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Augmented Reality iPhone

(Migrate your App into real-time Environment)

With the enhancement in standalone devices and the latest smartphones equipped with Augmented Reality (AR) support, the market for AR is nowadays gaining more leaps and bounds.

AR Apps are in great demand specifically for the sectors related to healthcare organizations having a primary aim to search for maintaining a long-term marketing strategy.

AIS Technolabs provides expertise in developing Augmented reality for the iPhone app as we have a good number of software and app development experts that basically deals in providing a solution in terms of cost-effective and efficient manner.

These apps help in business expansion, enhancement of gaming experience, ease of training, pharmaceutical sector, and adding a real-time touch to normal day to day transactions.

Leading benefits of using Augmented Reality iPhone
Live your life with Enhanced AR iPhone

Adoption of AR in the iPhone (or for that purpose in any other mobile OS) has it’s inherited benefits. Some of these benefits can be:

  • More virality of your marketing content
  • The real-time effect on the process for which the app is
  • Provides room for personalization
  • The interactivity created by the use of AR helps in retention of
    the user
  • Ease of adoption for learners
  • Better visualization and process enhancement
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Augmented online shopping portals
  • Enhances the content quality of your online set-up

Our specialty in delivering an ideal and passionate
Augmented Reality iPhone
Development makes us unique

Building Real-time apps for better innovation

AIS Technolabs has successfully developed a number of augmented and virtual reality apps for iOS for various purposes and needs of its clients. The need-based and customized solutions that AIS offers are unmatchable. Lets now identify our key skills that make our Augmented Reality iPhone Service a great success.

Marker-based AR Apps

We use the AR Markers as our prime solution for triggering the visual information being stored digitally in the app. The markers must be included in the page itself to provide an impressive response.

Location-based AR app

We normally utilize the geo-based AR without needing any specific marker for identifying the location of the virtual object arising in the real-time environment.

Project Comprehension

Projection-based AR Apps

We possess expertise in dealing with the AR apps based on the projection standards by focusing primarily on position, orientation, and the depth of an object.

Development Phase

Superimposition-based AR Apps

We provide a solution that impacts more on the replacement of the entire or partial view with the augmented view of the object.

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Our Working Process of

Augmented reality


    The phase where the expert professionals decide on brainstorming ideas for fulfilling the business requirements of the clients and finalize the roadmap for the project.


    A specific platform is analyzed and identified to use as the primary protocol for the augmented reality iPhone development on a large scale.


    The designing phase usually works on developing the User Interface designs for each and every section of the application including 3D objects conversions.


    The most important phase where the augmented reality iPhone development process usually starts by keeping in mind the prerequisites of the application.


    The application is now ready and important functions like provisioning, production deployment is utilized for developing hybrid solutions on a large scale.


    The final phase of the AR app development where the upgrading of the application comes into action if a new version initiated in the market.

The Business Model Strategy for
Augmented Reality iPhone Development

The Costing for developing an augmented reality iPhone development solely depends on the core factors like features, adequate resources, and timeline perspectives. If you are more interested to know about the pricing related to AR iPhone development as per your need, then you should contact our representative for more details.

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Designs Enhance the potential of integrating
Augmented Reality in the iPhone


At AIS Technolabs, we have expert professionals possessing highly-skills for working on Augmented Reality Applications based on any sectors fulfilling the client’s satisfaction.


Our expertise solution on Augmented Reality deals with providing an optimum solution based primarily on fine quality and more reliable service for our leading clients across the globe.


We completely believe in the strategy to sign a strong partnership with you for enhancing the business growth on a large scale for better future goals.


We are equipped with the representative who is always available to answer your queries at any time for any of the issues. We have a strong team of highly-qualified professionals to deal with any sort of information.


ARkit Tracking refers to the technique to recognize the images, objects, structures, and even surfaces. Whereas Image Recognition is the best example for markers as we use the term reference for it.

It is nothing but the developing platform that invokes the developers to deal with building an innovative AR experience on the apps and games easily.

Just With the help of ARKit, the developers can easily build an impressive augmented reality app specifically on iPhone and iPads by completely performing the scene analysis using the camera view.

This is because the developers are having the freedom to develop any type of features specifically based on the user’s requirements on the augmented reality development.