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The Blackjack game is one of the most exciting online games which is played by online gaming communities. Blackjack, as a game, has got very simple rules. Because of its easy features and quick loading characteristics, Blackjack has become immensely popular across the world.

With the advancement of technologies and the introduction of the latest tools, Blackjack online gaming has become more user friendly and comes with unique animations and features. The increasing preference for cryptocurrencies across gaming communities leads to the huge popularity of crypto Blackjack software.

AIS Technolabs is a leading gaming development company that has got extensive experience in developing the best in class crypto Blackjack gaming solutions. We use modern technologies and integrate our Blackjack gaming software with a diverse range of cryptocurrencies to provide a hassle-free experience. We work round the clock to provide the best Blackjack crypto software, which is built in the most secure platform and has got cross-browser functionality.

We ensure a stable gaming engine for our Blackjack crypto software. Confidentiality of the players’ information is one of our major focus points. We incorporate top quality data encryption in our crypto Blackjack gaming software to ensure the safety and security of the users’ information.

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We are having an experienced team of developers who have got extensive experience in developing a modern and trendy crypto Blackjack software. Our developed Blackjack software is integrated with all unique as well as customized features. Based on the requirement of the customer, we develop a truly engaging and enticing Blackjack crypto software. While designing the software, we also integrate the features which are high on demand in the market, which helps to entice a large number of online gamers. Our Crypto Blackjack is integrated with exclusive features that you will find only in our developed solutions.

Multiple Cryptocurrency

Auto Shuffling

Hints From Dealer

Comprehensive Statistics

Management Module

Modern Dashboard

Animated Cards

Multiple Backdrops

Our crypto Blackjack software supports all major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, ripples, etc. In our crypto software, users can choose any cryptocurrency as per their convenience. Our blackjack crypto software is having an automatic card shuffler feature. This makes the gameplay equal and fair for every player. Since the Blackjack game is played between player and dealer, our Blackjack software can be integrated with dealer hint features. This helps the new players and encourages them to play more. Our crypto blackjack software comes with comprehensive statistics as well. The game operators can use these statistics to understand different aspects of gameplay on a daily basis. We provide a game management module in each of our customized blackjack software. Using this module the game operators can control different aspects of the game. The modern dashboard of our Blackjack crypto software helps to understand the frequency and gameplay patterns of each player. Our Blackjack software comes with unique animated cards that entice players towards the game. We also provide multiple backdrop options in our customized blackjack game to make the gameplay environment more exciting.

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Our Crypto Blackjack
Software Development Process

We follow the most comprehensive production process to deliver the best crypto Blackjack software. Our dedicated team provides regular updates on the project development to the customers.

  • Documentation of the requirement- We document all needs and requirements of the client before the beginning of the production process. Our design and development team produces the crypto blackjack software matching the exact requirement of the client.
  • Allocation of work- Our project management team divide the whole project into different modules. Each module is assigned to the respective specialist team. This helps to deliver blackjack crypto software as per the schedule.
  • Design and development- Based on the project documentation, our design and development team develop an engaging design that helps to bring in new customers and the most sophisticated version of Blackjack crypto software.
  • Quality testing- We test every aspect of crypto Blackjack software to make it error-free. We ensure 100% uptime of our software with strict quality control mechanisms.
  • Launch of the software- Our product team ensures the smooth launch of the software. We use the latest search engine and social media optimization techniques for the quick spread of your software.


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In today’s world, online gamers are attracted to Blackjack games with cryptocurrencies. This makes Blackjack crypto solutions as one of the most demanded solutions in the market. Our experienced team offers the most attractive Blackjack software based on the RNG algorithm, which ensures fair play. We offer the best solutions as per the individual needs of the customers and make sure the timely delivery of the product at the optimum price.

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We design our crypto blackjack software in tune with the latest SEO guidelines. Our web version is SEO optimized, and we update the title, alt tag, meta description to make it more SEO friendly.


Blackjack crypto software developed by us is completely mobile friendly. It is designed in a mobile responsive format so that the player can play the game from any mobile of their choice.


Our experienced technical team ensures the quick launch of your Blackjack crypto software in the market. We use the latest tools and technologies to ensure a quick delivery.


An interactive UI helps present in our Blackjack crypto gaming applications helps to attract a large number of players. This makes the whole gaming experience more real.


As a leading crypto Blackjack gaming software developer, we follow a zero revenue share policy. This helps the operator to earn more profit.


Our Blackjack gaming application is very easy to navigate, and a new user can easily understand every feature of the gaming application without a problem.

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Premier Gaming Solutions Provider

AIS Technolabs is a trusted and well-known gaming solutions developer. We are known for our unique gaming software with exclusive features. We offer our gaming applications according to the client’s personalized requirements. We have the skills required to offer the best online gaming solutions in the world. Our tailored technologies help the gaming operators market their products across the world. Online gaming solutions developed by us include a multiplayer simulation that allows a significant number of users to play the game at one time.

We provide 24×7 technical support for all our developed solutions in both the pre-launch and post-launch phases. Our gaming developers use modern technologies, which can be upgraded as per the requirement of the client. Our gaming solutions are easily adaptable so the users can play the game from a mobile, computer, or from a terminal.

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We provide a flexible hiring model for our crypto Blackjack gaming solutions. You can hire a dedicated developer as well, who will work only in your project.

Our customized crypto Blackjack software has inbuilt chat features which the players can use to chat with each other while playing the game.

Yes. Our Blackjack crypto software is integrated with social media login features. Players can use their social media login to play the game, which makes the registration process fast and easy.

We ensure multi-language support in our developed Blackjack crypto software. The operators and players can choose the language as per their requirements.