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Online entertainment streaming has become a big industry in the past few years. The digitization wave with the high-speed internet has got most of the traffic from traditional download based entertainment to online streaming and app-based download.
Apps are nowadays a major source of attracting traffic on your portal and for entertainment distribution companies like T-series, ALT, Ganaa, Savan etc it has become a lifeline for their operations.
Having an app like SoundCloud, Ganaa, Savan is a sine qua non for companies operating in the domain of online entertainment distribution. To get these apps developed,mobile app development companies are hired.
Mobile app development companies are providing a great deal of support and strength to the entertainment distribution industry by making available smooth functioning and easily operational apps.
How do these apps work?

Most of the entertainment distribution apps work on the basis of subscription-based service. That is these apps require the users to register and subscribe to get an access to the content of the app.
To earn revenues these apps ask for a paid subscription and in-app purchases to get an access to all the features and connect to the app (besides the freely accessible one). Online streaming and app-based downloads are offered to users based on their subscription status.

In a study conducted recently it was found that a huge amount of revenue is cornered by these online entertainment streaming companies as a part of their operation in the internet economy. The main source of this revenue comes from these subscriptions and in-app purchases that are made by users.

Why you need an app?
Well, operating in the entertainment domain without having a proper app support is difficult. Every survey points out the need of having a mobile-based app for your business. Thus, having an app that can work on major platforms like Android, iPhone, Windows etc is a necessity these days.
Make it necessary for you to have an app for your entertainment business. Otherwise as well when all the traffic is driven by mobile and tablets having a presence among this audience is necessary.
Other reason such as
  • Huge user liking for apps
  • Ease of navigation
  • Ease of browsing of content
  • Smooth connect
  • Defined interface
  • Quick processing
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How to get your app developed?

To get your mobile app developed you need assistance from mobile app development companies that are working with an aim to deliver quality app-based solution to their clients.

AIS Technolabs is a renowned mobile app development company that has earned a name for itself in the market. The ability to deliver effective solutions in a time-bound and sustainable manner has been the USP of AIS over the years.

We understand how important is an app for your business and what difference can a good app make to your revenues and growth. Working with an aim to deliver the best of our services to our clients, is our team of professionals who are known for their skills and experience in tendering mobile app development services.

AIS Technolabs as your mobile app development company

AIS Technolabs has an experience of offering unique and customized mobile app development solutions that suit the need of your business. With a client base expanding across the globe, AIS has served to the needs of both national and international business firms.
When you choose AIS Technolabs as your mobile development company then you can expect:

  • Commitment to serve you the best solution
  • Time-bound processing of the solution
  • Incorporation of your needs in the development process
  • A strategy based approach
  • Market competitive rate for tendering solutions
  • Post-development assistance and support
  • Real-time simulation and testing before delivering the final solution
  • A team of professional and experienced coders to work on your solutions
  • Regular communication through chat and video call
  • A scalable and easily navigable user interface for your app
  • Experience of serving the needs of overseas and national clients

Apart from this, our team at AIS brings in the best of their experience and skills together to live up to our aim of client first.

Final say

Since it is an undeniable fact that having an app for your business is necessary choosing a right mobile development company is also crucial. Laying your trust on someone reliable and experienced is what you look for when you decide to zero in on a particular mobile app development company.

We at AIS ensure that your trust and faith are not hurt when you choose us as your mobile app development company. We are happy to receive inquiries and service request from your side on our official website www.aistechnolabs.com We would be glad to respond to you post-registration of your inquiry on our website.