable or simply we don’t charge if the project is not completed.

Reliability and Transparency

Our Node.js developer team works transparently and also follows the rules of the NDA during the development of the project.

Charge less

We provide high quality and charge very less as compared to others.

Get results quickly

Our professional developer team provides you fast desired results in a limited period of time.


Yes, you can combine PHP and Node JS together. You can make use of both the platforms and get different advantages from them. You can also use the same server for both platforms.

Listed below are the benefits of Node JS:

  1. Cheap and best hosting
  2. Cloud scalability
  3. Quick MVP (Minimum viable product) delivery
  4. Code compatible with multiple platforms
  5. Availability of extensions and Packages

Yes, we offer you a new developer, if there is any problem regarding the performance of the developer. We have an expert team of developers who made extraordinary work experiences so there will  be no need for any dissatisfaction. You will truly love our developer’s projects definitely.

It is a good idea to hire Node JS developer for quick delivery of your business project at a low price. So, you can hire experienced developers so that they can work on your projects and delivers them as soon as possible.

Every company has its own rules and regulations. The company must possess the given below parameters:

  1. At least have experience of 5 years.
  2. Almost build 200+ web apps.
  3. Have a team of 300+ developers.
  4. Have clients in different countries.
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