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Augmented Reality Development

AIS Technolabs, Provides
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In the present scenario, user experience (UX) is of paramount importance. At AIS Technolabs,

We offer user-oriented and business-driven Augmented reality app development services to customers in USA across the world.

Our Augmented reality development solutions are intuitive, engaging and interactive with the best possible UI/UX one can possess.

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Who is an expert in working across numerous platforms like Layar, NyARToolkit, HandyAY, Vuforia, Google plugins, Junaio, Wikitude, and many more. Our custom and innovative AR solutions will satisfy all your demands and boost ROI drastically.

augmented reality development

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Augmented Reality Programming

– The Talk of the Business World

Augmented Reality or AR is a revolutionary technology that overlays computer-generated images in the real world. Your users can view these images through mobile devices, smart glasses, or other devices like Microsoft HoloLens and experience the use of your product or service in the real world.

Augmented reality programming does not attempt to create an all-new reality, but augments the existing reality by adding visual elements to deliver better user experience and change their perception in reality. These visual elements can be as simple as text and as complex as videos, 3D representations of objects, photos, and more.

If you have witnessed apps like GPS systems, Lego’s Digital Box, Pokemon Go, QR Code, Apple/Google Maps, or others, then you are already aware of the difference Augmented reality development can offer to a business. We have Augmented reality developers that help you from the initial concept to the end execution to ensure you have a successful product. From gaming, education, medical, farming, automobile, clothing, home interiors, to a lot more, the power of augmented reality programming can be leveraged to create new insights in almost every industry.

At AIS Technolabs, we create Augmented reality apps for Android & IOS platforms and niches. Whether you are looking for an immersive experience or a portable version that can sit on your YouTube or mobile platform, our innovative creators can do it all with innovative augmented reality programming. Our Augmented reality developers can create scalable apps delivering rich experiences to your users and letting you become a strong competition in the market.

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Augmented Reality Development Services

Building Innovations in the Real World

We as a leading augmented reality development companies, can very well comprehend the complexities of Augmented reality solutions for growing companies and enterprises. From large-scale customer experiences with E-commerce capabilities to maintaining brand consistency across all platforms to extensive server-side development as well as back-office integrations, we are well-versed in designing and engineering secured and scalable cloud-based solutions for all smart devices.
Here check our comprehensive Augmented reality development services:


We are specialist in Augmented reality app development services. We being one of the renowned leading augmented reality development companies, develop custom-built iOS or Android mobile applications with rich content and 2D and 3D image detection.


At AIS Technolabs, we offer creative visualization solutions catering various purposes like presentation, data analysis, control of operations and visual storytelling.


With our team of expert AR consultants at AR app development company, we can provide you adequate platform and technologies to convert your brand into a mass recognition in the competitive market.


We as a trusted AR app development company, can curate engaging, interesting, and entertaining gaming apps that are highly interactive and can offer your users a rich real-time experience.


We deliver location-based AR apps that let you detect the correct location with the help of location sensors, GPS, and compass. Our AR app development company can provide the most innovative solutions in the market.


We offer exceptional AR apps to E-commerce Store for boosting business sales, delivering an awesome real-time experience and augmenting the usability of your offerings.


We offer specialized AR tools to build training and learning modules that offer innovative and realistic training for students and professionals across different industries.


Our Augmented reality real estate apps let your buyers explore the exterior, interior, and amenities of a building with real-time guidance. Being sellers, you can add new dimensions to your real estate marketing practices with our AR app development company.


With our dedicated team for AR maintenance, we offer your high-quality and instant support for all your queries. Our experts at AR app development company strive hard to ensure that your AR app is always running smoothly.

We Can Design Brilliance For You! Integrate The Power Of
Augmented Reality Into Your Business.
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We as one of the popular most augmented reality development companies,
Can Help Reinvent Your Business with a Well-Structured and Meticulous Development Process

We are a full-service Augmented reality developer company that supports you from the initial concept to the end execution to ensure you have a successful product. We as one of the leading augmented reality development companies, follow a well-structured, goal-oriented design and development process and are involved in every step of the way.

We cover all aspects of the development process.



    We are one of the most trusted augmented reality development companies, delivering a collaborative consultation process addressing your pre-development considerations and issues during the development process, including device targeting, back-end requirements, and product strategy.



    We structure wireframes, visual designs, and user interface as per Augmented reality programming to ensure your needs are completely met before the start of the development process.



    Our team of developers and coders start the work to bring your app to life. We develop Augmented reality app solutions for Android, iOS, Windows platforms, and other smart devices.

augmented reality programming


    Most of the companies end their work once your app is published. However, there are more than a million apps in Google Play and the Apple App Store. With this number increasing rapidly, we carry efficient promotional campaigns to make your Augmented reality app discoverable.



    Before we finally release your app, we perform stringent quality assurance testing to remove bugs, if any, rectify performance issues, and eventually deliver a rich user experience.

We Deliver Persuasive and Compelling Augmented Reality Development Solutions that No One Else Can!

We are pioneers in the field who have invented patented technologies, delivered astonishing user experiences, and have introduced highly efficient frameworks and methods, which others are not able to even figure out. We have helped our clients in reducing development costs and delivering faster, efficient solutions without compromising on the quality.



Technical Proficiency

Our excellent and experienced team builds cutting-edge technologies as per your needs. We comprehend customer needs and expectations as our team compromise highly-qualified Augmented reality developer who leaves no stone unturned.


Premium Solutions at Cost-Effective Prices

We can deliver you unmatched Augmented reality development solutions at competitive prices. We let you have complete access over a team that strictly follows a strict, agile methodology to offer tangible services at the mentioned time period. We cautiously assess your business needs and target customer requirements and thoughts into a real-life vision.


Pre and Post Development Support

From concept development to post development application maintenance and upgrade support, we offer incomparable Augmented reality programming solutions to make your business a huge success. We also offer strategic planning support to build eminent marketing campaigns.


A. There is no specific rule that every business needs Augmented Reality. However, it is the next big thing, which has already started spreading its roots. Integrating it into your business can help you meet the modern customer’s needs and offer them effective solutions like other businesses.

A. AR platform works on a plethora of technologies such as Unreal Engine, Scenekit, and Unity. These are just a few of the technologies. Based on your specific requirements and the kind of AR approach you adopt, it can be decided to create the maximum impact for your company.