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Get support for multiple windows

The most recent Android version supports multi-tasking. You will be able to use 2 applications simultaneously. Both of them can be opened and seen on the screen at the same time.

  • The smartphones and tablets that would be using the Android 7.1 version will be able to run the 2 apps on the same screen. It can be run through split-screen mode. The apps can be resized also. You will be able drag dividers between the 2 apps. It makes a better engaging experience for the users.
  • Similarly in Android televisions, two contents can be shown but the user can continue interaction with one app. You can customize the size of different windows as per your preference.

Enhancements of notification that can be offered by Android 7 Developer

Using the features of the most advanced version of Android, we will create the apps that will have enhanced notifications. Here are the enhancements that you will be able to experience:

Avail our Android Nougat Developer services for the most advanced features

The most updated version has brought a variety of features that have never been present. They will change your feel of the devices. Learn about the exciting changes that have been brought about that can be utilized to make your app.

Updation of the templates

New images showing heroic figures can be implemented. We will create the adjustments in the codes for creating the advanced templates.

Messaging styles to be customized

The messaging styles can be customized as per personal preferring. They can be configured with the conversation title and the view of the content.

Bundled notifications

This is a feature which will allow you to group up the messages. It may depend upon the topic or the theme. It can be deleted or archived easily.

Replying directly

this feature will allow you to develop replies very fast in real-time mode.

Customize the views

You can customize the entire view panel as per your discretion.

Will save battery power

The developments done through the Android 7.0 will be much beneficial on the drainage of battery power. You will be getting an updated feature of the ‘doze’. Even when the device is running, battery life is saved whenever the screen turns off and the device is not plugged. A significant battery power can be saved while carrying the device in your pockets. All the jobs which were on goes into the defer mode.

Blocking of numbers

When you use Android 7.0, the number blocking option is much bettered. A blocked number list can be maintained. Whenever the user feels like, he can write or call the number from the blocked number list. If the number is blocked for call, the text from the same number can be blocked. Even when the phone is reset by taking backups or restore, the list will remain as it is. The same list can be used by more than one app.

Screen your calls

With the help of Android 7.0, you can screen the calls which are incoming. There are several actions that are done by the call screening mechanism. You can totally reject the call. There will be no display of the call in the call log. The user can set the option for not showing the notification of the call.

Support for more languages

You will be able to select the location of the services. This will help for bilingual use. This will enhance your user experiences greatly. The version supports above 25 commonly used languages. You can change the locale to get a more customized experience. The apps that we will create for you will completely tested with these features before delivery.

Introduction of night screen

You may have suffered many cases of low battery. The advanced Android 7.0 has the option of Night mode along with diverse functions. This will reduce the consumption o battery power. Your device will not drain out so fast. You will get a dark theme. It will develop a yellow colored view. The screen color may be adjusted also.

The final version is supposed to come out very soon. You can expect certain fine tunings with that too. We are committed as always to use the technology for the development of software application that will create a positive effect on their business. You can contact us for the implementation of Android 7.0 and adding value to your business operations.

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Why choose us?
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