Android Marshmallow Development

At AIS Technolabs, we have been providing our services for android marshmallow development since its launch in 2015. We have a dedicated android 6 development team that is working on this latest Android technology. We have already received recognition as a leading android marshmallow developer due to the expertise of our services. If you are in need of android 6 developer services, we can provide the same at affordable rates. We are not limited to India only. Our clients are spread over many foreign nations. Our customers are from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and so on.

android marshmallow development
android 6 development

Superior To The Lollipop Version

With use of this technology, you can get an experience that is superior to the Lollipop version. The announcement regarding its launch came in the month of May, 2015. The technology was available from September, 2015 onwards. Using this technology, the background activities are reduced to a great extent at the time when the device is lying idle.

This is helpful in the conservation of power. It also creases the talk time of these devices. It also helps in the recognition of fingerprints. It is also very supportive to the USB connections. The memory in a microSD card can be used as the primary storage.

Android Marshmallow
Development Services

At AIS Technolabs, we have some of the best developers who have learnt the details of this new technology and can test and customized the apps for the clients. They have been in this industry for a long period and through their rich experience are able to create the most stunning applications.

You can be assured of getting an app that will give you great experiences that you have previously never experienced.

Also, the processes followed by us are within time limits and cost-effective. We are confident that you will not be able to match pour level of service from some other developer.

It Is Also Our Passion The users obviously love the applications developed through Android Marshmallow. They are advanced and offer a far greater user-friendly experience than the previous versions of Android.

Apart from this, our dedicated members who are engaged in making applicationss through this OS are equally in love with this new platform. It offers innumerable opportunities for the developers.

It can be customized far more than any of the former versions. There are huge demands for creation if apps using this technology. They are not only from clients located in India. We are making these apps for customers located all around the globe. The sizes of these industries are diverse.

android 6 developer

They come from different business sectors also. Most of the smart devices use the Android Technology due to the high customizability and user-friendliness. People are having greater demand for the creation of apps using the most advanced version of Android.

Why would you
Hire Android 6 Developer
Services from us?

At AIS Technolabs, we are specialists in the customization and developing of the Android applications that can do great for positively impacting your business. We do not believe in simple creation and the delivery of the applications. We try to ensure that the business objectives of our clients are met. The apps developed by us must generate better business. The reasons why you should avail our services are:
  • We have long experiences in the creation of apps using the Android OS
  • We know the processes of debugging best and implement them with the effective Editors
  • We are masters of the software that helps in the programming for the creation of the applications
  • We have the top class expertise in software architecture and the designing skills using API
  • We are open to communication anytime and do not keep the client alienated from the process
  • We have great team of Android developers who have mastered the art of implementing Android Marshmallow for creating the latest generations applications
  • We are committed to round the clock technical service support to our clients. All the problems are addressed in real-time basis.
  • The most advanced methodology for the testing of the applications is implemented. Same is the case for troubleshooting

Our Offerings in Different
Areas for App Development

We have a dedicated team that is working in app development suing the latest format of Android Marshmallow. You can be sure of obtaining world class products once you partner with us for your application development needs. We have attained the expertise of creation of mind-blowing apps in the following areas:

  • Applications related to travel management and cab booking
  • Apps that give information on weather
  • Apps for specific utilities
  • Creation of apps related health and fitness
  • Creation of apps related to lifestyle issues
  • Development of social networks
  • Applications concerning education
  • Applications dealing with travels and tours
  • Apps related to monetary managements and related tools
  • Logistics related apps
  • Apps related to news
  • Apps for dating
  • Apps used for multimedia applications

We would be glad to chip in and contribute by way of our technological; expertise. We can help you go forward in your business through our innovative creations.

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