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Augmented reality has now become a technology that has shown potential for revolutionizing the domain of ICT. Just like the internet and computing technologies changed the way we transact on a day to day basis, be it business, education or any other work, augmented reality iphone app technology has bought in the second wave of advancement.
To channelize augmented reality on smart devices like mobiles, tablets etc, software setups like apps are required. Android and iPhone’s iOS being two most used and popular mobile operating system, have attracted the attention of augmented reality developers for App.
Augmented reality for iPhone app is developed by a good number of software and app development firms in a cost-effective and efficient manner. These apps have helped in business expansion, enhancement of gaming experience, ease of training, pharmaceutical sector and adding a real-time touch to normal day to day transactions.
How augmented reality works
Augmented reality works by augmenting real-world environment with the help of computer-generated perceptual information. AR is experienced in a simulated environment that incorporates audio-visual, sensory and other kinds of feedback from the side of the user.
Augmented reality is thus a mimic of the real world in virtual domain whereby the simulations of real-world like situations can help in understanding the situations better.

Augmented reality (AR) in iPhone

With lots of app on iOS, the need for an app to utilize the benefits of AR has been felt recently. The new ARKit of Apple has been designed to fulfill this need. The ARKit from Apple allows developers to build a customized AR for iOS based on the need and purpose of development.
The Topology Eyewear app that allows one to select the right specs for them utilizes the AR experience for creating a 3D scan of the user’s face and devising a custom-fit glass. Over time there would be a need for more such AR apps on iOS for various purpose say for shopping, learning, and tutorial purpose. Thus, having an AR app for iPhone would be a necessity rather than an adoption of advanced technology in the near future.

Benefits of AR

Adoption of AR in iPhone (or for that purpose in any other mobile OS) has it’s inherited benefits. Some of these benefits can be:
  • More virality of your marketing content
  • The real-time effect on the process for which the app is developed
  • Provides room for personalization
  • The interactivity created by the use of AR helps in retention of the user
  • Ease of adoption for learners
  • Better visualization and process enhancement
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Augmented online shopping portals
  • Enhances the content quality of your online set-up
Who are we?
AIS Technolabs is a renowned name in the domain of augmented and virtual reality app development. AIS Technolabs is offering quality solutions to its clients in the domain of software and website development in a cost-effective and efficient manner for quite some time.
Having delivered to the needs of a wide client network, AIS Technolabs has earned the trust and praises of a lot of clients.
AIS Technolabs has successfully developed a number of augmented and virtual reality apps for popular mobile OS including iOS and Android for various purpose and needs of its clients. The need-based and customized solutions that AIS offers are unmatchable. Good understanding of cross-platform app development ecosystem and a team of skilled developers who have a mastery of handling complex coding solutions, which makes us a perfect choice for top augmented reality company for iOS.Once you choose AIS as your app development service provider you can expect the following benefits from our side as a part of our services:
  • Incorporation of client’s need in the development strategy and plan
  • Use of clone scripts of popular apps to make apps user-friendly
  • Testing and analysis of the app based on multi-parameter
  • Adherence to standard coding principles and rules
  • Apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows
  • Apps that are compatible with the latest version of the mobile operating system
  • Ease of simulation and observation
  • The real-time effect on the process for which the app is developed
  • Smooth functionality and interface of the app developed
  • Ease of product development and design for the user
  • Added efficiency and enhanced productivity
  • Competitive rate for app development solution
  • Quick processing
  • Experienced developers to work on your solution
  • Post app development assistance and guidance
  • 24×7 technical support on call
  • Regular updates for your app
  • A scalable app that can run on both mobile and tablet
We at AIS Technolabs make sure that our client’s trust and faith in us remain intact when they approach us for their app development requirements. To ensure that we work tirelessly in your service.
Inquiries can be registered by clients at our official website Our team at AIS Technolabs would reach you shortly post submission of your query on the website.
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